There is only one truth that shall set the world free. The sooner you all come to terms with the reality “banks do not ever create or loan money” the sooner you will come to terms with the fact you are all robbing each other on the sale or transaction, only to pay most if not all of which (principal + interest) to an even bigger thief (ie: bank).

None of you would be even earning a profit today if it wasn’t for perpetual reflation or further borrowing (alleged borrowing /purported loans that do not even transpire). Which in fact irreversibly multiplies all this falsified debt (both government & private debt) into terminal debt, due to the volumetric impropriety of interest (perpetual deflation) we formerly pay out of circulation above the sum of principal in all private falsified debt (phony loans). That subsequently as a result steals all that much further from each & every one of us when we spend money today. Where industry & commerce is passing the added cost of interest in artificial price inflation onto the consumer in the resulting price of goods & services. Plus earned profit,  which is of course an earned profit that is nonetheless stolen again when that earned profit is subsequently spent on whatever else.

The ruse of banking is all quite simple really because it plays on your own self-centred greed & desires. That in effect blinds you all to the fact a hidden hand or thief is intervening on the sale or transaction. Essentially stealing the value of the sale, transaction or only true debt that transpires when you simply spend money, & it is only your own self-centred greed & desires that blinds you all to what’s really transpiring when you spend money today.

For example, you all see what you receive on the sale (eg: money, new car, new home, new mobile phone etc), you are all happy happy right? yet what you all fail to see is the underpinning value of what you all give up & receive from each other on that sale is stolen many, many, many times over. Hundredfold over time in fact, due to unwarranted but compounding interest on purported loans that do not ethically or even rationally transpire in the first place.  Which is of course a ruse only ever artificially sustained by further borrowing (alleged borrowing/phony loans) that perpetually reflates a forever deficient circulation with irreversible multiplications of falsified debt. Without ever-increasing the remaining volume of circulation above or beyond the principal representation we initially create as new money (principal only) in all private debt.

Government debt, however, is just reflating circulation with already stolen money. Formerly stolen in all private debt & then laundered back into circulation by political betrayers as every increase in government debt. Making any or all taxation under banking a further crime of theft yet again to service but never ever pay down government debt, until such time when industry & commerce can no longer service the ever greater escalations of falsified debt (both private & government debt) in the coming second greater depression.

Who am I but an expert in a Mathematically Perfected Economy™ that conforms exactly to the laws & principles of nature & life which are: balance, equilibrium, homeostasis, synergy, symbiosis, abundance, evolution, expansion, metamorphosis & FREE WILL. As in nature, so in MPE: simple, holographic, mathematically perfect & reciprocal, which you do not have by the way, & never will so long as you are all robbing each other only to pay it all to an even bigger thief.

It is only when you all openly admit guilt & take some self-responsibility for your very own actions is when we can unite & actually fix this lie we all call an economy today & NOT BEFORE. Where we can finally self govern our respective nations ourselves united, free from exploitation, without the unjust intervention of thieving banks.  Free from regulation imposed by deluded politicians, halfwit phony economists, or brain dead bureaucrats (religious or otherwise) who all clearly failed primary school mathematics.

So to any admission of guilt is conceding the Promise is the Word, where there never is any loan or borrowing, but instead an act of giving in the only true debt we have to each other, which is nothing more than an obligation to pay, redeem & retire principal representation.

David Ardron.
Advocate/mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published: June 30, 2017, last edit December 05, 2017)

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2 thoughts on “ONE TRUTH”

  1. Ace Sarafov said:

    Keep up the good work!!

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