The problem essentially begins when purported banks pretend to loan the people a sum of principal in private debt. Why the purported loan never transpires is because banks can not prove or demonstrate what consideration of commensurable value they would either risk or give up from their otherwise prior legitimate possession. Not in the bank’s purported creation or mere publication of the people’s money, much less in any purported loan to the people.

What these so-called banks do is purposely misrepresent the debts the people have to each other in any sale, trade or transaction. How they do this is by simply obfuscating or obscuring the Promissory Obligations (PO) the people have to each other upon money creation itself, only AS IF it was the bank or publisher giving up consideration of value in a purported loan.

Therefore pretended banks who are nothing but mere publishers of our money are not banks by any definition of the word “bank” found in any dictionary. Purported banks are instead thieves. Stealing the value the people give to all money & property by simply pretending to loan all money ever created into circulation.

The only true fiduciary issuers & creators of new money (principal only) have always been the people in private debt. Simply because the people can prove & demonstrate it is they who give up the only consideration of commensurable value in any debt, sale, trade or transaction that evidences the debts we have to each other, regardless of the banks purposed misrepresentation of our POs, which of course, in turn, falsifies the debts we have to each other — instead payable — to a thieving bank in a purported loan, that neither ethically nor even rationally transpire in the first place.

Loans do not even transpire in the debts we have to each other either. Simply because the obligor in private debt is the maker of a promissory note/money who is predominantly the purchaser that signs & issues a PO, giving up lawful consideration of commensurable value  — before any deposit, promising their immediate & or future production. With this in mind logic should prevail telling us banks are not even lending out other peoples deposits. Not even a fraction of those deposits, simply because the money could not possibly exist in anyone’s bank account before that money being purportedly lent & subsequently spent. Therefore it is a rational impossibility to ever lend what has not yet been spent.

The evidential fact we are all paying *principal + interest* out of a forever deficient monetary circulation comprised of only some remaining *principal*, whether its directly servicing our very own purported loans, & or when we simply spend money servicing someone else’s purported loan — irrefutably proves the circulation is always in a state of perpetual deflation.

The added cost of interest is not only deflating the remaining volume of circulation available to industry & commerce but all along artificially inflating prices to steal all that much further from us just spending money today. Perpetually deflating the remaining money in circulation by however much interest we pay out of that circulation above the sum of principal inclusive.

Due to the volumetric impropriety of unjustified interest (deflation) imposed on all private debt the circulation is constantly subject to two primary methods of reflation that work in tandem with each other.

1) Private debt that perpetually reflates a deficient circulation with new money (principal only).

2) Government debt that perpetually reflates a deficient circulation with already stolen money (principal & interest) which is formerly stolen in private debt.

How all this falsified debt multiplies into unrecoverable terminal debt is due to the volumetric impropriety of interest (deflation) we all payout of circulation in purported loans, which is a sum of interest never created or issued into circulation above the sum of principal in the entire life cycle of money.

Logically, every increase in private debt & government debt can only at best service the former sum of both private & government debt, but never pay down any new sum of debt without going into further debt yet again.

Essentially what happens as we the people pay principal + interest out of circulation in private debt — political betrayer’s are concurrently reflating circulation with already stolen money. Formerly stolen in private debt “X2” due to interest & then laundered out of circulation via what we are led to believe is inter-bank lending, only to be laundered back into circulation by political betrayer’s over & over again as every increase in government debt & or government expenditure.

This is the very process that artificially sustains this monumental crime of theft for a limited but finite period of time, only so that some of us (not all of us) who remain creditworthy can keep on physically paying *principal + interest* out of a forever deficient circulation comprised of only *principal*.

In the end then when industry & commerce can no longer service the former sum of falsified debt, much less pay down the ever greater escalation of debt is when terminal monetary failure takes place. Something of the likes of the first great depression, the only difference is in the coming second greater worldwide depression — there will be no recovery — due to the sheer enormity of today’s falsified indebtedness. That has always been mathematically impossible to pay down so long as we are paying any rate of interest above the sum of principal to a purported banking system that does not even lend what it always instead steals.

Contrary to what we are all led to believe taxation never has or ever will fund government expenditure, simply because what funds government expenditure is what has formerly been stolen in private debt.

Therefore any or all resulting taxation is entirely dedicated to service but never pay down government debt, making any or all taxation under purported banking a further crime of theft yet again. Paid via political extortion — under the pretence of taxation — either directly or indirectly into the coffers of a thieving banking system that only ever pretends to loan the people money in the first place.

If anyone of sound mind was to ever follow the money all the way — they would logically conclude all further crimes of injustice in this world today, such as all forms of terrorism, violence, war, death & destruction are born out of dispossession, which can only ever be a symptom of the root crime of injustice commencing with a purported loan — that in truth never ever transpires.

David Ardron.
Advocate/mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published: June 25, 2017, last edit December 05, 2017)

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