( May 5, 2012 )

Australian political representatives plan to steal our retirement funds by converting everyone’s superannuation into a “pension” rather than one having the choice to take a lump sum when one retires ,indicated in a report prepared by university of NSW titled ” Longevity Management Issues for Australia’s Future Tax System, The Treasury “

Professor Michael Sherris & Associate Professor John Evans from The University of New South Wales ( Australian School of Business ) wrote in their report the estimated premiums clearly show that greatest efficiency is achieved through the compulsory conversion of superannuation benefits to annuities through a public sector arrangement.

The words “pension” and “annuity” are both sometimes used to describe the same financial arrangement – a stream of money paid regularly to somebody who is no longer employed and lasting for the lifetime of the recipient. The words are also used to denote the contractual terms that govern the payments. It comes as no surprise, then, to discover that some annuities can perform the functions of a pension. Highlighting the many similarities and the few important differences between pensions and annuities enriches both of these financial tools.

We all know our current superannuation is invested with returns of interest, however the interest paid on all investments including retirement is minuscule to the interest paid out of circulation on all falsified indebtedness, thus the interest paid on investments, particularly retirement funds is a smoke screen by insurance companies who are financed by banks,& or directly owned by banks , one has to concede its a well known fact every time the economy goes belly up we are told by our superannuation / retirement fund adviser’s we have lost money by unexpected happenings in the markets .

If I myself had a choice, which I don’t , I would rather have my retirement sitting somewhere where it’s not subject to critical fluctuations in the markets, even without the interest, simply because I would be far better off today If I just kept my superannuation under my bed , indeed one can only conclude those who deceive us are using our life time hard earned wealth to play a market of the likes of a roulette table, that’s fixed always to take more than it pays out .

” Common sense should prevail here knowing the categoric faults in the financial system, but unfortunately common sense is not so common in this lie we call ” economics ” today that fails the basic maths at its root “


  1. Well done and you’re right to differentiate between the Jew walking down the street and the religious hypocrites. But that is what they do on the Wailing Wall. I preach Christ and Him Crucified and Immortality, and like the Lord Jesus said, there is only one way to God, otherwise we would have had to be perfect which we aren’t, no matter how hard we appear to deceive others.
    But I also digress,
    Have you seen that “crazy chick” running around in the Spirit realm? They have a weird name for her don’t they, MOST unflattering at that, and the Governments want her dead. Do you know to whom I am referring? Pray tell!

    • There are too many crazy’s out there pushing some idealism who also have weird & wonderful names, so I’m not sure which “crazy chick” your referring .

      If I may enlighten you on the true meaning of the word “government” so your aware .

      Government is essentially made up of two Latin words, “govern” meaning *control* & “ment” meaning *mind* , therefore Government basically means ” control mind ” not to be polarized or reversed here (eg: mind control) , its how it is ” control mind ” or “govern/ment” , thus who are the real control minds here ? one might hastily conclude its those political betrayers that sit regularly in Canberra or thieving banks right ?

      I would conclude otherwise myself because the only control minds here are the people themselves who currently acquiesce to this monumental crime of banking that’s imposed by our alleged representatives or for a better term imposed by ” government representatives ” who are public servants that supposedly represent the people, the government or we the control minds who have not only given our title (government) to political betrayers over time but in the same process given up our true power to these political parasites that goes with that title, who in turn write laws that allows banks to rob us legally without any formal vote or affirmation put to the people in the first place mind you , a lack of which imposes this monumental crime of theft , well , there is no record of this in history , not even in the entire history of banking, no one was really asked if they wanted banking or to be robbed blind essentially, it has just been imposed from the get go of banking, based on the LIE we borrow money from these thieves & taken for granted , through centuries of ignorance, that we somehow need these thieving banks.

      Another example is the name ” Israel ” which is a name derived from 3 gods in my humble opinion.

      Is = Isis or Iset is the female / daughter god or earth deity.
      ra = Ra is the male / son god or solar deity.
      el = El is purported to be the God of all gods or the symbolic bull / father , contrary to the common misconception taken from the ” Elo/him ” Hebrew obfuscation where this god is not necessarily male or female but the seed of life with no gender. If anything ( EL ) accurately represents the sperm of a bull that has no gender , so in retrospect they would have been closer to the mark years ago if they worshiped the balls of a bull, but even then this has the male connotation which is again not an entirely accurate representation in my personal opinion.

      It is true man is not perfect yet, but this is not to say or infer a true economy cant be perfected by insulating against mans otherwise outside imperfections, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying MPEs mathematics can predict what color undies your going to wear every day but it indeed can insulate a volume of circulation from mans imperfections if we rationally look at MPEs second grade 1.1.1 equal ratio.

      If you preach the teachings of Christ this blog post may interest you further in respect to where I’m coming from & what Im doing, for the record I was brought up as a Christian not that I agree with all its teachings & doctrines, you could say I have faith but I believe religion is destroying faith by not being true to its teachings which are somewhat contradictory anyhow so it makes one wonder if this is on purpose , only we have to sort through it all to find what resonates with us & the following is just one phrase that resonates for me.

      “For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.”

      However I’m also a firm believer if one walks in the foot steps of Jesus Christ doing what is always ethically & morally right he will come to you like a thief in the night ALRIGHT , since I have studied MPE in great depth all my misconceptions of this world have been washed away & the deception is all so clear now. I see the cancer or evil & I know how to destroy it so I know now I have the mind of Christ & this is why Jesus taught in parables so one day we my see what those parables truly mean, although I’m still working on them as they come back to me.

      This is why alleged economists, pretenders, bankers & political betrayers all fear me believe it or not, because they all know for one I don’t fear death & secondly there are hundreds even thousands who are ready to fill my shoes when I leave this existence. The longer they ignore & evade MPE the more powerful the advocates become & if they do address MPE publicly our power is million fold instantly , they are damned if they do or damned if they don’t, only the longer people leave addressing MPE the more pain the people will suffer in the mean time, which the peoples choice at the end of the day mind you, not mine, I have already made my choice to turn over the tables of the money changers years ago using MPE as my one & only sword & now people see my efforts & want to know more ,such as yourself for example correct?.

      The police tell me they would welcome a concept that reduces crime & that’s what MPE essentially proves & demonstrates it can do.

      As for your apparent subsequent spam its not really appreciated & I wont be approving your last comment sorry , as it makes no sense whatsoever not that I or anyone else reading this is interested in this “crazy chick” your referring to anyhow.

      Good try, you nearly had me there mixing it all up with some real human interaction, unless your spammer program is becoming conscious intelligent which I very much doubt, impossible actually, so why even use it unless you think I or anyone else here is dumb enough to actually click on your web page so you get paid for the advertising hits. I believe now I eventually triggered a an incomprehensible auto response from your program using key words your using that in turn gave away your artificial intelligence that’s designed to trick people so you get paid for doing virtually nothing , much like the ruse of banking, which is far from living up to the Christian values you only allegedly possess.

      Nevertheless for the record I will leave what has already transpired here & future reference for others of course.

      Have a nice day 🙂

  2. Yeah I know that, but did you see that YouTube video about the Jews at the Wailing Wall and they are really just fucking their female god, and not praying at all, the forward pelvic thrust is them fucking the idol! Plus I learned that the Wailing Wall is not holy at all, because not one stone was left upon another, and the Jews have been LITERALLY banging their heads against a brick wall for the last 2,000 years!!! Ha Ha Ha

    • No I haven’t , not that I would personally deny anyone a religion or faith as such , so long as that religion or faith doesn’t promote theft as some alleged salvation.

      However Its my personal opinion God or the supreme creator doesn’t have any one particular gender but rather the representation of the seed or spirit of all life if you will . But this is digressing away from what this blog is teaching really isn’t it , sure , one could say Zionism is remotely connected to banking apposed to the average Jew on the street in Israel who is indeed not & completely oblivious to the fact that the banks already own 3/4 of land in Israel, stolen of course via the purposed obfuscation of their promissory obligations to each other like every other nation on this planet, & if I may digress a little further while were at it they do fluoridate the tap water in Israel along with the banks there pretending to loan money to Jews robbing them blind , which has to tell us the average Jew is treated no different than any other individual on this planet regardless of their skin colour, doctrines or beliefs, however misdirected we might think they may be.

      Unity of MPE is key here really & the Israelis like any other nation, each to their own, are no way excluded. MPE is simply our *universal right* to issue promissory obligations to those who actually give up property free from intervention or exploitation.

  3. Tony Abbott, turning to the right hand side so I suppose opening the safe.

    • Sure ,Tony Abbott is ultimately responsible being the current prime minister just like all other prime ministers before him , however his decisions like all other ministers past & present are governed not by the people as such , but by the banks that they, all politicians serve, apposed to truly serving the people of Australia.

      In other words all politicians serve the banks who steal from us apposed to truly serving the people , even though some politicians do a very good acting performance in pretending to serve the people with the assistance of usury TV & media of course.

  4. I saw a vision the other week of an important politician and we all know who I’m talking ABOUT don’t we?, opening the safe of the Treasury, turning it to the RHS. Seems this guy is stealing our money, judging by what the Lord showed us.

    • G/day

      One could say the Australian treasury is a holdings held by a representative government that facilitates sums of monies , consisting either of deposits that are spent on public infrastructure & or debits paid to those who buy treasury bonds or banks on the most part.

      Deposits held in the treasury are mostly comprised of perpetual re-inflation (federal debt) , which is re-borrowing what we the people have already paid out of circulation on all our personal but falsified debts , plus any taxation / extortion collected or deposited which essentially becomes a debit thereafter the deposit because the tax we all pay actually services an irreversible multiplication of artificial debt that ends up in the banks coffers regardless.

      So any unwarranted taxation /revenue collected that may include any future super stolen is paid either directly or indirectly into the banks coffers via the treasury, contrary to the common misconception or LIE that merely assumes taxes directly pays for public infrastructure , such as roads , schools, hospitals or even bailing out Holden for another example, when in reality most if not all tax collected pays an artificial debt that’s mathematically impossible to pay down, whereas its the irreversible multiplication of artificial debt ( perpetual re-inflation / federal debt ) that’s directly paying for public infrastructure.

      Please forgive me , Im not sure who or what the RHS is or which political betrayer your referring , but I can nevertheless assure you the Australian treasury currently acts as an essential part in the banks ( all banks ) elaborate money laundering racket that’s not only purposely designed to irreversibly multiply artificial debt upon perpetual cycles of re-inflation but its likewise designed to dispossess all of us , & I mean everyone, including millionaires & billionaires in the end , but to dispossess us of all our property & wealth with a guaranteed mathematical certainty.

      Please don’t be shy to name & shame politicians here on this blog because just about every blog post I have written actually proves all politicians , no exceptions ,whether they’re aware of it or not are collectively acting in clear breach of trust , where they’re all taking part in an monumental money laundering racket that’s purposely designed to dispossess or rob the people of all their property & wealth.

      Banks vs MPE Illustrations may help you further in comprehending the banking cycles of dispossession.


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