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If, in order to escape the responsibility of moral judgment, a person closes their eyes and mind; if we evade fact, hoping to evade moral responsibility, we are never simply neutral, because moral indifference is as evil as every transgression it ultimately permits.


Only lay down true principles, and adhere to them inflexibly. Never be frightened into their surrender by the alarms of the timid, or the croakings of the wealthy against the ascendancy of the people.


Whenever legislators endeavor to take away or to destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people — who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.


It is a common observation here that our cause is the cause of all mankind, and that we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own.


It is the extreme absurdity to suppose men might legitimately renounce either the essential rights of other men, or any vital means for preserving rights, when we design and willingly engage in civil government only to sustain life, liberty, and property. Therefore wherever weak, fearful, inept, or inimical people pretend the implausible authority to renounce rightful life, liberty, or property, the eternal laws of reason will inevitably vacate their every fraudulent transgression. Freedom and self determination are eternal and undeniable to all just people. Thus there is no legitimate power to alienate either rights, or any vital means for sustaining them — for the only purpose and consequence of either, no more than enables enemies to pretend denial properly condemns us to iniquity.


When perpetual political betrayal sustains terminal monetary injustice across an entire world, every truly self-determined country immediately eradicates both treasons. There is no justifiable neutrality against terminal monetary impropriety; and there is no division amidst deserving people, because a singular pattern sustains the monetary arrangements of a just society.

Nearly 50 years ago, our present financial quandary was projected by proof of a singular mathematically perfected economy™ — a singularity which holds that what we call “banking systems” are themselves terminal — that it is altogether rationally, ethically, and legally impossible to borrow money into existence from purported banking systems, firstly because, 1) legitimate debts can never precipitate to anyone who never grants the subject property from their legitimate prior possession; secondly then, because, 2) it is impossible in the pretended creation of money by purported banking systems, that banks could have established prior possession of money as a representation of entitlement, by giving up property for money which did not even exist before; and thirdly then, because likewise, 3) neither in the whole life cycle of banking’s treasonous obfuscation of our currency, does banking give up prior commensurable consideration to these mal-presumed debts — which banking only falsifies to itself by pretending it loans money into existence from its prior legitimate possession.

On the contrary then, we are the only actual issuers of money, because if money is necessarily to guarantee redeemability, therefore money can only exist as enforceable promissory obligations, because only so does money comprise necessarily immutable representations of entitlement. Thus the falsified debts of purported banking are instead our own obligations to each other.

The intentional falsifications of purported banking systems are therefore rational, ethical, and legal violations of our every principle of trade and contractual law; for in the whole of banking’s intentional obfuscation of money, no debt of the principal can legitimately precipitate to purported banking systems which therefore no more than publish further representations of our promissory obligations to each other.

Yet the fate of the present and future world hinges upon our immediate understanding of this fact we do not and cannot borrow money into existence, for the laundering of such monumental sums of principal into the unwarrantable possession of banking systems is only the first and remarkably least of the ancient money changer’s principal crimes against us.

The present global monetary calamity is the inevitable culmination of a perpetual and irreversible escalation of dispossession and debilitation, by perpetual multiplication of this falsified indebtedness to the obfuscators and faux creditors we ineptly call “banking systems”; and the agent of this irreversible escalation is the unwarranted imposition of interest:

The lie “we borrow money into existence” paves the way for the further lie that interest is justified by ostensible risk of possession, whereas in fact the purported banking system has only published further representations of our promissory obligations to each other. On the contrary, it is impossible for any such risk to exist, because never in the whole life cycle of banking’s intentional obfuscation of our currency does banking give up commensurable consideration to debts it therefore only falsifies to itself. Yet thus we are forced involuntarily to sustain a vital circulation of falsified debt subjected iniquitously to interest, by perpetually borrowing principal and interest back into our general possession, with re-borrowed principal sustaining every prior sum of falsified debt; and with unwarranted interest perpetually increasing every prior sum of falsified debt by so much as periodic interest on an ever greater sum of falsified debt; and with this dedicating ever more of any given circulation to servicing the escalating sum of falsified debt, until even at an inherently escalating rate, we suffer the present, terminal debilitation under falsified conditions which only escalate the terminal condition all the further.

The arguments and fact of a singular monetary justice or mathematically perfected economy™ therefore establish, 4) that it is impossible that banking systems are legitimate creditors then, because across the whole life cycle of their obfuscations of our currency, the resultant systems of exploitation give up no commensurable property to ostensibly “provide credit”; 5) that the only real creditors (who do give up property for representations of our promissory obligations) are paid in full from the outset of every such arrangement; 6) that a resultant obligation to sustain the value and redeemability of money therefore exists to the actual creditor; 7) that under “banking,” it is mathematically impossible to sustain the combined circulatory volume and disposition of money which would accomplish this purpose, because banking’s obfuscation of our promissory obligations dedicates ever more of a circulation to servicing its irreversible and inevitably terminal escalation of falsified debt; 8) that the inherent disposition and life cycle of our promissory obligations to each other is instead to retire principal upon payment, because the prior representation of entitlement stems from the obligation to pay the principal, which obligation is fulfilled upon payment; 9) that as no actual, commensurable risk of the principle to the banking system exists, neither can a fact of lending or risk of the principal exist, as ostensibly justifies interest; and thus, 10) that not only are the people the only actual issuers of money, promissory obligations, or redeemable representations of entitlement; but 11) that no legitimate means whatever exists to launder either the principal or interest into the unwarranted possession of purported banking systems or faux creditors who merely publish further representations of our issuance of promissory obligations; and thus 12) that the lie of banking is not only wholly unjustifiable, but inherently terminal; as 13) banking’s unwarranted imposition of interest forces us to maintain a vital circulation by perpetually re-borrowing interest and principal, to return the both to the general possession of surviving industry and commerce as a perpetually escalating and inevitably terminal sum of falsified debt.

Thus a multitude of improprieties comprises a fatal and purposed breach of trust, perpetrated and intentionally sustained not only by purported banking, but by the vast political corruption which banking unduly makes itself both capable and compelled to purchase. Given every such potential for betrayal then, the only resolution of all such political corruption is the inherent means and objects of an absolute consensual representation™, in which, by indispensable authorities of self-determination, competent societies may immediately raise every conducive means to ensure universal justice and integrity, that WE The People may finally eradicate every subversion of our vital political purposes.

In proving a singular solution for the volumetric and dispositional improprieties of today’s pretended economies therefore, this proposition of mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™ is the only reasonable impetus for an ascendant humanity to secure inevitable justice; and of necessity then, we hold it is the duty of every apprehending citizen to ratify these authorities; that mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™ are inherent rights of every just person; that by our signatures, we and we alone rightly ratify these indispensable rights; that our ratification rightly prevails immediately over the every affair of every signatory; that to eradicate political betrayal, we must deny every seated or future government any authority whatever but to comply; and that necessarily therefore, our signatures immediately establish omnipotent personal authorities not only to fully protect ourselves from every transgression of these facts, but to prosecute every deviate for every related crime against us — each and every which deviate government, entity, and person therefore, from the moment of our signature forth, is guilty of the gravest treasons against us.


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Section 0. resolves intended meaning to original U.S. English expressions, except as otherwise amended. Necessarily, § 0. likewise compels faithful observation of underlying principles, regardless of potentially or temporarily disparate government structures.

    1. Unless otherwise resolved by annotation or amendment, original (US-English) expressions are to prevail in critical interpretations of meaning.
    2. Where related objects may not exist within an adopting domain, a prevailing interpretation and its implementation shall best secure the intended goals of this instrument by faithfully replicating intended patterns.


By establishing the necessary requisite of absolute consensual representation™, Section 1 establishes a perpetual, indispensable authority of the people to establish this mandate as prevailing law — necessarily denying every seated or future government any authority whatever but to comply. Thus any authority to amend or to supersede this inevitable mandate is likewise restricted to the people as sovereign engineers of government, with government in turn being the incontestable property and domain of a just consensual society.

    1. As much as the concept or fact of representation may be subverted; and as much as just people are the only possible arbiters of justice; every just person therefore inherits omnipotent authorities to rescind, to repair, and to prosecute every offense against us; and to declare the absolute bounds to which we may be subject:
        1. No power or authority shall exist therefore, to deny, to obstruct, to delay, or to deter our perpetual perfection of the means and standards of just government;
        2. every reasonable conduit shall be provided to avert injustice immediately;
        3. and beyond a restrictive authority of the people to amend this mandate therefore;
            1. no power or authority shall exist in any seated or future government, but to comply immediately, without debate, without contest, and even without reservation against this, our essential prescription for mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™;
            2. which inherent, essential, and intrinsic authority of every just person is itself compelled to sustain a singular fact of individual sovereignty;
                1. the indispensable rights, liberties, and responsibilities of which inherently descend strictly from such comprehensive, conclusive and just resolution as engenders the most comprehensive and utterly consistent refinement of these objects;
                2. which itself, and itself alone sustains the only common, impervious, and accountable justice which indeed can serve us.


Section 2., in turn provides exhaustive protections against abuse of authority.

    1. To secure absolute consensual representation:

        1. no activity of government shall exist without final public assent to its every potential manifestation;
        2. no consequence of government shall exist without perpetual re-affirmation of public consent, nor without provision for immediate refinement, invalidation, ceasure, impeachment, reparation, and prosecution for breach of justice or authority by the conclusive arguments of any capable person;
        3. and therefore any deterrence, obstruction, or evasion of a perpetual responsibility to resolve injustice shall be treason against means of representation which are indispensable to sovereign people.

2. No public campaign, proposition, or standing act therefore;

        1. shall subvert representation by deploying spurious, deficient, divisive, compromising, or inaccurate appeals;
        2. shall fail to sufficiently prove that without unaccounted aberration, its means most effectively and justly accomplish the common objects of sovereign people;
        3. neither shall any public act or proposition fail to yield immediately to proof it can be resolved to fewer, more perfect, or more universal principles;
        4. and every unrepaired subversion of representation shall be treason against means of representation which are indispensable to a sovereign public.

§ 2.2.

The form and public conduits of this document therefore intend to set standards for compliance with these requisites.


Section 3. recognizes a breadth of justice which must prevail in a perpetual perfection of representation.

    1. As much as any rightful claim derives only from irrefutable proof of an enduring conclusion; therefore to determine any matter on any other basis not only compromises inevitable and necessary achievements; it may furthermore deny a general right to justice by potential non-discovery, by lacking or false accountability, by evasion, or by unwarranted dismissal of bearing fact:

          1. Proof of justice shall therefore prevail in the determination of every matter;

              1. no majority therefore shall ever be presumed from a disparity of disposing reasons;
              2. no duplistic standard shall exist;

            3. and no conducive attempt to submit or to honor veritable proof of justice shall be deterred.

            2. No right to prevail in injustice shall exist;

              1. and in no wise therefore shall the capacities of perpetrators to produce full reparation be limited.

            3. And every refinement of justice shall prevail immediately upon the adoption of every assenting

            sovereign — the prevalence of which shall be assumed to be sustained in continuum, until their formal



Section 4. declares the self-evident object of true free enterprise as a basis for proving true and just economy in Section 5.To secure the only actual free enterprise, exploitation is criminalized by §; and to further secure every process of representation which is indispensable not only to sustaining truly free enterprise, but every further object of a just, self-determined society, therefore § necessarily criminalizes disinformation in public matters

    1. A principal object, and the deserved consequence of all truly free, just, and responsible enterprise is commensurable prosperity.

        1. Thus the only disposition and consequence of money or monetization of our production shall be to sustain commensurable prosperity by immutable representation of entitlement:

            1. Thus an obligation to preserve immutable representation of entitlement exists;

                1. and therefore to take or to receive from the overall pool of wealth more than is contributed to it shall be a crime against a remainder of otherwise free and just people unless the disproportion is willingly and knowingly born by the actual creditor who gives up property for the respective representation of entitlement, because otherwise, disproportionate award to any inherently denies immutable representation of entitlement to the remainder

              § 4.1.11.

              Without this indispensable protection, the purposes of free enterprise are readily subverted by diverse potential exploitations; and therefore producers and markets are hereby empowered to police adherence to the only reasonable object and fact of true free enterprise, and the only possible fact of immutable representation of entitlement.

2. In no affair therefore shall cost be imposed without conclusive justification and knowledgeable assent of the burdened; and in no instance ever, shall assent be presumed from disinformation or incompetence of bearing matters.

                1. Being therefore as consensual representation hinges always upon a fact of comprehensive disclosure; therefore disinformation in any quarter of public affairs, however misleading, shall be treason:

                    1. “disinformation” shall be understood as to mislead public opinion either by inaccuracy or omission;
                    2. “public affairs” shall be understood to be any matter upon which actual representation hinges;
                    3. and therefore it is our perpetual duty to recognize not only that we have rights to free development of opinion, but that a perpetual obligation exists likewise to ensure our opinions indeed serve the common good;

                        1. for everything else is not only destructive to representation;
                        2. but may therefore impose damages for which our indifference is indeed responsible.



In its one intrinsic and fundamental duty to represent entitlement, in every case and at every juncture, a monetary system must naturally sustain a representative volume and disposition of currency. To provide for entitled redemption, the volume of money must always be equal to what it intrinsically represents; and to accomplish that purpose, the volume must also be fully disposable to that purpose. In this fundamental, obligatory, and dynamic duty of immutable representation then, a veritable monetary system represents every legitimate and justifiable processes of a purported economy; and, as every object of true free enterprise is thus conveyed by monetary process, no purported economy therefore can be either just or economic, if it fails at any time to sustain either the immutable representation of entitlement or the freedom from redundant cost or exploitation which the inherently singular purpose of immutable representation indeed imposes upon it.A just economy is thus inherently self sustaining, because it is saddled with this responsibility by the fact that if it is ever to serve the indispensable and inherently immutable purpose of representing entitlement in such a way as will sustain the only consistent volume and disposition of money throughout the entire life cycle of every unit, money therefore comes into existence to fulfill a lack of representation in a resultant promissory obligation, which is thus fulfilled and redeemable in the fact it binds the obligor to eventually furnish the principal. The only reasonable vehicle or substance of money therefore is unexploited promissory obligations, because unexploited promissory obligations — paid and retiring principal at the rate of consumption of represented property — equate exactly to the only predicating facts, which equation in turn therefore, perfectly sustains the necessary volume, disposition, and life cycle of the only legitimate form and claims of “money.”

A purported economy therefore is indeed comprised of contractual obligations between its subjects, to which no extrinsic entity [such as a purported banking system] may rightly lay claim. Nor can any extrinsic agency even rightly involve itself in permutation of the one essential life cycle and disposition of legitimate money, for the right to issue unexploited promissory obligations is not only inherently universal (because we in fact are the real creators of “money” under “banking” as well); the ultimate fact that we are the only possible, actual, and legitimate issuers of money, ever, likewise negates any possible need to purportedly rely upon the obfuscations of “banking,” but by purposed and shallow denial of the fact we remain the actual issuers of promissory obligations, in which it merely pretends to loan us further representations of our promissory obligations to each other. Thus in this essential and reasonably undeniable dependence upon promissory obligations, a monetary system is charged with sustaining the original and intrinsic intents to pay and to redeem [only] the principal — or the system is either designed or complicit in an object of denying us not only the rights endowed by our contracts with each other, but even the opportunity to fulfill our contracts with each other.

Such is the present calamity.

As the only conducive form of “money” therefore is comprised of two dimensions — volume, and disposition; and as these two only intrinsic dimensions predicate its natural life cycle and distribution, Section 5. therefore comprehensively and conclusively proves a fact of one and one only potentially just and self-sustaining economy, by proving a singular integral monetary solution for a total of only two potential categoric faults, which inherently corrupt either the volume (1), disposition (3), or combined volume and disposition of money (2, below) of an inherently ever-dynamic circulation, in which each and every unit serves the only intrinsic purposes of money though its entire natural life-cycle:

1) the potential faults of circulatory inflation and deflation are thus positive or negative volumetric corruptions of a necessarily perpetual equivalence between unresolved original entitlement and the dependent volume of circulation;

2) any potential combination of volumetric and dispositional impropriety therefore precludes sustaining the cost or value of money or property;

3) and under purported banking, maldisposition (or corruption of the disposition of money) makes immutable representation of entitlement impossible by inherent, irreversible, and therefore terminal multiplication of falsified indebtedness in proportion to a circulation or remaining capacity to service an irreversible and therefore terminal escalation of falsified debt — which inherently disposes ever more of a circulation to servicing falsified debt — thus precluding fulfillment of the original obligation to represent entitlement.


An integral combination of the elementary solutions for two potential categoric faults (1 and 3 above) therefore solves every possible monetary aberration:

i) because circulatory inflation and deflation are solved by nothing but a perpetual 1:1 relationship between unresolved entitlement and the respective circulation;

ii) because, being caused by a combination of the two potential categoric faults (1 and 3 above), systemic corruption of the cost or value of money or property is inherently solved by a combination of the two fundamental solutions, (1 and 3 respectively);

iii) and because, in contemporary purported banking systems, maldisposition is solved strictly by eradicating interest, because, a) the imposition of interest by a mere publisher of further representations of our promissory obligations is wholly unjustifiable; b) because interest is the only prospectively causative monetary process; and, c) because, unless “banking” directly and justifiably absorbs all principal and interest for no more than publishing further representations of our promissory obligations to each other (the dispossession of which cannot be justified by the mere deception “banking” unnecessarily “lends” our own promissory obligations to us), interest therefore inherently and irreversibly multiplies falsified indebtedness into terminal monetary failure, as unwitting and unassenting subjects of every such obfuscation are forced to maintain a vital circulation by perpetually borrowing interest and principal back into the general possession of industry and commerce as an ever-escalating sum of falsified debt; d) with re-borrowed principal therefore sustaining every prior sum of falsified debt (and to that extent making it mathematically impossible to pay down every prior sum of falsified debt); e) with interest having counted none against every prior sum of falsified debt; and f) with re-borrowed interest therefore perpetually increasing every prior sum of falsified debt by inherently ever greater sums of periodic interest, related to the perpetually increasing sum of falsified debt.

iv) Particularly then, as it is both rationally and legally impossible that we borrow money into existence from mere publishers of further representations of our promissory obligations to each other, all potential monetary impropriety therefore is solved conclusively by no more than a) an obligatory eradication of interest; and b) an obligatory schedule of payment — solving all volumetric monetary impropriety by retiring principal at the rate of consumption of related property; and, c) likewise sustaining the only actual and just economy; d) by eliminating the unwarrantable laundering of principal into unwarranted possession of mere publishers of further representations of our promissory obligations to each other; and e) by eradicating the vast, inevitably terminal, and unjustifiable monetary exploitation of purported interest.

Thus owing to faithful observation of a singular mathematically perfected economy™, the overall cost of a $100,000 home with a 100-year lifespan is $1,000.00 per year, or $83.33 per month.

v) Finally therefore, a mathematically perfected economy™ is the only actual fact of economy — the both of which are inherently no more than the universal and therefore individual right to issue legitimate, enforceable promissory obligations, free of exploitation, and necessarily monetizing entitlement by an obligatory schedule of payment which must retire principal as obligors pay for represented property as they consume of it; for this incumbent pattern alone not only solves all possible volumetric and dispositional monetary improprieties, but owing to no more than an obligatory schedule of payment therefore, a singular fact of mathematically perfected economy™ naturally accomplishes all these vital purposes even without manual regulation.


    1. Because money comes into existence for a lack thereof, in which, to be faithful to its essential disposition of representation, an obligation to redeem it in a virtually equal volume of production exists; and because any; the only conducive and faithful purpose a consenting public can have for money is immutable representation of entitlement;

        1. and therefore the only natural, incumbent, and available means for rightly sustaining immutable representation of both the disposition and volume of entitlement is a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship:

            1. between the remaining value of represented property and unresolved entitlement;
            2. between the volume of what therefore is the only volumetrically representative circulation;
            3. and between the disposition of what therefore is the only representative circulation — actually and necessarily, fully disposed to its only intrinsic purposes;

                1. with any failure to sustain immutable representation of entitlement therefore being an offense against every actual creditor — each and every one of whom have given up property for presumably and necessarily immutable entitlement;
        2. with both the obligations to pay and to redeem therefore being indispensable to the fact of entitlement;
        3. and thus with every duty of a circulation being dependent upon promissory obligations;
            1. with every resultant promissory obligation representing value and redeemability which inherently ceases in a fact that payment of the principal fulfills the original obligation as inherently terminates the prior representation of value;

                1. with the principal of every promissory obligation therefore being inherently retired by payment;
            2. with payment rightly being fulfilled by making a like volume of desirable production purchasable;

                1. with the resultant circulatory volume always making it possible to pay for represented property;
            3. and in all of which purposes therefore, exploitation inherently precludes the only natural and necessary designs of an acceptable currency;

                1. and thus a singular mathematically perfected economy™ rightly sustains every volumetric and dispositional requisite of immutable representation by no more than an eradication of exploitation and an obligatory schedule of payment retiring principal at the rate of consumption of represented property;

                    1. in which vital singularity therefore:

                        1. equity is necessarily convertible, interchangeable, and equivalent to a whole effective circulation;
                        2. and thus, coupled with retention of a universal right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, neither is it possible to deny us necessary representation;
                    2. and in all of which facts then:

                        1. not only is the purported proposition of “borrowing” money into existence both rationally and legally impossible where in fact a purported banking system never gives up commensurable consideration to debts which “banking” therefore only falsifies to itself;

                            1. but where we retain the universal right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, purportedly “borrowing money” into existence is likewise wholly unnecessary;

                        2. likewise, not only is banking’s imposition of interest upon falsified debt wholly unjustifiable;

                            1. it is wholly preclusive to every vital requisite of immutable representation, because in perpetually multiplying falsified debt, the dispositional impropriety of purported interest likewise denies the only object and means of volumetric rectitude.


2. According to the warranted disposition of any circulation comprised of promissory obligations therefore:

        1. obligors are the only actual issuers of money, because only obligors monetize property by assuming fiduciary commitments to redeem promissory obligations which in turn are contractual representations of entitlement;
            1. the redeemability of which therefore owes to each eventual possessor of the resultant money;
            2. the value and disposability of which therefore hinges upon a circulatory volume which is always equal and fully disposed to existing entitlement;

          2.in which indispensable arrangement, we then are likewise the only actual creditors, because only the subjects of a justifiable monetary system accept promissory obligations for legitimately acquired property;

          3. all of which thus establishes a necessarily immutable, contractual representation of entitlement, which being the fundamental and indispensable purpose of money, thus must be sustained without possible aberration by the very designs of any justifiable monetary system.


3. Inherently then, mathematically perfected economy™ is a preservation of the inherently universal and individual right to issue enforceable, unexploited promissory obligations, subject to obligatory schedules of payment which necessarily retire principal at the rate of consumption of related property — which in turn sustains a resultant monetary obligation to every creditor, to maintain immutable value in the resultant circulation by preserving a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining circulation, remaining value of represented property, and remaining obligation to pay the remaining circulation for the remaining value of represented property.


Section 6.sequentially raises self-evident facts, 1) proving a purposed obfuscation of our promissory obligations by purported banking systems, which obfuscation inherently, irreversibly, and therefore inevitably multiplies falsified indebtednesss into the present global monetary failure; the whole of which intentional aberrations comprise an unwarrantable and inevitably terminal means of exploitation; 3) the consequences of which are repaired, and the processes of which are rectified, only by adoption of mathematically perfected economy™ — the only warrantable transformation for which is in turn prescribed in Section 7.


    1. It is both rationally and legally impossible in the creation of purported money, for debt to precipitate to purported creditors who only insert themselves into our monetary processes for the subversive and unjustifiable purpose of pretending to lend representations of our entitlement and owings to each other, from a prior legitimate possession of the creditor which never existed; and without ever giving up the necessarily commensurable consideration which must exist, if ever indebtedness is indeed to precipitate to the faux creditor, who thus only publishes further representations of our promissory obligations to each other:

        1. Given that our only reasonable purpose for money is a necessarily immutable representation of entitlement therefore, it is rationally and legally impossible to lend, to borrow, or even to justifiably purchase money into existence:

            1. because prior entitlement can only be established by giving up commensurable property for already existent money;
            2. which itself therefore, can never result in legitimate creation
        2. Therefore purported banking systems no more than publish further representations of our promissory obligations to each other:
            1. the principal of which can absolutely never be the rightful property of a purported banking system which never gives up commensurable property in the beforehand;
            2. §

              If the purported banking system does not give up prior legitimate possession of commensurable property for example, it may merely launder so much property into its unrightful possession, claiming falsely afterward that an unwarranted and unjustifiable license to launder legitimized the original transgression by pledging the necessary property from so much further dispossession.

              2. whereupon a further fact that no risk of legitimately acquired property can ever be at stake,
              further nullifies the wrongfully presumed legitimacy of a claim to purported interest.

          3. Thus the only facts and disposition of money descend entirely from our very own promissory obligations; to the actions and existence of which faux creditors are entirely foreign, adverse, and inimical parties; and the commitments of which are inherently, entirely to each other:

            1. which natural commitments to each other are therefore intentionally obfuscated into falsified debts to the faux creditor, for no more than publishing further representations of our promissory obligations to each other;
            2. whereas on the contrary, the only actual and necessary duty of each obligor to a legitimate monetary system is inherently no more than to pay and to retire principal as the obligor consumes of the related property, particularly because:
                1. the only actual creditor — who indeed gives up property for representations of the promissory obligation — is paid in full from the very outset of every such arrangement;
                2. which thus precipitates in a systemic obligation to sustain the contractual value and redeemability of money by a perpetually representative volume and disposition of circulation;
                3. which is preserved therefore solely by a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining circulation, remaining value of represented property, and remaining obligation to pay the circulation for the remaining value of represented property;
                4. in all of which facts the fundamental object of immutable representation of entitlement rightly derives strictly from the obligation to redeem:
                    1. which therefore ceases in payment of the principal:
                        1. the very ceasing of which representation and fulfillment of prior redeemability therefore inherently retires the principal;
                        2. for which further fact, paid principal can neither comprise nor represent the rightful property or further entitlement of anyone;
                        3. and therefore, because no legitimate property of the faux creditor is ever at stake, neither can any justifiable claim to interest ever exist;

      5. all of which thus precipitates in the further fact, that neither is it possible we could ever legitimately borrow such sums of money from the faux creditor ever afterward, because no legitimate means exists to launder either the principal or interest into banking’s unwarranted possession


2. Thus it is impossible we borrow money from faux creditors — either into existence or ever afterward;

        1. neither can either the principal or interest of falsified indebtedness rightly precipitate to the faux creditor;
        2. and on the further hand, if it were a legitimate object of purportedly representative government to license only certain private entities to falsify indebtedness (for which in fact we have never granted our explicit assent); therefore uniformity predicates that it is the equal right of every obligor to issue irredeemable promissory obligations in equally invalid repayment for every such falsified debt;

            1. whereas neither can this solve related issues, because the breach of principle denies us both the means and fact of sustaining immutable entitlement by way of a perpetually representative circulation.


3. Thus the only reparation meeting every feasible requisite of reparation:

        1. shall count all prior payments of interest instead toward principal;
        2. shall resume payment against remaining balances (if any) at the rate of consumption of related properties;
        3. and, being as reparation of further damages would vastly exceed a representative circulation (thus precluding immutable representation of entitlement), which shall restore a representative circulation by crediting the accounts of the people:

            1. with the general pattern for accomplishing this object (§ 6.3.3.) being decided by the people;
            2. with the means of the decided pattern justly disbursing reparations across the damaged populace;
            3. and with the general pattern of such means therefore being to award working and retired ages according to a natural pattern of saving and spending during working and retired ages respectively, as would appropriately sustain us in retired life so much as the purposed obfuscations of banking have denied us the opportunity to do so.


4. Thus the people, as obligors, are the only actual and fiduciary issuers of money:

        1. we are likewise the only actual creditors, because we alone give up property for a currency which is inevitably comprised of our promissory obligations to each other;

2. it is impossible we borrow money from faux creditors;

            1. and moreover, only a denial of our right to issue and to sustain unexploited promissory obligations could coerce us to do so.

3. Thus in their entirety, contemporary purported banking systems comprise a preposterous and exceedingly corrupt breach of faith:

            1. in which banking’s falsification of indebtedness launders all the principal of eternity into the unwarranted possession of faux creditors who no more than publish further representations of our promissory obligations to each other;
            2. in which banking’s unwarranted imposition of interest perpetually multiplies falsified indebtedness into the present wholly artificial and terminal global monetary failure:

                1. in the processes of which inevitably terminal failure:

                    1. a falsified obligation to pay interest and principal from a circulation comprised only of however much remaining principal, forces us to maintain a vital circulation by perpetually borrowing principal and interest back into the general possession of industry and commerce;
                    2. the otherwise unnecessary re-borrowing of which principal therefore, perpetually sustains any prior sum of falsified debt;
                    3. and the otherwise unnecessary re-borrowing of which interest therefore, perpetually increases every prior sum of falsified debt;
                    4. until, even at an inherently escalating rate of ever greater sums of periodic interest engendered by the escalation of falsified debt itself, ultimately this artificial obligation merely to sustain a vital circulation inevitably manifests in a terminal sum of falsified debt;
                    5. the costs of which, to which so much of the circulation is unnecessarily dedicated that it is impossible to sustain sufficient industry to service the escalation, thus exceed further credit-worthiness to assume further falsified indebtedness as yet remains indispensable to the further maintenance of a vital circulation;
                    6. with sudden catastrophic failure thus precipitating altogether in escalating circulatory deflation amidst sustained price inflation (caused and sustained itself by the escalation of falsified debt), and resultantly irreversible escalations of debilitation and dispossession;

                        1. with the brink of terminal failure only partially forestalled by effectively pouring money into circulation — largely by federal overspending which is never serviced; and which therefore only accumulates further falsified indebtedness, in ever greater excess of already terminal sums of falsified debt;
                    7. and with every imposition of this infamous obfuscation therefore incurring a finite lifespan, which we can even accurately calculate from any moment of time, for any imposed rates of interest;


              Ultimately, it is impossible for so much principal and interest to re-enter the circulation otherwise, because even if the banking system immediately purchased all the production we monetize (which we know not to be the case), not only would such a laundering of property to the faux creditor be equally unjustifiable, the further injustice could only account for the principal, because that’s nearly all there is to purportedly purchase.

              Nonetheless, no proof that it is possible to any extent (but the full extent) to negate all re-borrowing of interest provides to avert perpetual escalation of the sum of falsified debt; and likewise, nothing short of complete re-absorption of all principal establishes a possibility to pay off all the principal.

              Not only is such reabsorption impossible as previously noted; furthermore, because the interest we typically pay across the circulation vastly exceeds the principal, thus it is impossible to avoid escalation of falsified indebtedness because it is generally impossible to replenish even the interest — much less the principal; which thus sustains every prior sum of debt, with re-borrowed interest perpetually increasing the sum of prior falsified debt.

              3. in all of which, yet a third desolating crime is that in order to perpetrate this terminal obfuscation, purported banking systems must so exhaustively subvert representation.

          4. Thus as the crime of purported banking is imposed at least by intolerable political ineptitude, intentional and belligerent political betrayal, or the both, it is the sovereign right of every just individual to immediately exercise a wholly rightful authority to deploy the reparations we hereby stipulate, for absolutely nothing less is faithful representation of the vital objects of the people.



Section 7. requires standing governments to meet a December 21, 2013 deadline for compliance with a singular prescription for transforming contemporary pretended economies into mathematically perfected economy™. Failure to meet this deadline makes every unresigned officer of the failing government guilty of treason; renders the failing government null and void; and requires the arrest of every remaining officer of the nullified government for treason.

    1. Without potential debate, revision, or deterrence of any kind, standing governments shall meet a December 21, 2013 deadline for complete compliance with the every measure of this amendment for mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™, in which a transformation of contemporary pretended economies into mathematically perfected economy™:

        1. shall entail counting all prior payments beyond principal instead toward principal;

            1. which thus shall likewise entail re-financing all private debts to actual creditors, having given up real property for promissory obligations, by issuing remaining balances of principal to the creditor and thereafter counting all prior payments toward principal, as thus shall determine every remaining balance;
        2. shall further entail re-scheduling further payments (if any) to retire remaining principal at rates of consumption or depreciation over the remaining proprietary determinate lifespan of related property; in all of which:

            1. further payments against outstanding balances (if any) shall cease until further payments would become due in the proprietary determinate lifespan of each represented property;

                1. with each obligor appealing for a reasonable initial determination of a remaining proprietary determinate lifespan (PDL);
                2. with every appeal being subject to eventual scrutiny and revision as will bring the PDL into accord with standards eventually set by the public;

              § 7.1.1., § 7.1.2.


              Because obligors rightly pay only the principal over the proprietary determinate lifespan of represented property under mathematically perfected economy™, a $100,000 home with a 100-year lifespan imposes an overall cost of $1,000 per year or $83.33 per month under MPE™, whereas for example, the monthly cost of the same home under contemporary systems of exploitation might be 10 times this, or $833.30 per month.

              Such a ten-fold disparity in periodic cost thus precipitates a further overall fact that payments against prior falsified debts reach ten times into the future under mathematically perfected economy™.

              For example, if an obligor had serviced the falsified debt for 5 years before falling 1 year into arrears, with the arrears precipitating in unwarranted foreclosure under the terminal exploitation of purported banking, the 5 years of vastly excessive payment under the obfuscations of “banking” would instead translate into 50 years of payment under mathematically perfected economy™.

              Thus, instead of being a year in arrears, at linear rates of consumption, no further payments would be due for another 44 years. Moreover, when further payments become due after a full 44 years, the further payments are $83.33 per month, as opposed to $833.30 per month under the terminal obfuscations of banking.

              Thus, faithful observation of the singular principles of mathematically perfected economy™ not only immediately resolves bankruptcy, foreclosure, and so forth, but provides a substantial period of non-payment over which to publicly affirm uniform standards for certifying credit-worthiness, for determining proprietary determinate lifespans for classes of property, for approving applicable patterns of consumption or depreciation, and so forth.

2. and with standard applicable rates of consumption or depreciation being decided by the public;

1. until such time of which, a default pattern of de-escalated depreciation shall apply

(as in proposed process 4 below), in which:

1. a linear rate of depreciation shall have paid 36% of the

principal over the first 12.5% of the PDL;

2. a subsequent linear rate of depreciation shall have paid

58% of the principal at 25% of the PDL;

3. a subsequent linear rate of depreciation shall have paid

83% of the principal at 50% of the PDL;

4. and subsequent linear rate of depreciation shall have paid

96% of the principal at 75% of the PDL;

5. a subsequent linear rate of depreciation shall have paid

99% of the principal at 87.5% of the PDL;

6. and a subsequent linear rate of depreciation shall have

paid 100% of the principal at conclusion of the PDL;

7. after which, for the purpose of further monetization of a property

having further usefulness, should publicly determined processes

acknowledge that further PDL remains, equity may be refinanced by

applying this pattern over the whole PDL, inclusive of the extension,

with the existent point in the revised PDL determining remaining value;

Graph, data, and formulae for default de-escalated depreciation pattern 4.

Stipulation of a reasonable default pattern for calculating consumption or depreciation provides for immediate calculation and transition for reasonable proprietary determinate lifespans; which, together with the relatively vast extension of fulfilled payment into the future, likewise provides substantial leeway for determining publicly approved PDLs according to already-existent engineering standards.

3. which transformation shall further entail returning properties confiscated by the banking system in the condition in which they were taken;

1. with former obligors of sold properties being reimbursed the lesser of either whatever had been paid against the property or whatever equity would have existed under mathematically perfected economy™ at that point in the PDL;

1. with this coming from liquidation of the assets of the purported banking system and/or its former and present ranking directors or their heirs, however determined by the people;

4. which transformation shall further entail restoration of a representative circulation equal to the remaining value of represented property;

            1. which shall be accomplished by crediting the remaining deficiency to the accounts of every person of working age and beyond, according to a linear pattern of saving during working years and spending during retired years, as would thus sustain a consistent standard of living;

5. and which transformation shall further entail immediate temporary nationalization of the purported financial system:

            1. ensuring preservation of the property of the people until all such property held and purportedly secured by the financial system can be transferred to a Common Monetary Infrastructure™ (CMI™);

                1. which CMI™ shall replace the existence and functions of the purported financial system so as to sustain a mathematically perfected economy™ ever afterward;

2. after which, all such assets of the purported financial system which are not useful to the CMI™ shall be liquidated by offered sale or auction to the public;

                1. to which sales or auctions no one having committed or participated in exploitation shall be eligible;
                2. for which unauthorized participation, properties so disbursed shall be returned, together with expired equity and profit, each of the latter of which shall be applied toward overall taxation;
                3. remaining monies possessed by the purported banking system shall count against resolving public debt;
                4. and any further monies possessed by the purported banking system after these purposes are accomplished shall be retired from circulation.


2. Shall a majority of affected people ultimately adopt this amendment (regardless of age or any other presumed restriction), failure of standing governments to meet the aforesaid December 21, 2013 deadline in respect to any of these requisites shall make every unresigned officer of the failing government guilty of treason:

        1. shall render the failing government null and void;
        2. shall precipitate in the immediate arrest and prosecution of every remaining officer of the nullified government for treason;
        3. and shall precipitate in immediate elections, by which every candidate and ensuing government shall be immediately bound to a subsequent deadline no greater than 1 year from the election;
        4. every which subsequent deadline shall impose the same criminality and penal provisions.

3. Any attempt by the purported banking system or media to subvert this initiative; any failure of the media to duly represent this initiative in every relevant occasion and respect; any disinformation issued contesting the precepts, objects, or means of this initiative without truly valid disproof; any attempt to obstruct or to deter ratification of this amendment; and any conflicting proposal which cannot accomplish every object set forth herein, shall be treason.


4. Signatories shall effectively ratify this amendment across all of their affairs from moment of their signature;

        1. by which each signatory will establish their immediate and undeniable right to exercise every provision of this amendment, including immediate ceasure of payment not only against exploited falsified debt, but against all non-compliant government taxation which has redundantly inflated the costs of government;
        2. every attempted, suggested, or participation in the denial of which shall be treason.


5. Every person either refusing or failing to ratify this amendment by the end of December 21, 2013, shall be fully responsible for reparations to signatories, including multiplied costs of government to that moment; artificially or unnecessarily inflated property costs; unwarranted penalties and punitive measures; related financial and political improprieties; irreparable loss or denial of opportunity; unrepaired loss of property or prospective earnings; and every related debilitation:

        1. in the purposes of which, persons incapable of determining justice may be signed by persons responsible for such incapable persons;
        2. and for the purposes of which, no restriction shall bear upon ratification but an ability to understand the basic principles of this amendment.

        § 7.5.

        At AD 2000, we calculated that the total general impact of improprieties such as derivatives scandals, unjustifiable imposition of federal debt, raided social security funds, and further acknowledged exacerbations of financial condition, imposed damages upon future generations for which culpability ran as much as $17 million per capita for each person of age 80 in the United States, if that generation refused in its entirety to ratify this initiative. If half that generation refused ratification, per capita culpability would run twice that, or $34 million per person of the approximate age of 80.

        Nonetheless, the injuries of political irresponsibility have only increased since then; and no greater crime could be committed upon our progeny than to impose the monumental debts of our own generations upon all future generations, subject to wholly unjustifiable processes which can only multiply the present escalation of falsified indebtedness upon all further generations.


      6. Having proven a singular integral solution to volumetric and dispositional improprieties, promotion of any permutation claiming to be monetary solution therefore shall be treason



Section 8. prescribes the vital infrastructure for maintaining a mathematically perfected economy™ according to the unimpeachable dictates of its constituents.

    1. In order to ensure these purposes, a singular Common Monetary Infrastructure™ (CMI™) shall thus replace every non-compliant monetary system, the responsibilities of which CMI™ shall be to sustain mathematically perfected economy™:
        1. by certifying and enforcing credit-worthiness as provides for the monetization not only of equity, but future production:

            1. according to public standards for establishing proprietary determinate lifespans;
            2. according to public standards for calculating consumption or depreciation over PDLs;
            3. and thus by uniformly affirming the rightful issuance of the promissory obligations of the people at the behest of qualifying obligors;

        2. by maintaining the accounts of the people;
        3. by ensuring immutable representation of the entitlement of every actual creditor, by retiring principal as sustains a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining circulation, remaining value of represented property, and remaining obligation to pay the circulation for the remaining value of represented property;
        4. by extending every useful infrastructure as serves the intrinsic objects of prosperity and economy, including provision of fair and accessible public reviews, product costs and profit margins, and information infrastructures for connecting consumers, producers, and means of distribution;
        5. and by automating its every necessary process in every feasible manner, as shall perpetually sustain the people’s approval by meeting every standard developed without denial of their conducive participation.

2. All prior, conflicting monetary precepts shall therefore be rescinded.

§ 8.2.

As is implicit in the principles raised in Section 5., it is inherently mathematically impossible for precious metal monetary standards for example to sustain immutable representation of entitlement, because a finite and relatively static circulation limited to the binding of such a standard neither retires nor increases in direct accord with the need to represent both further and fulfilled entitlement, the vacillations of which correspond always to a volume of property which is virtually always disparate.



Section 9. retroactively establishes the legal means and objects of taxation — effectively outlawing contemporary income tax, property tax, inheritance tax (and so forth), as well as taxation for any purpose of deterrence or regulation. Accordingly, and without restriction, Section 9.3.2. retroactively forgives every alleged breach or outstanding balance to every prior, non-compliant, means of taxation.

    1. The sole purpose and authority of taxation shall be to impose no more than minimal, commensurable payment for willful consumption of actual and necessary assets, services, or collective functions or infrastructures, conforming to existing, explicit consent of the people:

        1. all of which shall be monetized strictly by the principles of mathematically perfected economy™;
        2. the means of which shall streamline payment to every conducive extent;

            1. and the principle of which shall be to associate the means of taxation with consumption of vital related properties, that a uniform rate of tax on the related properties shall distribute costs strictly as they are proportionate to consumption, unless for whatever justifiable reasons, the people have approved an alternate distribution of the burden (as in public insurances for example, which may normalize costs for risk for instance.
    2. No authority to tax or to impose any other cost for any other purposes shall exist.
    3. Any breach of this pattern, however retroactive, is therefore non-enforceable;

        1. all prior taxations are hereby repealed;
        2. and every alleged breach or outstanding balance to every prior taxation is hereby forgiven.



10. imposes vital restrictions and criminalizations upon potential political betrayal. Inserted comments summarize how these provisions are designed to prevent every political impropriety which might precipitate for example in the unwarranted passage of the so-called Federal Reserve Act.


    1. As vital protections against political betrayal:


        1. The exhortations of government and official candidates, however made, shall be inviolable contractual obligations to the public;

            1. the intentional violation, deceit, or impropriety of which, to every extent of participation, shall be treason.


          As the Democrat Party Platform of 1912 explicitly promised not to create a central bank, these provisions would make mere formative consideration of the so-called Federal Reserve Act treason; would have automatically impeached the Wilson Administration; and would have precipitated in automatic conviction of every perpetrator for treason. These provisions would also have encouraged every responsible officer or employee of the Wilson Administration to report such formative activities at the earliest occasion in order to avoid suffering these consequences themselves.


          2. No political objective shall be advocated without proof both a) that it serves universal, just, and enduring ideals; and b) that proposed means most efficiently and faithfully accomplish its every object, and account for its every consequence, without injury or aberration.


          Across the whole of its intended deceptions, it would have been impossible for the so-called Federal Reserve Act to meet this stricture, because it promised to solve issues which in fact the obfuscations it proposed could only cause. The so-called Federal Reserve Banks were neither federal nor a reserve of anything. Nor were they real creditors, for in giving up no commensurable property for debts which the purported Federal Reserve therefore falsified to itself, the purported Federal Reserve only published further representations of the people’s promissory obligations to each other. As no legitimate possession of the purported Federal Reserve was at stake, neither could interest ever be justified; neither in the Federal Reserve’s purported creation of money, nor ever afterward (as no legitimate means laundered either the principal or interest into the unwarranted possession of the purported banking system). Moreover, as the obfuscation could only multiply initial falsified debts into terminal sums of falsified indebtedness so long as hapless subjects could persist in maintaining a vital circulation by perpetually borrowing principal and interest back into the public possession as ever greater sums of falsified debt; it would have been impossible to prove either that no injury would have been imposed; for only the worst imaginable sum of injuries could precipitate from these purposed obfuscations. Thus as it was readily possible for any non-perpetrator to disprove the felonious act could have met the strictures of Section 10.1.2. (after all, in just 15 years, the purported Federal Reserve Act precipitated the first global depression), the only proposition which could have survived these strictures would have inevitably, instead advocated mathematically perfected economy™.


          3. Invalidations of ideals, objectives, or means, indicated by the sufficiently diligent work of any person or quarter;

            1. in the case of standing acts and existent government:

                1. shall result in immediate nullification of every pursuant act;
                    1. whereafter, if any pursuant act is to stand as purportedly rectified, sufficient revisions must survive public affirmation that they indeed fully satisfy every concern raised by legitimate outstanding invalidations;

                  2. the breach of which shall be treason — immediately and permanently impeaching every responsible officer and/or branch of government;

              2. or in the case of political campaigns or initiatives;

                1. in which case no competing proposition already accounts for concerns raised by legitimate invalidations:

                    1. shall precipitate either in immediate withdrawal of the campaign or initiative;

                      2. or shall precipitate in immediate revision of the campaign or initiative fully resolving raised imperfections;

                  2. or in which case a competing proposition already resolves concerns raised by legitimate invalidation of the subject propositions:

                    1. which shall precipitate in immediate withdrawal of the campaign or initiative;

                  3. the breach of which shall be treason — immediately and permanently disqualifying the campaign or initiative from further interference and consideration.


          Thus had Wilson instead overtly campaigned for the purported Federal Reserve Act, without a party platform promising not to create a central bank, grounds of protest proven by the sufficiently diligent submissions of a single person would have disqualified Wilson from the 1912 presidential race.

          Similarly, the 1979-80 Reagan Campaign proposed that by cutting federal tax rates 10% per year for 3 years, it would balance the federal budget and eliminate price inflation. Reagan received extensive papers proving instead that price inflation was caused by interest; and therefore that reducing federal tax rates 10% per year could not even offset price inflation exceeding 10% for all things (of which federal expenditures were a fraction), much less solve the cause of price inflation. Not only then would these strictures have (rightly) disqualified Reagan from 1980 presidential race; they would otherwise have forced Reagan to advocate mathematically perfected economy™, which the same papers demonstrated was the only conceivable way to balance a federal budget, itself stressed not only by unwarranted price inflation, but by escalating inability of the private sector to pay. Thus as these papers projected, owing to perpetual escalation of falsified indebtedness by the obfuscations of the Federal Reserve System, and owing to a mathematic impossibility that his propositions could even offset the inevitable escalations of the purported Federal Reserve System, Reagan inevitably accumulated far more indebtedness than any president before him — all of which further suffering would have been prevented by the strictures of Section 10.1.3..


          4 .Government shall therefore both provide and comprise every reasonable conduit for perpetual public scrutiny and refinement of processes and infrastructures;

            1. the abuse or failure of which shall be treason.


          Reasonable public participation would have precluded submission of the Federal Reserve Act, because every one of its pretended principles only subverts the only reasonable purpose of immutable representation of entitlement in the resultant currency.

          Yet without absolute consensual representation™, breach of power is possible; and so, all conceivable means of absolute consensual representation™ are in fact indispensable. Thus the public abuse of such infrastructures (by the people) shall likewise be treason, because public abuse likewise precludes legitimate and vital refinement of government.


          5. Continual processes shall reduce the body of public regulations to the fewest governing principles; to the conformation of which all regulations shall be subject, however sustained by official, publicly affirmed interpretation;

            1. the obstruction, irresponsiveness, deterrence, or refusal of which shall be treason.


          Being an intended deception, the redundant largesse of the purported Federal Reserve Act is intended only to obscure the underlying betrayals. Compulsory compliance with Section 10.1.5. thus would have forced the proposed central banking system to allege governing principles which, if they were purported to serve the people, would have been readily invalidated by inconsistencies with pretended means.


          6. No public act shall be either advocated, repudiated, or sustained — by the people, by the government, by candidates, or by the media — by disinformation, by omission, by spurious titles or nomenclature, or by insufficiently accurate terminology;

            1. the breach of which shall either nullify existing pursuant provisions, or shall withdraw pursuant propositions until they are rectified;
            2. the intentional delay, obstruction, deterrence, or breach of which shall be treason.


          Thus the Federal Reserve Act would never have duly survived the requisites of truthful and complete information — either in its ostensible formative stages, or ever afterward — in the least, because the banks it consolidated into a private central bank were neither federal nor reserves of anything (actually provided to the public, or sustaining the rightful affairs of the public).


          7. Absolutely no public act shall be performed without public affirmation of its official state; without public affirmation of its every revision; or without periodic re-affirmation of its applied state at intervals no greater than ten years;

            1. the obstruction, deterrence, or breach of which shall be treason.


          Thus because the betrayals of the Federal Reserve Act were never submitted to public affirmation, Section 10.1.7. would have voided any possibility of legitimately imposing the Federal Reserve Act upon the people; and likewise the requirement for periodic re-affirmation makes it possible for more responsible or vigilant generations to reject prior inimical acts, perpetrated by swaying gullible, indifferent, or co-conspiratorial generations.


          8. As much as justice descends strictly from comprehensive, conclusive, and enduring resolution:

            1. no majority shall be presumed, and no matter shall be decided by an ostensible majority, divided itself in its purposes or means;
            2. the validity of any public decision shall descend strictly from enduring rectitude;
                1. any faction may abstain from compliance so long as that faction imposes no injustice upon anyone;

              3. and every prevailing vote shall be responsible for every damage thereof to the remainder.


          Essentially, Section 10.1.8. predicates more comprehensive means for voting and determining electoral matters, rightfully imposing responsibility for damages upon the prevailing vote.

          If it were possible an incompetent populace might be swayed (even without deception, disinformation, or omission) to somehow vote for such a proposition as the purported Federal Reserve Act, then rightful responsibility for every damage of such irresponsible behavior would compel careful consideration of potentially grievous errors. Similarly, if a given generation or generations sought to leave their own public debts to future generations simply by indifference to the present proposition for mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation; then if that indifference prevailed (even by failing to sustain this initiative) in a continuation of the present transgressions, that “vote” (or failure to vote) is responsible for its damages to the remainder.


          9. ALL public acts shall be retroactively subject to these standards.

          § 10.1.8. — RETROACTIVE APPLICATION

          Thus it is virtually impossible for established betrayals to further survive a public worthy of just self-government.


      2. In order to secure legitimate elections:

        1. Public elections shall be reasonably confirmable by every participant;

            1. the every willful subversion or deterrence of which shall be treason.
        2. A lawful majority shall be at least half of eligible voters;

            1. no restriction of eligibility shall exist but a reasonable ability to understand, and a disposition to uphold concurring objects, means, and rectitude;
            2. every non-vote shall count against every respective proposition;
            3. no office shall be filled, nor shall any proposition be enacted by less than a lawful majority;

                1. except in the case of declarations of sovereign rights:

                    1. which shall be ratified in each case by the signature of each claimant, so much as respective claims impose no injury;
                    2. and which shall be ratified across the subject society otherwise by a lawful majority;

                        1. the lack of which shall in no way infringe upon sovereign claims imposing no injury.
        3. It shall be recognized that although it is indeed a right to freely form our “opinions,” a responsibility likewise exists that our opinions sustain universal justice and representation:

            1. thus, voting for personal interests at the cost of indispensable principles shall be treason against the very concept of just and universal representation.
        4. No public debate shall deny any candidate or representative of a proposition reasonable opportunity to conclusively prove or disprove proposed means or objects;

            1. any election proven to have prevailed owing to any denial of such opportunities therefore, must immediately be recalled upon irrefutable appeal of no more than a single person;
            2. government must therefore provide every reasonable conduit for submitting and validating every such legitimate appeal;
            3. the deterrence or denial of any of which shall be treason.


      3. The principal object and binding responsibility of government shall be the ongoing, expedient, and participatory development of an inevitably complete, universal, and reasonably unanimous assented justice, sustaining every reasonable object of a free and voluntary society by every conducive restraint and means — to which no unassenting person shall be bound, so much as their dissent imposes no injustice upon anyone:

        1. every conducive means to ensure representation and justice shall therefore be provided;
        2. no conducive means shall be denied;
        3. the political processes of the deciding public shall likewise be bound to every necessary and conducive standard:

            1. and therefore disinformation or unwarranted division affecting any political matter shall be treason.



Section 11. denies any sitting or future government any power or authority whatever but to comply; nullifies any breaching or delinquent government; and compels peace-keeping authorities or the military to charge, to arrest, and to prosecute every delinquent official for treason upon a deadline of midnight, December 21, 2013 UTC.

    1. As much as we hereby prove our sovereign rights to mathematically perfected economy and absolute consensual representation™, any breach of these strictures shall be treason against means of representation which are indispensable to every rightfully free and sovereign people:
        1. No authority to impede, to deter, or even to debate this amendment shall be assumed by any sitting or incoming government; and no power or authority but to immediately comply shall exist.
        2. Therefore any sitting or incoming government failing to officially adopt these strictures as an official amendment of our national constitution by a deadline of midnight December 21, 2013 UTC shall be null, void, and bereft of authority.

            1. Immediately thereupon, it shall be incumbent upon peace-keeping authorities or the military to charge, to arrest, and to prosecute every delinquent official for treason;

                1. with the only possible immunity being to have signed this amendment by said deadline;
                2. with it being incumbent upon peace-keeping authorities, the military, or the people themselves to fill vacancies by holding elections no later than six months thereafter;

                    1. in which elections, no opposition shall be eligible.

      2. Rights to claim these authorities shall be recognized in the every affair of every signatory from the moment of their signature;

        1. and every entity, person, and assumed authority, however participating in denial or evasion of these rights, shall be fully responsible for reparation of every damage inflicted;
        2. the every fact of which shall likewise be treason.



Because it would be entirely inappropriate to allow betraying governments or partisan public sectors benefitting from injustice, to decide punitive measures for political betrayals, Section 12. formally restricts this authority to the victims of injustice.

      1. In order to enforce political integrity, criminal penalties for transgressions shall be determined by the affected public, consistent with damages.
      2. Public sectors inflicting injustice shall likewise be responsible for damages, however much the crime is enabled by no more than indifference; and however much the crime might be presumed to be sanctioned by political processes, however much the presumed processes may be subverted, or however much such processes merely fail to recognize the crime.

      § 12.2. RAMIFICATIONS

      Thus no era or faction shall be insulated from responsibility for its injustices. If by no more than indifference to the crimes of banking for example, should a condemning generation impose its own unresolved sums of falsified debt upon its own progeny, then their progeny, however few or poorly represented, must rightly be enabled to enforce their right to arrest and recoup every resultant injustice, for the condemning generation’s indifference is no less than terminal.

      FOOTER – mathematically perfected economy™ (MPE™) [definition]

      He Granted the Undertaking: The Order of a New Age. MORPHALLAXIS, January 14, 1979.

      : 1 : proof of a singular integral solution to the purposed obfuscations of purported banking and economy, in which a conclusive sum of potential categoric faults comprising a) circulatory inflation and deflation, b) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and c) inherent, irreversible, and therefore terminal multiplication of falsified indebtedness by interest… are necessarily eradicated by acknowledging a universal right to issue certified, enforceable promissory obligations, free of exploitation, and subject to an obligatory schedule of payment retiring principal at the rate of consumption of related property; 2 : every person’s right to issue legitimate, enforceable promissory obligations, free not only from exploitation of natural commitments, but from artificial denial of the natural opportunity to make good on them; 3 : an inherent and universal right to monetize production as perpetually sustains desirable industry and trade for no more and no less than what we determine to be sufficiently equal measures of our production.

      No deserving society is complicit in its own terminal oppression.

      Both true economy and true free enterprise are practiced only by worthy people, first because mediocrity aspires only to dismiss the minutiae of bearing principle; secondly therefore, because compromise makes massive dispossession of the whole society both the temptation and reward for the subversion mediocrity will only refuse to apprehend; and finally then, because only a necessarily omnipotent people will therefore remain faithful to a fact their rightful affairs comprise the whole of desirable events — in the whole of which then, our only monetary purposes are inherently sustained by no more or less than immutable representations of entitlement, which likewise derive only from our own commitments to each other. Thus the only consistent or even necessary roles of government in a just and actual economy are uniform certification of worthiness to contract to pay, and enforcement of resultant contractual obligations.

      Therefore every competent people join in government to sustain the very objects and integrity of their promissory obligations; never to deny, to obstruct, to impede, to corrupt, or to infringe upon our very universal right and need to redeem the representations of entitlement we grant with no more likewise than what the society itself determines to be sufficiently equivalent measures of our own production. Thus as our redemption of entitlement is inherently the only occasion and disposition of natural promissory contracts and money, the very people are therefore the only actual creditors of an actual economy, because we and we alone give up property for what are only immutable representations of resultant entitlement if we and we alone faithfully sustain society’s commitment to itself by rendering so much of our production to whichever members of our society we indeed owe it. Money therefore is strictly to sustain this singular purpose; and thus a further fact of this singularity is that the people are likewise the only actual and rightful issuers of money, altogether because the inception, value, and redeemability of our promissory obligations too ordinarily hinge singularly, and therefore strictly, upon our own integrity, powers, and fact of fulfillment.

      As much then as any ethical invention of “money” only proposes to sustain public entitlement deriving from public obligation, no deserving society therefore would ever subject itself to exploitation, for exploitation is not only destructive to its every useful affair, but wholly redundant to its every reasonable purpose. Much less could any intelligent society in history ever have granted knowledgeable assent to processes which could only escalate its terminal dispossession, for it would so make a mockery of intelligence as to forfeit its every indispensable principle for nought.

      Only undeserving societies therefore abandon a fact that real economy is neither more nor less than an accounting system, inflexibly obligated to sustain the entitlement which is certainly inherent in a fact we alone give up our production for entitlement to whatever we deem likewise to be its sufficient equivalent. After all, this is the very purpose for which deserving and just societies engage in specialization — the very monetization of which then inherently comprises a public obligation to sustain immutable representation of all warrantable entitlement, likewise descending strictly therefore from our own enforceable, voluntary, just, and therefore equivalent commitments.

      Thus the only life cycle, volume, and disposition of a currency which serves our indispensable purposes, inherently retires promissory obligations at the rate of consumption of related property, firstly because, as wholly rightful and legitimate representations of value, promissory obligations only represent value and redeemability until they are fulfilled by payment of the principal — in every which case then, paid principal can never represent any legitimate or rightful property of anyone; secondly then because promissory obligations alone can equate to necessary volumes of the necessary pattern of representation and payment for consumption of related property; thirdly then, because the only case in which new money must come into necessary existence is to represent an ability to render a like volume of production to the resultant entitlement — the need for which exists only in a lacking possession of sufficient earnings, and the justification for which exists in at least an ability to render a like volume of production to the only real creditors, who are thus the holders of money; and finally then, because it is impossible otherwise to preserve immutable redeemability in the resultant representations, except by an obligatory schedule of payment retiring principal at the rate of consumption of related property, for this and this alone sustains redeemability in a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining circulation, remaining value of represented property, and remaining obligation to pay just that much for that represented property.

      As much then as there is absolutely one and one only integral solution for the inevitable volumetric or dispositional improprieties of every differing monetary proposition, the only justifiable and actual economy therefore is no more and no less than our universal right to issue unexploited promissory obligations, retiring principal at the rate of consumption. Every deserving people therefore will inevitably prevail in the vital singularity of a mathematically perfected economy™, first because mathematically perfected economy™ is the only pattern which sustains their vital affairs, and secondly because its omnipotent objects are the only civil purposes for which just societies engage in government at all.

      The worst enemies of humanity therefore not only deny prosperity’s dependence upon immutable redemption; their treason must so disengage us from vital principles of representation that every unwitting populace is itself indispensable to terminal dispossession of the whole world.

      Because this oppression depends wholly upon the errors of our own ways, we therefore are the only hope of the world, for it is rationally impossible to justify the preposterous proposition we must assumably “borrow” our own promissory obligations into existence from pretended banking systems which never in eternity even give up consideration commensurable to mere purported debts, which they therefore only falsify to themselves, for the most obvious purposes. Beyond this unwarranted license, certainly the same exceedingly conspicuous lack of consideration never either can justify purported interest, for banking systems neither have any legitimate claim to property at stake — nor any rightful way to dispossess us then of either principal or interest.

      In their incumbent representations of entitlement, thus our promissory obligations can only rightly retire principal from circulation; and therefore the purposed lie of banking merely publishes further representations of our commitments to each other — in turn to unrightfully impose an otherwise wholly redundant obligation to sustain vital circulations by perpetually re-borrowing principal and interest as ever greater and inevitably terminal sums of falsified debt. So it is, that wholly for nought then, a wholly redundant, irreversible escalation of unwarrantable dispossession, together with a destruction of representation which is indispensable to the crime… explain how the very events before us both exist, and inevitably ruin every subject nation.

      Regulation can only temper an inherently terminal, irreversible process. Indeed, the very perpetrators will of course pour further debt into banking’s ever-disappearing circulation without real protest, but only because the purposed obfuscation flows always back to purported banking itself. Thus as purported banking continues to pour money into its own pockets amidst the terminal failure each life cycle of banking can only impose yet again and again upon undeserving nations… for wont of justice then, generations will in turn condemn their very progeny to irreversible escalations of insoluble debt which they collected yesterday likewise, for wont of justice; and thus even by tomorrow morning, their children might save the world from political irresponsibility.

      Occupied governments do not dissolve the crimes they were installed instead to perpetrate; and no good government prevents its people from paying each other no more than they agree and need to pay only to each other. Exploitation therefore is never tolerated by just and deserving societies, because the minutiae mediocrity indeed abandons are the very license to take insufferable excess, until we must indeed arrest an intolerable breadth of crime. Therefore we are never victims of our own political irresponsibility, when only massive public indifference preserves monetary and political betrayals which not even the indifferent have any right to impose upon anyone else.

      mike montagne, original 1968 author/architect of mathematically perfected economy™.

      ALL ORIGINAL MATERIAL, including resolution of the only justifiable purposes and states of money; intrinsic determinations of disparity and cause; original proof that any rate of interest which requires re-borrowing interest is inherently terminal; determinate rationale of solution; original demonstrations of categoric faults; resultant proof of singular solution; invalidations of all deviating theses; and original explanations of the present obfuscation of our promissory obligations to each other… are COPYRIGHT 1968 to present by mike montagne, founder of PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™ and original 1968 architect of mathematically perfected economy™. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED.

      TRADEMARKS: PEOPLE For Mathematically Perfected Economy™; PFMPE™; PEOPLE For Perfected Economy™; [COUNTRY/LOCALE] For Mathematically Perfected Economy™; [COUNTRY/LOCALE] For Perfected Economy™; Mathematically Perfected Economy™; MPE™; VIRTUAL MPE™; Mathematically Perfected Currency™; MPC™; OBFUSCATION OF THE CURRENCY™; OBFUSCATION OF THE PROMISSORY OBLIGATION™; mathematic perfection of economy™; perfect economy™; perfected economy™; names, logos, and distinguishably original, intrinsic terms; the various slogans of these pages; and the unique meanings of terms and expressions as established by this work… are trademarks of mike montagne for the common purpose of establishing mathematically perfected economy™ without. www.perfecteconomy.com/ www.perfectedeconomy.org/

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