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Mike Montagne ( MPE ) with Vince on TNS radio discussing the flaws in Social Credit. Aug 5th 2012

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Mike Montagne ( MPE ) with ” Live Mike ” on TNS radio. Aug 6th 2012

Mike Montagne 3/23 (MPE) Exposing Lies in Solutions 13.11.10

Mike Montagne ( MPE ) with Sean Maguire on TNS radio. Jan 9th 2013

PFMPE, My Debate on TNS radio with a Pretender.

The Origin of Money is NOT a gold coin, NOT a thank you & most certainly NOT a fiction?,  see HERE
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MPE for dummies, see HERE

” Contradiction  is  ones  own  enemy , one who  strives  to  eradicate  contradiction is  one  who   not  only   strives for sanity but  order  of  consciousness  itself.”

Those who pretend to be self governing or sovereign today evading MPE are nothing but willful ignorant pretenders that  evade addressing the irreversible multiplication of artificial debt that pays for everything around them which proves these pretenders are indeed not sovereign nor self governing at all rather they choose  to refuse to take self responsibility in doing what is right, allowing then everyone including themselves & their children to be totally dispossessed of all their property & wealth by thieves.

To compromise fact can only be taken as evasion, which not only makes one their own worst enemy but my enemy as well, regardless who or what one believes they are, if one is aware knowing a crime of theft has been committed or taking place then turning a blind eye failing then to prevent that crime with the only means at ones disposal whatever it may be, it then makes one an ” Accessory to Theft ” & just as guilty as those who steal, nor would this type of irresponsibility be considered sovereign nor self governing NOT in the slightest.

I put the following to public servants, politicians, even the greedy who don’t recognize  man as the image of God, Christ consciousness or whatever having the greater value being man himself over riches or wealth as a source corruption in the form of a false god > ( Eg: banking )

No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. ”

Whoever you are ,If you question the above you have just passed judgement upon yourself for there is no better judge than ones own self, regardless what the ego speaks .

Read & sign the mandate? see HERE

The audio of this video ABOVE ” PFMPE, My Debate on TNS radio with a Pretender ” is my personal recording & the original uploaded on youtube , consequent copies of this recording found elsewhere on youtube with unfounded titles are only a means to distort the content of the audio itself to make one think one thing to be true when its clearly not. All I can do is let the cards fall where they lay & let you the listener decide for yourself.


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