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Debt free money is a rational impossibility simply because all money pays a debt.

(Debt free money = Oxymoron).

Loan free money however is rationally possible because the true creator of all new money is always the debtor, predominately the obligor who is a debtor nonetheless.

(Loan free money = Interest free money).

” Contrary to the common misconception that otherwise suggests banks create & or loan money they in fact don’t, never have, or ever will, simply because they have no proof of claim . To be very clear not one bank on the face of this planet can prove or even demonstrate what consideration of commensurable value they would either risk or give up from their otherwise prior legitimate possession.”

Often people will equate “debt free money” to “interest free money” which is false, omitting the evidential fact there never was or ever is any loan. They do this simply because they irrationally believe the solution is where the government can legitimately create & or legitimately loan the principal free from the imposition of interest — without taking into deliberation the government, much like all private banks are NOT the debtor (obligor), nor the true creditor (someone that is legitimately giving up property to the debtor in exchange for money) who are giving up commensurable value to each other from their otherwise prior legitimate possession.

Make no mistake. Under the ruse of banking (public or private) that pretends to create & loan money  “governments” are neither legitimate buyers (debtors) nor legitimate sellers (creditors), nor are they legitimate lenders if they give up no consideration of value from their otherwise prior legitimate possession.

Of course in a world without thieving banks or unjust intervention (public or private) the debtor simply “pays & retires” the principal without the imposition of unwarranted interest.

In other words under MPE nothing comes for free. It is the debtor who always pays the true creditor in full for whatever regardless, & only then it’s the “debtor’s obligation” that initially creates the principal (new money) to go out & earn that principal to therefore redeem that principal, so it can be rightfully retired or deleted from the monetary system.

The result is NO deflation, NO reflation, nor any inflation if the principal is rightfully retired equal to depreciation or consumption of the related property (see the mathematics).

Please note: One could argue “circulatory deflation” occurs under MPE when the principal is retired & “circulatory inflation/reflation”  likewise occurs when new money is created upon new represented property, however it’s important to understand so long as we are retiring the principal at the rate of depreciation or consumption of the related property these fluctuations are irrelevant comparative to the terminal cycles of deflation & reflation caused by interest today.

Within this whole process the only “True Debt” we have to each other always remains so long as we are “giving” up our production to each other, simply trading that production, & or as a matter of money being further spent within the monetary circulation until such time that principal is rightfully retired by the debtor (obligor), however it’s important to note here there are NO loans, NO borrowing, NO paying back anyone.

(Loan free money = Interest free money).

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : Oct 29, 2020, Edit:Jan27,2021)

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