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There are some people out there who still irrationally assume because we are trading equal production in a Mathematically Perfected Economy there is no profit taking.

To be very clear producers can in fact take profits in a Mathematically Perfected Economy & still trade equal representations of wealth. I must stress however the key to understanding this is first identifying the difference between “Earned Profit” & “Unearned Profit”.

Earned Profit is what value we give up to each other in our production.

Unearned Profit is the taking of interest on purported loans that don’t ethically or rationally transpire in the first place which is logically a theft of production — considering the true debt is nothing more than an obligation to “pay & retire” the principal.

For example if it cost you $10 to produce a product in MPE & you sell that product for $15 you are taking a $5 profit.

Logically that $5 represents your personal production above the $10 production likewise given up by you & or subsequently to you in your initial purchase costs, so the purchaser buying from you is logically giving up $15 in their own production to purchase your product. Logically the purchaser buying from you is giving up $15 of their production equal to the total production value of $15 given up by you the seller.

In fact running any business under MPE can still profit (earned profit) without passing the added cost of interest (unearned profit) in artificial price inflation onto you the consumer in the resulting price of goods & services.

By eradicating the crime of banking & the added cost of interest altogether – logically it will considerably reduce the overall price or cost of goods & services almost immediately — without affecting the profit margins of current producers.

Make no mistake under the ruse of banking all producers are taking unequal representations of wealth from each other due to the added cost or imposition of unwarranted interest. Logically any rate of interest over time is artificially compounding the overall cost or price of our production eternally skywards. All of which at the end of the day is purportedly owed to thieving banks that neither risk nor give up consideration of commensurable value from their otherwise prior legitimate possession. Not in the banks purported creation of OUR money? Neither in any purported loan, nor for that matter do they risk or give up consideration of value in any sale, trade or transaction of our production.

Most if not all people today are completely oblivious to the fact it is they the people (predominately the purchaser or obligor) who are the only fiduciary issuers & creators of all new money — for it is they the people together (buyer & seller) giving up their production to each other are giving up the only commensurable consideration of value.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)


(Published : March 09, 2018, last edit March 09, 2018)