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Due to the banking purposed obfuscation or misrepresentation of all money & property many people irrationally assume the debt is a crime against humanity, however, this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater by failing to see the underpinning debt (true debt) we have to each other commits no crime against anyone.

It is important to understand that unexploited debt is nothing more than an act of GIVING to each other, that money simply records, evidences &  likewise represents. The very act of trading our production to each other in any sale, trade or transaction is the only debt that truly ever transpires.

Today’s falsified debt, however, is when a bank purports to lend you money. This is the exploited debt — where a purported lender pretends to loan you the sum of principal, neither risking nor giving up commensurable consideration of value from their otherwise prior legitimate possession. Not in their purported creation of money. Not in any purported loan. Not even in any true debt, sale, trade or transaction.

What the alternative media today has to comprehend is there never is any loan or borrowing in the only true debt we have to each other, which is nothing more than an obligation to pay the principal. redeem the principal  & rightfully retire the principal until such time the debt is fulfilled.

The fact purported banks are pretending to loan all new money into circulation indicates today’s debts are falsified debts. The falsified debt is when the purported lender falsifies the debt payable to themselves, which is stealing the value of the true debts the people have to each other.

Of course, this is not to throw the baby out with the bathwater again by irrationally assuming money has no representation of value because banks are neither risking nor giving up consideration either.

What people have to likewise understand is we the people are the only true fiduciary issuers & creators of new money (principal only). We always have been creating money in all private debt, simply because it is we the people who can prove & demonstrate it is we who give up the only consideration of commensurable value in any or all debt. Whether it is in any sale, trade or transaction this verifiable fact alone evidences the true debts we have to each other, regardless of the banks purposed misrepresentation of our promissory obligations that of course falsifies the true debts we have to each other — instead payable — to a thieving bank in a purported loan that neither ethically nor even rationally transpire in the first place.

I always ask myself why on earth are so many people demonizing the debt & or money itself instead of the phony loan that in truth never transpires. The only rational conclusion I can come up with is these people are blinded by greed to a point they refuse to accept the ONE TRUTH that will set them free.

David Ardron.
Advocate/mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published: January 19, 2018, last edit January 19, 2018)