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To comprehend the basic concept of any Surplus or Deficit  is to firstly be aware the overall sum of falsified debt under the ruse of banking is rising in either instance.

To likewise comprehend any surplus attained by government is to be aware the surplus is temporarily balancing government debt at any given point in time, but never ever paying it down primarily due to the volumetric impropriety of interest imposed on all private debt — that sets off these terminal cycles of perpetual deflation & subsequent cycles of perpetual reflation that increases the overall sum of falsified debt.

SURPLUS: Is when the government has attained an excess of public revenue via taxation, sales of public land / infrastructure etc that is equal & or above the necessary payments servicing government debt. In other words the surplus is a sum of money that is left over only after political betrayers have balanced government debt, otherwise referred to in the political arena as balancing the budget, contrary to the suggestive lie pushed by usury media that otherwise assumes any surplus means the government has paid off government debt.

DEFICIT: Is when the government has simply not attained enough public revenue to balance government debt. What this simply means the government is not meeting their obligation servicing the former sum of government debt, much less ever paying down any new sum of debt due to the added cost of interest.

Therefore regardless of any surplus or deficit the government budget is taking even more from one or many sectors of today’s lie of economy & taking less from another, & or giving more to one sector & taking even more from another to cover the shortfall.

For example increasing social security payments at a greater cost in taxation that nonetheless exceeds the increasing cost of social security payments,  that can only at best keep on servicing the ever greater escalations of government debt without actually paying it down.

Other means & ways of saving public expenditure to balance any budget is by simply spending less on public infrastructure such as education, roads, public transport, hospitals etc & just increasing the overall costs of existing public services. Another might be increasing fuel taxes & giving pensioner discounts on various public services. In any case the government is always, always, always taking more & more from the people above the added cost of interest.

Of course with the assistance of usury media political betrayers will always sell the benefit to the people as a good thing, but will never disclose ultimately at what cost — which is taking even more public revenue from somewhere else that is always greater than the benefit itself provided in the budget.

A perfect example is election bribes seen in past governments here that just gave every Australian citizen earning less than 100K a year a one off payment of $900 in a purported stimulus package, & while everyone was rubbing their hands together the government is just quietly taking considerably more from the individual in increased motor vehicle registration fees, license renewals, rates, levies, taxes etc. With the added cost of interest artificially inflating prices all along the one off payment of $900 was hardly any consolation for the Aussie battler trying to make their mortgage payments, while the overall cost of living & housing was & still is going through the roof.

So not only is the added cost of interest artificially inflating prices the government is taking even more from us in increasing public revenue to service the greater escalations of government debt — that is caused by the unwarranted imposition of interest we pay out of circulation in private debt in the first place.

Any or all budgets under the ruse of banking amounts to nothing more than a dog & pony show, where the main event in is a dog chasing its tail. Politicians are basically cutting their nose off to spite their face in any or all budgets.

In truth any government surplus solves absolutely nothing under the ruse of banking, simply because it is only temporarily balancing the budget at an even greater cost to the nation on a whole.

It is what it is. So long as we’re all paying any rate of interest on our personal falsified debts, & or paying the added cost of interest just spending money today servicing someone else’s purported loan the budget is subsequently blown upon further cycles of deflation & reflation regardless.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : November 08, 2017, last edit November 08, 2017)