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Ultimately the driving force behind price inflation is the added cost of interest, which is nonetheless compounding the cost or price of everything eternally skywards way beyond any otherwise price fluctuation possibly caused by supply & demand

It is said low supply & high demand increases the price of homes, however this is obscure & somewhat theoretical considering the added cost of interest artificially inflates housing prices regardless of any purported loan approvals or any new homes being built.

In retrospect if we eradicated banking/interest it should stand to reason if there is low supply & high demand of not only homes but any particular product you should be paying less than what you would otherwise pay today. On the other side of the coin if there was high supply & low demand you should be paying even less again for that product than what you would otherwise pay today.

What this simply means regardless of supply & demand you will be paying much less if we just eradicated the crime of banking/interest altogether (see One Solution).

Logically industry & commerce will be still making the same profits (earned profit), however the only difference is they wont be passing the added cost of interest (unearned profit) onto YOU the consumer.

If the theory of supply & demand stands correct as a determining factor in price after only after banking/interest is eradicated — I would personally define price fluctuations poosibly caused supply & demand *natural price inflation & deflation* often restricted to the particular product question & for so long as the supply of that product remains overabundant or scarce in relation to demand.

Under a Mathematically Perfected Economy™ in a true free enterprise market, free from the current artificial manipulation of the cost or value of all money & property  — if a product supply actually meets demand we might further determine the price of that product is neither subject to inflation or deflation whatsoever.

Of course what is not a theory but an irrefutable fact already is any increase in price caused by unwarranted interest imposed on any or all production is  *artificial price inflation*, that steals all that much further from us when we just spend money today, considering the principal is not even loaned to us in private debt when its first introduced into circulation upon the sale (see One Problem).

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : October 20, 2017, last edit Jan 23, 2019)