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Under the pseudoscience of today’s false economy it is said a boom & bust cycle is a process of economic expansion & contraction that occurs repeatedly. The boom and bust cycle is thought to be the key characteristic of today’s capitalist economies. That leads purported experts in finance & economics to assume during the boom the economy grows, jobs are plentiful & the market brings high returns to investors.

In truth the assumption of prosperity in any purported boom is not entirely correct because first & foremost banks do not create money, much less loan us the sum of principal to begin with, simply because banks neither risk or give up consideration of value from their otherwise prior legitimate possession that is commensurable to any debt, trade or transaction. Considering it is we the people who give up the only commensurable consideration of value, essentially creating all new money in purported loans in private debt — logically any expansion is only limited to the sum of principal & resulting contraction attributed to any rate of interest.

So the reality is there never is any economic growth, much less growth in what we are led to believe is a  booming economy. Not so long as we are all paying principal + interest out of a monetary circulation comprised of only some remaining principal at most.

Essentially what is happening is the expansion & contraction is consecutively taking place within every cycle of deflation & reflation, where the purported boom ultimately begins with a down cycle that is perpetually deflating the money supply by interest & a subsequent up cycle of perpetual reflation as every increase in new debt — that can only at best service the former sum of debt, which is in fact a terminal process that increases the overall sum of debt on each & every cycle of reflation to keep on servicing the former sum of debt again.

This whole process of perpetual deflation & reflation servicing the former sum of debt but never paying down every new sum of debt might temporarily slow unemployment for a brief period of time while purported borrowing is up only AS IF there is growth, but can only be sustained so long as industry & commerce can keep on servicing the greater escalations of falsified debt.

Over time as the overall sum of falsified indebtedness increases — the added cost of compounding interest passed onto the consumer in the price of goods & services is likewise artificially inflating prices all along, resulting in booms/bubbles to a point it is giving everyone the false sense of security in investments with high returns — when if fact that return at any rate is always coming at the unjust expense or dire dispossession of others. Not only on a national level but likewise on a international level across the globe, so in effect the polar opposite is transpiring by any rate of interest undermining the true value of any or all national currencies & all that it was intended to represent, clearly evident by the ever greater escalations of falsified debt that is mathematically impossible to pay down. All of which of course is artificially sustaining the illusion within ones very own false perception of value — wholly artificial in price by however much interest you pay out of a forever deficient circulation above the sum of principal, stealing all that much further from each & everyone of us just spending money today.

The inevitable bust, however, is when the reality of the purported boom comes to pass when the former sum of falsified debt can no longer be serviced by what remains of industry & commerce — resulting in a recession & or full blown depression, due to the sheer enormity of the overall sum of unsustainable debt caused by any rate of interest.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : October 16, 2017, last edit October 20, 2017)