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To begin it’s important for the readers to comprehend since the very conception of money dating back as far as 2000BC — money has always been a record of entitlement to another’s production. In other words money in its simplest terms is “accounting” that records, evidences & represents the value of our labour & production we ordinarily give up to each other in any exchange or sale of goods & services.

Therefore by throwing the baby (money) out with the bath water (banking) is actually throwing away the accounting altogether, which is basically removing the very thing that can evidence if we are giving up equal representations of wealth to each other from the overall pool of wealth, but likewise throwing away what can otherwise prove if someone is taking more from the overall pool of wealth than what they themselves are actually contributing or giving back to that overall pool of wealth.

In short if wasn’t for money we couldn’t identity a thief, much less even prove they’re a thief such as today’s banking system who give up no consideration of value. The only reason why banks are getting away with a monumental crime of  theft is because most if not all people dont even know what money is, how its really created & what it truly represents.

Logically so long as there is just one man or women possessed by greed on this planet a moneyless society opens up the door for further exploitation, or theft of another’s production. Make no mistake only if or when mankind ever becomes perfect in every which way, bereft of all greed or desire is the day mankind might consider a moneyless system of exchange & not before. Until that day comes money is our only protection.

Sadly the proponents of a moneyless society fail to conclude it is not the money itself or debt that commits the crime against us, but purported banks that are not even banks by any definition of the word “bank” found in the dictionary.

Instead of identifying the thief (ie:bank) who is foreign to the contract or exchange of our production that subsequently steals the value of our production in a purported loan — the advocates of purported solutions such as “Zeitgeist” or “Ubuntu” are irrationally declaring all money & all debt is the problem, when the fact remains all money regardless of any misrepresentation of the debt or money itself still records, evidences & represents the value of our labour & production we GIVE UP TO EACH OTHER other in any sale, trade or transaction — where there never was or ever is any loan or borrowing.

The hidden truth that the proponents of moneyless trade are not telling you is banks or mere publishers of money do not ever create or loan us money. If they ever did they would already know what money is, how its really created & what it truly represents, which will in turn expose the flaw in their purported solution, leaving the door wide open for further exploitation, where thieves & criminals could run a muck knowing there is no method of accounting whatsoever that can otherwise prove their guilt.

Its bad enough having a method of accounting today that falsifies a debt to a thief who gives up squat — that I might add no one wants to ever address, but quite frankly throwing out the accounting (money) altogether is just asking to be robbed.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : October 02, 2017, last edit October 02, 2017)