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Before we begin its important to understand the words “credit ” &  “debit” are terms used in accounting. The credit entry is the amount added to an account. The debit entry is the amount subtracted from an account.

Where everyone goes terribly wrong concerning “money” & “credit”, however, is the assumption credit is money, when credit is instead value given up in exchange for money.

For example the value of a home in any sale is the credit value given up in return for monetary value.  So just because an account has been credited the money value & or “money & credit” has equal value is not to blindly assume money value is credit value.

Although it is true money & credit are representations of value — both have very different origins of value each to their own in one very important but often totally ignored respect.

1) Money or a promissory note / obligation represents the immediate or future value the buyer is giving up, however the issuer or creator of new money is the obligor (still the buyer) which is value that represents the obligor’s own immediate & or future production which has consideration of value.

2) Credit is simply the value the seller is giving up such as a home which has consideration of value.

Therefore the exchange of different entitlements of value or transaction of two different origins of value, such as for example money value the buyer gives up & credit value the seller gives up is what logically makes a debt when those values of entitlement to another’s production each to their own is exchanged in any debt, sale, trade or transaction & only then is there a transfer of entitlement of value between the buyer & seller.

Therefore money simply records, evidences & likewise represents the value of our labour & production we give up to each other, however it is important to understand money not only records, but likewise evidences the exchange of two representations of value “money & credit” that points to who is actually giving up consideration of value, which are in fact not one & the same that the ruse of banking would otherwise have you believe to the contrary for reasons I articulate in the next paragraph, when they are instead values each to their own exchanged in any debt, sale, trade or transaction.

The ruse of banking is of course quite simple & that is purported banks not only pretend to be the real creditor otherwise giving up a home in a transaction — whom I might add cant even rationally lend what has not yet been paid to them, but its clearly evident when banks repossess what the bank never possessed in the first place. Furthermore the bank likewise pretends they create money one & the same as the creditor only AS IF the creditor creates money, purportedly creating & issuing money when the bank is clearly neither the creditor much less even the creator of money (purported credit), simply because banks do not risk or give up commensurable consideration of value. Not in the banks pretended creation or mere publication of OUR money. Not in any purported loan to one of us. Not in any debt, sale, trade or transaction.

What essentially transpires under the ruse of banking is both the buyer & seller are still physically giving up value in the one & only true debt such as any sale, trade or transaction of money & credit, but not from any bank to you the buyer in any purported loan (falsified debt) preceding the sale.

The bank is only ever loaning (pretend loan) the value of your own production back to you & then charging you a further sum of principal again in unwarranted interest for the privilege of being robbed of the former sum of principal in a purported loan that never ever transpires in the first place, due to the banks unjust intervention on the true debt we have to each other, where the bank is neither risking or giving up consideration of value from the banks otherwise prior legitimate possession.

Logically there never was or ever is any loan or borrowing. Making the purported loan a monumental crime of theft instead, which is not only stealing the value of one home equal to the buyers immediate & or future production, but often due to interest the bank is stealing twice the value of the home that can & in fact does multiply the theft 1000 fold — over the decades — in subsequent sales of homes, which is not only artificially inflating the price of homes into oblivion but everything else due to the added cost of interest, only to steal all that much further from each & everyone of us when we simply spend money today.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : June 30, 2017, last edit August 27, 2017)