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Absolutely not, which begs to question if interest is sustainable. There are many today who believe the volumetric impropriety of interest (DEFLATION) is sustainable by simply nationalizing a central bank by proposing a government creates, spends & or lends the principal & the sum of interest into circulation so its physically possible for the people to pay principal + interest in all private debt, however where these proponents of banking go terribly wrong – which is a crime in itself – is FIRSTLY no bank or publisher on the face of this planet can ethically or rationally create money if they are neither risking  or giving up commensurable consideration of value equal to any debt, trade or transaction.

SECONDLY  the added cost of interest will still artificially inflate prices into oblivion regardless if you have circulatory inflation or deflation, which can only keep on stealing all that much further from us just spending money.

Price inflation is not caused by the resulting interest on today’s government debt, but instead the interest we formerly pay out of circulation in all private debt that perpetually deflates a forever deficient circulation by however much interest we all pay out of circulation above the sum of principal.  Predominantly in the form of purported loans, which are only alleged loans that do not ethically or even rationally transpire in the first place.

Furthermore it’s been long establish the people have been creating all new money regardless of the banks purposed misrepresentation of every debt to subsequently steal the value the people give to all money & property in purported loans & or subsequently when we spend money today — servicing someone else’s purported loan — stealing even further from us, simply because it is we the people who give up the only consideration of commensurable value in any debt, sale or transaction that in truth evidences a fact banks or mere publishers of money never have or ever will loan us money, much less even create money.

Moreover this confirms a further fact that we do not even loan or borrow money from each other either, simply because we create the sum of principal before any debt transpires, before the resulting deposit from any trade, transaction or sale.

The unadulterated debt we have to each other, HOWEVER, is nothing more than a promise or obligation to pay & retire the principal – free from such exploitation, where again there never was or ever is any loan or borrowing.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : June 30, 2017, last edit July 18, 2017)