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I’m writing this post in response to those who might perceive MPE is a plagiarism of E.C. Riegels work, primarily due to a barrage of preposterous vindictive accusations posted, but not approved, on the home page comments.

Lets be clear before we begin Reigel like Montagne are not the first to identify interest is unjust, however I would like to emphasize the fact Mike Montagne was the first to prove & demonstrate exactly how interest irreversibly multiplies artificial debt into inherently terminal sums of artificial debt.

E.C. RiegelsValun Private Enterprise Money System ” is similar in one respect & only one respect alone to Mikes Common Monetary Infrastructure (CMI) where banking is eradicated.

Although money is nothing more than an accounting system Riegel irrationally conceived money had no intrinsic value, failing to even conclude what money represents has the only intrinsic value in our labour & production, but he didn’t even go near how money is actually created by the immutable representations of promissory obligations that indeed have consideration of value in our labour & production, nor did he invent MPEs 1.1.1 ratio, or even remotely identify money has to be retired equal to remaining debt & equal to remaining represented property value to solve inflation & deflation, where Riegel is assuming instead that every person is entitled to create as much money to trade without ever considering money has to be retired at the rate of consumption to solve the otherwise circulatory inflation.

Unlike Mike, Riegel didn’t even conclude its only through unexploited promissory obligations we are entitled to create money in respect to our issue worthiness & remaining consumption  value of the related property, anything else is a further representation of that promissory obligation, where we are not creating money on every trade as Riegel suggests, but instead in relation to MPE on new represented property when one otherwise does not have the money to purchase unrepresented property, moreover Riegel assumes money is created by cheque even in his Vulan system that he asserts has no nationality, inferring a one world currency is the solution, failing to even account that each nation has different production rates in relation to their population, skills, natural resources etc which have to be factored in relation to a nations imports & exports or national trade.

Anyone who thinks MPE is a plagiarism of another purported solution first has to prove how that purported solution identifies the inherent faults in today’s banking system in order to solve those faults, so there is no real comparison to Riegel s Vulan system with MPE, admittedly Riegel vaguely touches upon some symptoms of the banks obfuscation, but he hasn’t even come close to what MPE articulates & solves, far from it.

Logically if a solution is taken in part or as a whole its plagiarism, yet if its taken in its entirety its evidence of a theft of intellectual property which is a copyright violation in regards to MPE. Informally mike has been advocating his MPE solution since 1968 & formally since 1979 with the proposal of MPE to the Reagan administration including Gerald Ford .

So if anyone was to assume Mike is plagiarizing E. C. Riegel’s work you have to articulate how exactly, particularly if anyone was referring to the erroneous pamphlet ” Flight From Inflation “ published posthumously after Riegel’s  death by editors at the Heather Foundation in 1978 , purportedly taken from Riegel’s papers in a transcript found by the editors at the Heather Foundation, which clearly suggests this pamphlet is not entirely Riegel’s words or thoughts.

I might also add people were issuing their own money on clay tablets free from intervention as far back as 2000BC, so this concept of issuing our own money is nothing new considering we always have anyhow regardless of the banks pretended creation or issuance.

In regards to Riegel’s earlier work he neither articulates this in the true sense either, suggesting the creation of money is upon a book keeping entry, even in his Valun system he proposes the same LIE, which has never been the case at all & nor can it be the case, simply because the obligors signature upon the issuance of a promissory note or obligation logically comes before any book entry, contrary to Riegel’s assumption asserting without proof or qualification money is created upon the book entry & issued thereafter by a signature on a cheque, which is irrationally putting the cart before the horse, assuming the creation is the cheque itself, which nonetheless orders a payment of money from a bank account, or from his Valun exchange.

So where Mike has exactly plagiarized Riegel’s non-existent mathematics is yet to be proven, which begs us to question how on earth does Riegel’s *franchised Valun exchanges* even remotely resemble the nationalized CMI in MPE, & why would anyone irrationally even conceive a mere publisher can be franchised like a Mc Donald’s outlet, when the CMI in MPE is a non-profit nationalized central accounting system that replaces all banking in any nation. Why even franchise the publisher when the people are already paying its automated running costs, which would be less than a $1 per head a year, unless you wanted to add unnecessary costs in publishing further representations of our promissory obligations, which any franchise for profit can only do if we we’re stupid enough to decentralize the CMI into competing franchises by selling or leasing those franchises to private enterprise, so to irrationally suggest  competing CMIs within a nation is cost saving can only be a suggestion of a halfwit, because for each franchise your not only increasing the cost, but multiplying the overall cost by having many franchises for profit, when one centralized non- profit CMI can instead provide the exact same service for everyone for less, holding the one CMI accountable instead of opening up the door for exploitation with a chain of  CMI franchises in a nation, which is stupid as stupid gets considering the CMI in MPE is nothing more than a electronically automated centralized accounting system run at cost only, & if you wanted cash ATMs are at your disposal.

Concluding Riegel, nor any other money reformist for that matter has ever proven the inherent fault is the very interest we the people pay on our personal but falsified debts,  failing to not only prove interest irreversibly multiplies artificial debt to always service the former sum of artificial debt, yet can never ever pay down any subsequent new sum of artificial debt in perpetual cycles of reflation, but failing all along  to even identify the presumed inflation is instead always reflation, which reflation is not even inflationary in respects to any non-existent increase of circulation above the sum of principal the people initially create & purport to borrow in the first place, but likewise failing to even identify interest is  the primary cause of price inflation to steal all that much further from us in perpetual cycles of DEFLATION, that’s paid out of a forever deficient volume of circulation on our personal falsified debt’s.

Of course Riegel identifies interest is unjustified, so does the bible, but nowhere in Riegel’s papers did he ever prove or demonstrate how interest irreversibly multiplies artificial debt into terminal sums of artificial debt, so If the truth was ever told no one other than Mike Montagne has proven interest is the inherent  terminal fault, & to suggest otherwise can only prove one hasn’t the  intellectual capacity to study either Mikes or Riegel’s work to identify anything remotely substantial that suggests Mike has plagiarized Riegel’s Vulan proposal, except possibly the eradication of banking, however this is where any rational suggestion of plagiarism begins & ends, because the conflicting differences are so blatantly obvious to a point of almost polar opposites one would have to be a village idiot to even remotely suggest MPE is a plagiarism of Riegel’s work, when Riegels proposal like all other monetary reform proposals have clearly failed the second grade maths to even remotely prove interest is the terminal fault by irrationally suggesting non-existent inflation is instead inflation, yet all along its mathematically impossible to ever have inflation so long as your all paying *principal + interest* out of a volume of circulation only ever consisting of some remaining *principal* at most, & any interest you all pay above the sum of principal that artificially inflates prices can only ever be stealing all that much further out of a volume of circulation in a permanent state of persistent DEFLATION by interest, regardless of any reflation (not inflation) that irreversibly multiplies artificial debt.