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To begin lets  study the bullshit in this article below that would have you irrationally believing the lie Quantitative easing (QE) creates new money, which is just a further attempt to justify non-existent inflation as inflation. If I may quote from the usury media article below.

“Policymakers also push the button on a quantitative easing programme – which will pump tens of billions of pounds of newly created money into Britain’s troubled economy.”


How do we know this is bullshit, well firstly all you have to do is look at the official data in the UK (see below) regarding its money supply (M0) from March to December 2009 & you will clearly see there was no increase of £125bn in the money supply at that time, which would have otherwise near tripled the nations (M0) cash & coin monetary supply.

All that transpired in 2009 was instead a increase of 2 billion (M0) in new cash & coin that we the people create anyhow because it further represents a percentage or fraction of ledger money (M2) that includes bank deposits in circulation anyhow, plus an increase of an additional 1.1 trillion in (M2) ledger bank deposit money we create in purported loans in private debt. Keeping in mind a portion of that 1.1 trillion is money likewise earned or unearned from overseas that is nonetheless money we create in private debt in any nation.

So in ether graph (M0) & (M2) you see the increase in the UK money supply remains steady as the years pass primarily due to perpetual reflation as every increase in government debt, which  irreversibly multiplies all this falsified debt into terminal debt due to the volumetric impropriety of interest (perpetual deflation) in all private debt, hence the need for perpetual reflation in government debt that is mathematically impossible to pay down, which is a process of perpetual deflation & reflation that cant ever increase the remaining circulation above or beyond the sum of principal initially created in private debt.

UK Graph data

Secondly logic alone should tell you banks do not ever create money, much less ever loan money if they neither risk or give up consideration of value, concluding its we the people who create all new money (principal only) in private debt because we give up the only commensurable consideration of value in the only true debt, trade or transaction, however due to peoples irresponsibility they allow banks to purposely misrepresented our debts to each other in alleged loans from a thieving bank, which is a falsified debt to a thieving bank who gives up squat.


Well, its similar in respects to a bailout. That is both of which are only ever servicing inter-banking debt or in house debt between banks, which is ultimately between banks & the central bank of any nation.

Try to Imagine a big fat central banker pouring already stolen money out of the left pocket & into the right pocket, because this is whats essentially happening where qualitative easing (QE) is bypassing the direct purchase of government debt where a bailout otherwise would not.

The only difference then is the bailout increases government debt as the money travels from one pocket to another, & QE bypasses the direct purchase of any new government debt in the sense its indirectly purchasing formerly purchased government debt from banks or other banking corporations, so the process of QE is not increasing government debt by purchasing new bonds, but instead previously purchased bonds from other banks before their maturity date, so in effect the central bank gets that money back from the taxpayer plus interest when those bonds mature.

Whichever the process BAILOUTS or QE its only ever temporally solving any outstanding inter-banking debt between banks, simply because the people can no longer service this inter-banking debt via their own personal falsified debts anymore due to interest of course, which is all owed (allegedly owed) to the central bank (mere publisher) anyhow.

Whether its a bailout or QE its never reaching industry & commerce or never reaching the people in this lie of economy today in the entire process of both.

We could almost debate if the central bank even parts with any sum of QE because its ultimately owed (allegedly) to the central bank anyway, hence the QE is just another sleight of hand of a thief, which is just a thief taking already stolen money out of one pocket & just quietly slipping it back in the other pocket, & hey presto the bankers fool see’s the big fat central banker create all this new money out of thin air (NOT),, & apparently its somehow magically increasing a monetary circulation to justify inflation that is clearly non-existent..

So the reader might ask now whats ultimately transpiring with that stolen money in the big fat central bankers pocket?

Well, with the assistance of political betrayers its perpetually laundered back into the monetary circulation as every increase in government debt or federal expenditure, perpetually reflating circulation as we the people consecutively pay principal & interest out of circulation in all private debt .

This is why the graph above shows a steady increase in the money supply (principal only) that we people initially create in private debt regardless, apposed to any dramatic jump in the money supply that possibly might otherwise justify qualitative easing pumping all this new money into circulation to further justify inflation which  is clearly non-existent, much like any phony loan to us in private debt, where a thieving bank is pretending to create new money yet again & would have you irrationally believe just by increasing the circulation by principal alone is inflationary. Which is false assumption so long as were all paying *principal+interest* out of a general circulation only ever comprised of some remaining *principal* at most.

No one on the face of this planet can prove or demonstrate how any sum of interest is created or issued into circulation above the some of principal.

Hypothetically even if QE creates new money above the sum of principal we initially create in all private debt — that 125 billion is nothing compared to the trillions (M2) we create & pay out of circulation in all private debt — stolen many, many, many times over in  perpetual cycles of deflation due to interest.

Therefore regardless if a mere 125 billion somehow magically appears in the monetary circulation as new money, WHICH IT DID NOT, not without any sale, trade or transaction to otherwise pump it into any lie of economy it cant possibly justify inflation regardless, not so long as we are all paying billions if not trillions in principal + interest out of circulation.

If any of you want more evidence look no further than the current UK national debt (perpetual reflation).

Here again I’m using logic alone & primary school mathematics to prove banks do not ever create money, not even by quantitative easing, much less can QE stimulate non-existent growth or justify non-existent inflation, not that inflation can be any rational indicator of true sustainable growth.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : June 30, 2017, last edit July 09, 2017)