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To be very clear just about every post on this blog has categorically proven  politicians under the ruse of banking do not serve, much less even represent the people, but instead a purported banking system that systemically robs people when they quite literally spend money. We have irrefutably proven politicians are enacting criminal legislation that either directly or indirectly facilitates a monumental crime of theft perpetrated upon the people, not just in their home nation but collectively world wide. We have indisputably proven politicians today are serving a foreign power that has no allegiance to any nation.

So the question begs to be asked if none of the candidates truly meet your satisfaction which political betrayer will you vote for in the next Australian election?

There are two ways you can express none of the candidates meet your satisfaction on election day — pending overwhelming numbers of course, whether its Federal, State or Local (council) elections, where you are effectively expressing your will to sack the current parliament & all candidates on ballot papers, which will force a subsequent election with a fresh set of new candidates. You can repeat this process until some bastard has enough guts to go on the record & tell the people banks neither ethically or rationally create & or ever loan us money.

1) You can simply walk into the place of vote, get your name ticked off, about face & leave without accepting the ballot paper.

2) Get your name ticked off, accept the ballot paper & run a neat line through all the candidates names including the box next to the name & cast the vote as usual. Make sure you take a black pen with you.

Voting might be compulsory in Australia, however this is somewhat ambiguously put to the electors for it is only “Your Will” to vote that is compulsory if anything. Both methods above is lawfully expressing your will to vote, yet to actually vote for any candidate that doesn’t meet your satisfaction is not ethically or even rationally compulsory. It is what it is. Any legislation that penalizes you for not voting for someone that doesn’t meet your sanctification is clearly antidemocratic or slavery.

Of course there will be always those out there — easily mislead by political betrayal — who might tell you if you dont vote you have no right to complain how the country is run, that somehow in their narrow mind removes your right to even express an opinion on how the country is run. I however would argue expressing My Will at election time is having My Say how the country is run & I will defend my actions until the crime of banking has been eradicated. I would further argue these willfully ignorant people, compromising what is morally & ethically right by voting for what they only believe is the better of the two devils are essentially a part of the problem — NOT THE SOLUTION.

If I may quote a wise man.

Therefore we are never victims, when only our own irresponsibility [cowardliness] preserves monetary and political crimes which not even the indifferent have any right to impose upon anyone else.”~Mike Montagne

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)


(Published : August 18, 2017, last edit September 04, 2017)