Critique of Montagne Mathematically Perfected Economy by Victor J . Aguilar ” Evasion ”

I made a request on victors axiomatic economics web page asking  if he is up for a debate on TNS radio however it appears victor is acting in evasion by not answering my question . ( Below is the consequent email correspondence from victor )


Victor :

Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012 19:55:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Online Contact

David Ardron-

Montagne has already responded to my critique. See attachments.

Victor Aguila

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Person’s Name: David Ardron
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Gday Victor
I was just wondering if your up for a debate challenge on TNS radio regarding your critique of Mathematically Perfected Economy™?



My reply :

Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2012

I didn’t ask if mike responded to your critique did I ?
Please can you address my original question with as simple answer . YES or NO?


Victor :

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2012 16:07:02 -0500
Subject: RE: Online Contact

David Ardron-

The reason I sent you copies of Mr. Montagne’s e-mails was to show you  that he is incapable of civil discourse.
Obviously, it is not in my interest to participate in a radio program where some lunatic shouts obscenities at me.
The answer is: NO
Victor Aguilar



It appears Victor is deluded  thinking ” some lunatic ”  will shout obscenities in a debate with him on TNS Radio  who Victor has branded  a  lunatic  already mind you, however I suspect victor is really in fear of someone proving & demonstrating him wrong publicly regarding his absurd critique of Mathematically perfected economy™ & of course likewise proving Victors own civil discourse or lack of respect to begin with by poking fun at mikes photo,  branding  mike a socialist & then just assuming without proving nor qualifying  MPE is socialism  ,not even talking to mike prior to his unfounded conclusions  in his preposterous  critique  ,  so this is Victors final answer & excuse for evasion folks?.

One would think if they are so sure of their unqualified  assertions they would qualify them in an open debate with anyone including little ole me ? , yet again this shows you all reading this MPE is met with clear evasion  by those who purposefully  point you away from MPE with unqualified assumptions  . ( see my formal disproof of Victors Critique of mathematically Perfected Economy™ )

3 thoughts on “Critique of Montagne Mathematically Perfected Economy by Victor J . Aguilar ” Evasion ””

  1. Aguilar is not worth any efforts.

    Amazing he created an automatic response to inquiries regarding MPE!

    Please take a big hunk of positive reinforcement and my thanks for your efforts.

    • Gday Steve

      I’m just covering a base with victors preposterous web page , if you Google ” mathematically perfected economy” you will find that victors web page remains there on the first page of the Google search as a distraction, confusion & division, pointing people away from MPE with unqualified assumptions & lies.

      The assumption or term * money is created out of thin air * that a lot of people use today sadly, is something that goes against the very grain in what my father always said to me * money doesn’t grow on trees * when I asked for pocket money as a child.

      Indeed, I learned quick smart that I had to earn that pocket money by mowing lawns etc , money therefore has to be earned , unearned profit is theft , even as a child I knew money wasn’t created out of thin air because that infers money does grow on trees doesn’t it, or created by a printing press in a bankers back yard , which is equally absurd.

      There is only ever 3 to 7 % cash that only ever exists out of the entire circulation of any nation, the rest are digits on a computer or ledger , even the cash is accounted within that banking ledger, so its only digits at the end of the day which is merely the evidence or record of our labour & production we give up to each other, & the bank steals that labour & production by purposefully intervening on all our industry & commerce pretending to loan us our very own labor & production , allegedly then loaning us a sum of principal .

      There are 2 crimes a bank commits Steve .
      1) When one purports to borrow money from a local bank, the money did not exist, not until one walks into a bank, signing & issuing a promissory note ( alleged loan contract ). The bank essentially steals the sum of principal you create on what is a * falsified debt * before the ledger or book entry.

      2) As a direct result or consequence of the first crime the bank commits the 2nd crime, stealing a further sum of principal in interest which is often in total 2X the principal.

      Government or the people rather, should not be paying interest on what are * falsified debts * which is paying a sum of interest for the privilege of being robbed at the end of the day, therefore people who finance not only themselves but likewise public infrastructure should not even loan or borrow the money they create from the get go, not even to pay for government expenditure on infrastructure. Eradicating the banks first crime basically solves the second crime of unwarranted interest, which is eradicating banking all together.

      We cant just eliminate the second crime of unwarranted interest because the first crime, theft of principal, still persists on an alleged loan from a mere publisher who gives up no consideration of value, commensurable or equivalent to the debt it would still falsify to its self , which is the first crime & core obfuscation of any currency in any nation today Steve.

      ” Once one removes from their psyche the *illusion of a loan* associated with the word *debt*, one can then remove the *illusion of a bank* associated with the word *money*. Only then do the people restore their rightful ability to promise to pay an *unexploited obligation*, with one’s own *labour and production*, for what one consumes of another’s *labour and production*… where there are no loans, no borrowing, and only as a result, likewise is there no interest.. ”
      ( David Ardron )

      Thanks for your comment Steve , feel free to have a look at the menu if you like & any questions don’t hesitate to ask mate.


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