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Share markets are only ever artificially sustained by further borrowing (alleged loans) which is mathematically impossible to pay down due to the volumetric impropriety of interest (PERPETUAL DEFLATION) .

Therefore any AAA rating is entirely artificial based on any nations ability to maintain or service the ever greater escalations of falsified debt in perpetual cycles of reflation, yet never ever paying it down.

Point blank regardless of any increase in production under the ruse of banking you have no growth so long as you are all paying principal & interest out of a volume of a circulation thats only ever comprised of some remaining principal at most, not only on all your personal falsified debts (phony loans), regardless if its to purchase a home, shares or whatever, but as consequence its stealing however much interest we pay above the sum of principal inclusive, which is stealing all that much further from each & everyone of us in just spending money today.

Whats so difficult to comprehend HERE folks?

So long as you are all paying the added cost of interest in “artificial price inflation” the primary school mathematics is clearly telling us you have DEFLATION or a DECREASE IN VALUE per goods & services (per representation) by however much interest you pay out of a general circulation above the sum of principal, which is a circulation that only ever consists of some remaining principal at the very most, even upon further cycles of reflation in any increase in debt, whether its public or private, which never ever increases the remaining circulation above the sum of principal that it initially was intended to represent.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : July 01, 2017, last edit July 09, 2017)