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This post is to let you all know that this blog & its posts are constantly under my revision for refinement so its more comprehensible for the reader.

The changes of wording are slight if anything with the exception of some added paragraphs & sentences that may detail something that warrants further explanation. Unlike MPE I’m not perfected so please revisit the menu as you see fit to take note of any changes that may help you or others in comprehending MPE.

Those who believe they can actually refute my posts by all means please do so in your own words & thoughts in the comments section.

I will however mark your comments as spam if you persistently attempt to use my blog as a platform to spam links to web pages of others or your own. Therefore I dont  accept links to other web pages as any formal disproof.

Anyone with the slightest integrity would use their own thoughts & words in the comments section providing me with some self-explanatory evidence of formal proof written in your own words.

So for example comments that just blindly insist banks loan us money without proving or demonstrating in your own words what consideration of commensurable value the bank or mere publisher otherwise risks or gives up — will be not approved.

If you are not prepared to validate every word you write as I have done in all my posts your comment will be rejected. If  you write for example “when a bank loans money” you have to first prove the bank loans money before you go any further, or if you write “banks create credit” you have to first prove how banks create credit.

Furthermore, I will not accept anything if its cheery picked from any of my posts, or purposely taken out of its original context as a means to digress or confuse others with contradiction, lies, or just something unqualified that the post itself or any other posts on this blog disproves.

If you genuinely think you can refute any one of my posts I suggest you read the entirety of what is in the menu before you attempt to do so, which I expect to be done with some formal, rational intelligent manner, apposed to brief rants of a raving lunatic who cant even prove or demonstrate what they pretend to know.

To be very clear I’m not about to allow, much less waste my time with charlatans, shills & pretenders who can only confuse the reader with preposterous claims of mere conjecture. I’m not here to entertain clowns with a brain the size of a pea.

Of course any questions of genuine uncertainty are always welcome. I’m here to help those who want to be helped. No question is too stupid if you are truly sincere. I will bend over backwards to help those who want to help themselves.

Thank You

David Ardron
( Administrator )