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Whats this carbon tax all about?

Evidence who is behind the climate LIE in Australia ?

Australian PM Ms Gillard cited a CSIRO report, saying that without action, the temperature would rise between 2.2C and 5C by 2070

CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark was the former Director of Rothschild Bank Australia.

Rothschild Australia and E3 International to take the lead in the global carbon trading market .

NOW where do we get the notion professor Bob Carter and a plethora of other peer reviewed scientists are not creditable or don’t even exist for that matter.

In response to claims made by Carter that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change uncovered no evidence that global warming was caused by human activity, a former CSIRO climate scientist stated that Carter was not a credible source on climate change and that “if he ( Carter ) has any evidence that [global warming over the past 100 years] is a natural variability he should publish through the peer review process.”

Could it be mainstream media misguiding the public or does it INDEED come from the CSIRO or BOTH ?

Now of course we all know who ( Dr Megan Clark ) runs the CSIRO & who ( Rothschild Banking ) they represent.

What does Bob Carter have to say ?

Peer-Review Papers Skeptical of “Man-Made” Global Warming.
Source 1Source 2

At the science and public policy institute it appears the Scientific Consensus on Climate Change there is a less than impressive “head-count” essay, Naomi Oreskes (Oreskes, 2004), a historian of science with NO qualifications in climatology, defined the “consensus” in a very limited sense, quoting from IPCC 2001.

The latest piece of evidence from NASA Blows a Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism that just keeps coming supporting the fact that man has very little or virtually no effect on climate temperature .

Just a reminder here folks we have to comprehend all tax indeed goes to a bank to pay our national debt either for unnecessary government borrowed expenditure that pays for our infrastructure or for a far greater crime by our political representatives who are merely attempting to inject or re inflate money back into circulation which is a sum of money ( principal & interest ) that has already been stolen & laundered out of circulation by all our commercial banks over the years who are purposely obfuscating our very own promissory obligations ( money creation ) we have to each other .

Our current national debt is mathematically impossible to pay down thus the sum total of national debt represents a irreversible multiplication of artificial debt is only ever a sum of principal that once existed in circulation that’s of course perpetually stolen & laundered out of  circulation over & over on our very own falsified debts only to be then loaned back into circulation again & again as a terminal multiplications of artificial debt to perpetually re-inflate circulation as we the people concurrently pay a sum of principal & interest out of a circulation ,which is a sum paid out of a circulation that’s only ever comprised of some remaining principal at the very most even upon further cycles of reflation hence the very reason why its mathematically impossible to pay down any former sum of artificial debt without dedicating ever greater sums of new artificial debt to always pay the former sum of artificial debt till in the very end & we are all dispossessed of all our property & wealth.

Tax aside for a moment we also must not forget our political representatives have created preposterous invalid legislation deeming Co2 a pollutant & the ramifications subject to the implementation of these invalid laws can only remove the last of our liberties and freedoms .

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