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Most if not all people fail to see the banks purposed obfuscation of our very own promissory obligations we have to each other (not to any bank) regardless what represents our promissory obligations whether its fiat, gold, coffee beans or rum or whatever it may be its what the banks do to our promissory obligations before any banking publication or before any bank book entry which is indeed the root cause of all adverse volumetric disposition or impropriety within any monetary circulation past & present.

The basic math no one can deny.
If one divides the gold on hand by the number of people. In the U.S, reported monetary reserves last time I looked are $80 billion, divided by a 300 million population = $266 per capita to do all your business & saving ,retirement etc.

A return to the gold standard CAN be artificially deflated so long as the represented property exceeds $266 per head , Which IS a case of PERPETUAL, MONUMENTAL DEFLATION.

Any proposal of a gold standard simply fails the math. Any competent mathematician would agree 🙂

” Even if there was that much gold out there the governments would have to each go into 10s of trillions into further debt to buy the gold to put into their treasuries so as to further represent any currency which in turn has to represent all our labour & production “

The projected worth of financial assets in 2020 would be nearly double the value of around USD 198 trillion witnessed last year

It has been estimated that all the gold mined by the end of 2009 totalled 165 THOUSAND tonnes

At a price of US$1900/oz., reached in September 2011, one ton of gold has a value of approximately US $60.8 million.

My calculation based on the estimated volume of all the gold mined by the end of 2009 .(see above ) at $1.700oz

* BASIC Calculations *
In short there are 16oz in a pound, & 2,000 pounds in a ton.
32,000oz is 16 x 2,000, or 1 ton.
$1,700/oz x 32,000oz = $54,400,00/ ton.

165 thousand ton x $54.4 million dollars (per ton)

The total value of all gold ever mined would not exceed US$9.2 trillion at that valuation.

The question I ask now does $9.2 trillion in current gold world wide = $198 trillion in world assets?  Absolutely not no where near it .

Mathematically Perfected Economy ( The Gold bug )

Debate challenge to any gold bug?
Today’s fiat has value BUT its value is “NOT EQUAL” to our natural promissory obligations, not because its fiat, because of the banks misrepresentation or purposed obfuscation of our promissory obligations before publication of fiat..

The bank gives up no consideration of value of their own in any purported loan to one of us, only the true creditor did by giving up the property in question & likewise the obligor by signing the promissory obligation or note in any purported loan, so today’s fiat has no consideration of value given up by the bank itself ,rather today’s fiat is merely the evidence of our very own promissory obligations that doesn’t equal our labour & production or consideration of value we give up to each other.

I challenge any gold bug to disprove or debate fiat has no substance or representation of value what so ever today.

I challenge any gold bug to disprove a fact that fiat can equal & account for any growth of our labour & production we give up & receive from each other by our natural promissory obligations without the imposition of interest or banking exploitation.

I challenge any gold bug to prove how a gold standard with finite reserves can possibly protect us from its volumetric improprieties which are as follows.

1) Artificially sustaining the price of our production thus suffer a perpetual devaluation of gold reserves upon further production.


2) Suffer from a perpetual deflation per represented wealth upon further production without the artificial sustention.

Those of you who think a gold standard worked in the past are greatly mistaken because you fail to see the U.S constitution artificially set or fixed the price of gold likewise this was a contributing factor by association to the artificial sustention of the price of our production thus as a result of golds inherent but contributing built in volumetric improprieties was in effect perpetually devaluing finite gold reserves upon any further of our labour & production it then had to further represent which was the very reason why the gold standard had to be removed simply to prevent a perpetual devaluation of the physical gold itself upon any further growth of our production period .

A gold standard not only resulted in a further adverse volumetric disposition on top of the already inherent volumetric fault of unwarranted interest, but the banks in the past under a gold standard were redeeming or stealing the principal & interest in physical gold, just like they do today, stealing principal & interest in fiat out of a general circulation that only ever consists of some remaining principal at most.

Real money respectively to any increase of circulation is a currency that equals our labour & production we give up & receive from each other without any adverse volumetric disposition or terminal exploitation by unjust intervention  , what is real is what all money represents which is our labour & production , our hard earned blood sweat & tears we give up to each other.

John .F. Kennedy  did not try to bring in a silver standard?

Actually JFK had no choice but to give the federal reserve bank more power to issue lower denomination notes, to eventually replace the silver coin because the silver reserve was devaluing due to its industrial demand & finite supply , what people parrot about JFK trying to bring in a silver standard is absolutely preposterous, unfounded  & out right false , even JFK quoted himself :

“ I again urge a revision in our silver policy to reflect the status of silver as a metal for which there is an expanding industrial demand. Except for its use in coins, *silver serves no useful monetary function*. “

The reason the silver coin was removed eventually was because   President Kennedy signed the bill HR 5389 into law on June 4, 1963 and also signed an executive order (11110) authorizing the Treasury Secretary to continue printing silver certificates during the  * transition period * which repealed the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 & related laws, repealed a tax on silver transfers, & * authorized the Federal Reserve to issue one and two dollar bills * , in addition to the notes they were already issuing.

JFK had no choice, simply because of silvers built in finite volumetric improprieties, likewise gold , if JFK didn’t  do what he did, it would of allowed the perpetual devaluation to persist on silver reserves upon further demand & production which it had to likewise represent in * equal volume * which is mathematically impossible , its either that or continue on with a monumental deflation on all property value upon further production .

A gold or silver standard has never worked & never will , however if we ever went back to a gold standard we would crash the economy literally over night & reduce everyone’s wealth down to diddly squat folks,  its economic suicide & as you can see I have just demonstrated & proven a gold/ silver standard ,likewise imposed interest at any rate is as stupid as stupid gets.

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