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Mathematically perfected economy™ (MPE™) : 1 : a singular integral solution of the categoric faults of irreversibly escalated global exploitation (terminal pretended economy), in which a) circulatory inflation, deflation and maldisposition, b) systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property, and c) inherent, irreversible, and therefore terminal multiplication of falsified indebtedness in proportion to remaining capacity to service a perpetually escalated sum of artificial debt, are solved altogether by no more than: d) dispelling the falsified claims, d.1) that to intervene upon our affairs to merely publish the material evidence of our promissory obligations to each other is to issue credit (whereas the actual creditor gives up property for the promissory obligation); d.2) that this falsified claim of issuing credit represents property of the purported issuer, or falsified debts to mere publishers of evidence of our promissory obligations to each other; and d.3) that the negligible costs of publication justify interest to the falsified creditor (which the obfuscation itself denies to the actual creditor); that upon dispelling these falsifications, e) we may restore the universal right and only actual authority to issue certified, enforced, unexploited promissory obligations through a Common Monetary Foundry™, subject to an indispensable schedule of payment which, according to the nature of the actual obligations, retires principal at the rate of consumption or depreciation of represented property — with all this and only all this together forever sustaining all conceivable intended industry without inconsistency, explicitly because without any injustice, alteration, redundant cost or terminal effect whatever, this pattern and nature of payment alone perpetually and automatically maintain an illimitable and virtually costless circulation which perfectly tokenizes the ever timely state of all property, because the resultant circulation is always equal to, is always committed to, is always fully redeemable in, and therefore is completely and perfectly consistent at all times, and in every momentary case, with a common interest in justly sustaining all desirable industry and commerce, the material volume of which itself is comprised of precisely the remaining value of all represented production, to which the illimitable and costless circulation of mathematically perfected economy™ and mathematically perfected economy™ alone therefore is both forever equal and entirely so disposable (montagne, 1979); 2 : a singular prescription for immediate and costless reversion of the inevitably terminal failure of usury, by necessarily: a) immediately arresting the escalation of injustices which manifests in inevitable failure, first by universally ceasing payment against a perpetually interest-escalated, falsified indebtedness to falsified creditors, falsely claiming that evidence of our promissory obligations to each other is the original property of mere publishers of the evidence, thereupon which this purposed deception is extended to a pretended justification of interest; and thereafter, b) rectifying and transforming the consequences of the former, purposed, and terminal exploitation into mathematically perfected economy™, by necessarily: d) restoring the obfuscated promissory obligations to the actual obligation of each debtor to every eventual, actual creditor, by necessarily: d.1) refinancing the falsified indebtedness without interest and subject to an indispensable schedule of payment which, according to the nature of the actual obligations, retires principal at the rate of consumption or depreciation of the related property, d.2) counting prior payments of interest toward principal; and d.3) observing the indispensable solution of inflation and deflation to restore the accounts of the people to the best possible approximation of a state in which they would have existed had they not been criminally denied their right to just, actual economy — with all this and this alone therefore resolving the falsified extents and terminal consequences of the obfuscated currency, in which the falsified claim to interest obliges unwitting subjects to replenish a vital circulation by perpetually re-borrowing inherently ever greater sums of periodic principal and interest related to an ever greater sum of artificial debt, as ever greater and inevitably terminal sums of falsified debt (which is the present, past, and potential future fundamental cause of inevitable artificial failure under the aforesaid obfuscations: montagne, 1979); 3 : every person’s right to issue or to give up property for legitimate, enforceable promissory contracts, free of extrinsic manipulation, adulteration, or exploitation of the obligation, or the natural opportunity to make good on them; 4 : the inherent right to monetize production without exploitation as itself and itself alone will perpetually and perfectly sustain all possible industry and trade for no more than equal production — which therefore is the only absolute or actual fact of economy.

There is no mystery why pretended economists never teach the few actual principles of monetization to the unwitting victim class:

1. that whoever contracts to fulfill a debt is ultimately the issuer of their promissory obligation, for the obligation is theirs and would never even otherwise exist but for their willful commitment to fulfillment;

2. that the only actual creditors give up the property which is acquired for these obligations, with any risk of the integrity of the resultant currency eliminated only by enforcement of a just and universally enforceable contract (whereas it is mathematically impossible to universally enforce falsified obligations to pay principal and interest out of a circulation which is forever comprised at most of only some remaining principal; nor is interest justified to a pretended creditor who no more than publishes evidence of our promissory obligations to each other, falsely claiming not only a groundless debt to amere publisher of this evidence of a very different obligation [which does not even involve the publisher], but that risk justifies paying interest to this mere publisher, which obfuscates the original obligation into a falsified debt to itself when the actual cost, risk, and represented possession of the mere publisher are no more than the negligible costs of publication);

3. that as the real creditor receives full payment from the outset of every such arrangement, therefore no justifiable claim to interest exists (in fact likewise, these purposed obfuscations of the pretended economies which have been imposed upon the world deny every actual creditor interest):

1. that only principal (and the costs of enforcement, if any) therefore are rightly paid by debtors;

2. that all payment of principal must be retired from circulation, for the fact of fulfillment cancels the obligation from existence;

3. that paid principal therefore is the rightful property of no one (much less is it the property of mere intervening publishers of our promissory obligations to each other, who only claim to issue credit);

4. and finally that principal must be paid at the rate of consumption or depreciation of the related property:

1. for no other rate of payment and no other conditions solve inflation and deflation;
2. no other fact likewise preserves the debtor’s right to pay only for what they consume, as they consume of it;

3. and nothing but these inseparable objects will perpetually sustain redeemability and relative value in a circulation which, even without any need for regulation, by no more than this one justifiable, natural pattern of payment, will perpetually maintain a 1:1:1 relationship between remaining circulation, remaining obligation, and remaining value of *perpetually* represented property (furthermore ensuring that the natural obligations are always enforceable in remaining value);

4. that this alone is economy, because this one natural and factual pattern alone eliminates all extrinsic/redundant cost, that we can perpetually sustain industry in which we acquire other’s production for no more than equal measures of our own;

5. and that all this will be possible only when the unwitting victim class finally rises above the pathological lies of “banking,” which therefore is no more than purposed, terminal exploitation, even as “banking” and its artifact of ever escalated artificial costliness comprise the present terminal lie of economy.

Anyone who takes the side of the lie, or any other imperfect permutation, either by disinterest or vested interest compromises principles which condemn humanity to the course of the lie so long as the lie is given leeway to prevail. We can only consciously partake in the lie’s improprieties, because its entirety is impropriety. Absolutely no one therefore can know it for anything else; and so its advocates are condemned to unqualifiable assertion and evasion, which even as a manner of establishing purported fact, itself always, always, always gives away the conscious promotion of wrong.

As the lie is spun about the deceptions it is, it predicates a course to inevitable failure in which each first generation to live under each finite lifespan of the lie certainly can prosper relatively more at first at least, if only by the seeming grace of a far lower initial toll of falsified debt. Yet how can we but wrongly presume this validates the lie even as this generation’s deserved prosperity is itself so increasingly compromised by acquiescence to the falsifications, that ever moreso it is as much as forced to sell its compromised possession for many unjust prices — so escalating the purposed processes of the lie at criminal expense to its own progeny, that should it survive to see the end of that instance of the lie, the generation of initial artificial indebtedness inevitably can only pretend a false prosperity over its exceeding negation, by passing its own far greater share of fatal artificial debt to its own children, criminally denying them to the extent of no more than their own unattended, falsified negative worth, unless that generation finally instead chooses with its children, to revert the lie and its ever escalated dispossession of all, that finally all generations may instead simply retain their deserved wealth? As the crime can only be preserved by destroying every potential avenue for actual representation, likewise then, pretended representation forever requires every shill whom usury can buy to sell their own people not only to involuntary servitude, but to the destruction of practically every principle the authors of liberty ever held dear.

To consciously partake in the impropriety therefore condemns every perpetrator to deception and evasion, for no real justification can exist to qualify claims to injustice. All this is crime. It is even self destructive crime. But it is crime and crime alone — and a crime which inherently to persist, must destroy the most vital instruments of every free nation.

Partakers in the lie regularly presume a separate right to undeserved reward above a person’s actual contribution to the pool of wealth. This mere presumed right however can only come at the expense of the universal right to just reward, because by siphoning from a pool of wealth equal only to production, it denies every producer just reward equivalent to their production. Pandering to an audience they consciously deny justice therefore, and rationalizing participation to themselves, participants in the lie conspicuously (regularly, and therefore consciously) avoid all comprehensive discussion of the nature and ramifications of monetization as if the whole lie were already justified by truths we most particularly will never hear from them, because every extension of actual fact (versus mere purported fact) exposes not only their betrayal, their price, and the whole, vast injustice of the lie, but its irreversible escalation of inevitably terminal dispossession. So intentionally unjust in fact is the whole lie, and so inherently criminal therefore is the betrayal, that every purported economy subject to its falsified claims to interest inevitably terminates itself under fatal sums of artificial debt. Pretended economy therefore cannot be saved from itself because the lie is inherently terminal. Actual economy on the other hand suffers none of the lie’s inevitable destruction, explicitly because its singular justice is perpetual.

Under absolute economy, as we would in nature, we would produce no more than a house to own a house. To do so, we might issue a promissory obligation to an actual creditor who gives up the house for our promissory obligation; in which case, the creditor is paid in full in spendable currency from the outset, and the integrity of the currency will be sustained so long as we fulfill our obligation to pay and to retire the fulfilled principal from circulation at the rate of consumption or depreciation of the related property. As we have said, the lie of terminal, pretended economy in fact denies the actual creditor interest, while actual economy dissolves any actual risk to every real creditor. What intelligent, truly self determined people then could knowingly be scammed by the unwarranted intervention of an extrinsic party, claiming without a single factual supporting principle that we cannot issue our promissory obligations to each other on our paper, and that for issuing our promissory obligations to each other on their paper, not only should all of us owe them four houses for every house we ever occupy (which we produce); we should be forced to re-borrow all the interest and principal we pay out of circulation in the process of servicing falsified obligations which ever more vastly exceed the entire circulation, until ultimately we are completely dispossessed when we have inevitably accumulated a terminal sum of falsified debt?

In apprehending the natural commitments of the promissory obligations which comprise their currency then, the unwitting victim class would first discover that their own indifference to principle has first allowed a mere pretended creditor (generally a purported “central banking system”) to launder all the principal of eternity into its unjustifiable possession, as if our promissory obligations *to each other* were debts to a mere publisher *of the evidence* of our obligations *to each other*. No then, we do not simply “borrow money” from “a bank”; on the contrary, we only think ever so wrongly that we can only acquire our own promissory obligations to each other from “a bank,” which in fact only obfuscates our promissory obligations to each other into falsified debts to itself for purposes which obviously were never designed to serve universal rights and interests. Thus for every house the unwitting victim class might build, and without a single possible justifying principle, the unwitting victim class will falsely owe and give up at least a house (in just principal) to an ever unassented imposter who merely publishes the evidence of their obligations to each other; and just economy will be impossible for this first error alone, because it will be mathematically impossible to solve inflation, deflation, or systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property as a circulation of the evidence of *our* promissory obligations *to each other* would rightly be coupled to each and every deserving subject.

A further reason that even the least suggestion of a very different actual economy can never whisper truth to the unwitting victim class then, is that even as this unwarranted publisher risks no more than the negligible costs of publication, thus if a further, even more damaging crime is to persist (of subjecting these falsified artificial debts to an invalid claim to interest), it is necessary that the unwitting victims accept a stupefying deception — that they can only “borrow” (rent) *their own* contracts to pay *each other* from “a bank.”

The further lie that risked (and deserved) possession justifies interest therefore is even far more preposterous dupery, for without the least veritable proof from its pathological perpetrators, or the least of their own proper diligence, the unwitting victim class simply swallows a hideous distortion of purported risk, when the only possession was the mere costs of publication, and while the negligible costs of publication are routinely re-acquired by the false creditor in just *a tiny fraction* of the very *first* payment against each falsified debt. It might for instance cost no more than “ten dollars” to issue “one-hundred-thousand dollars” of *evidence* of *our* obligations *to each other* into circulation; and this “ten dollars” would typically be re-acquired, with no further “risk” whatsoever, in just *one percent* of the *first* payment against the falsified debt — against a falsified debt which does not even exist to the falsified creditor, and with this *first* payment therefore *already* *profiting* the pretended creditor over the actual cost or risk, and over its negligible possession, no less than one hundred times over! To even presume purported interest is justified in the case of a “hundred-thousand dollar” home for example, is as much as to blindly accept without a single veritable principle, and obviously without ever doing the elementary math (correctly), that certain people distinguished only by the remarkably inconsistent fact they neither produce anything nor contribute anything we cannot provide ourselves at virtually no cost and entirely without damaging consequence, somehow have some ever disproven ability to rightly wield some ever unjustified and ever more destructive authority over the rest of us, for no more than “ten dollars,” to collect four homes for every home *all of us* ever so much as produce, that we may occupy our own houses.

Thus in their ignorance of preposterous obfuscations serving nothing but their own ever escalated dispossession, the unwitting victim class is perpetually dispossessed to an ever further and inevitably terminal extent, as they are forced to maintain a vital circulation by perpetually re-borrowing the principal and interest they pay out of the general circulation in servicing the falsified debts, which, by ever greater sums of periodic interest on an ever greater sum of artificial debt, perpetually increases the sum of falsified debt until they suffer complete dispossession at an inevitable failure of what is no more than a terminal system of exploitation. Whatever principal is necessarily re-borrowed to maintain a vital circulation, to that extent makes it mathematically impossible to pay down the sum of falsified debt, as new artificial debt perpetually sustains the previous sum of falsified debt. On the other hand, whatever interest is necessarily re-borrowed to maintain a vital circulation perpetually increases the sum of falsified debt by so much as ever greater sums of periodic interest on an ever greater sum of falsified debt, until the priority of servicing a terminal sum of falsified debt makes it impossible to sustain either the circulation or the industry which remains obliged to do so; further credit-worthiness is inherently destroyed; it is impossible even to maintain a vital circulation if we abide by the corrupt, systemic means to do so — the fact of which unfolds in the present dependence on artificial sustention (purported rescue, inevitably at the cost of further falsified debt, above an already terminal sum of falsified debt) — with these self defeating means of purported rescue only becoming indispensable at the onset of complete systemic failure. And so the system of irreversibly escalated exploitation reaches its maximum practical lifespan; whereafter, against the very falsified rules it claims for itself, because this abomination can only suck a surviving host into yet another desolation, the unwitting victim class is eventually once again, simply allowed despite its inherently destroyed credit worthiness, to begin anew under an ancient ruse which can only repeat the fatal pattern of their complete dispossession, because the ruse can only multiply artificial indebtedness *in proportion* to remaining capacity to pay.

All the regulation in the world which preserves the contemporary lies of pretended economy therefore can only temper this inevitably terminal process, because the falsified claim to interest is the whole purpose and fabric of the purported banking system. Thus the only possible goal of pretending the lie can be rescued from itself is to preserve the crime — and indeed therefore, no mystery whatever exists why all the subversion which is indispensable to this stupendous crime avoids every opportunity to prove it serves us.

The lie that fatal multiplication of artificial costliness is economy can never be proven or justified even to the most unwitting victims (however wrongly they might believe otherwise), because neither its wonting justice or economy can actually be proven to anyone. And so, as much as the ruse could only have caused a first Great Depression, indeed it can only repeat the fatal pattern because it is the fundamental cause of inevitable failure. Thus, however its perpetrators pretend they might rescue this perpetual multiplication of artificial indebtedness from itself, the ruse persists in terminal failure after terminal failure until the unwitting victim class finally rises above the pathological lie that usury is economy, rather than perpetually crying out in terminal stupidity, “Who would ever loan (rent) us *our own* promissory obligations *to each other*, if *our**very own* promissory obligations *to each other* were not subject to ‘interest’ upon a falsified debt to someone entirely else?”

In the predetermined contest before us then, a little but sufficiently wiser people inevitably prevail for no more than resurrecting the few different, actual principles which can sustain their common interests. They rise from the unwitting victim class then, only by finding the absolute answers to simple, conclusive questions: Is there more than one solution to inflation and deflation? Absolutely not, for only an obligatory rate of payment of the principal as the property is consumed retires so much circulation as maintains a circulation which is forever equal to remaining value. Is there more than one integral solution to inherent, irreversible, and therefore terminal multiplication of falsified indebtedness by falsified and entirely redundant claims to interest? Absolutely not. Likewise, systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property is only solved by the integral combination of these mere two elementary solutions, which eradicate the only powers to corrupt volume, disposition, and/or relative value of a circulation by no more than dispelling the falsified claim to interest (which is the fundamental cause of inevitable failure) and retiring principal according to the obligatory rate of payment.

This and this alone then is actual economy. But our future and our potential determination to shape it hinge still on one simple, practically rhetorical question: What actual representative of the people then would even consider denying them their right to pay $1,000 per year or $83 per month for a $100,000 home with a hundred year lifespan — daring even perpetually still to call the people’s *purposed* terminal exploitation, “economy?”

The only difficulty in answering that question is fathoming that such a preposterous collection of lies could never see its first day, but that a religious dedication to haplessness simply submits to an ever unjustifiable proposition that a victim class must rent their very own contracts to fulfill their obligations to each other from a mere pretended creditor, subject to entirely falsified terms of perpetually escalated dispossession which are even terminal to the ever unwitting victims’ industry and prosperity. There is no other solution but mathematically perfected economy™; and what should offend the wiser most therefore is not just which culls continue to pave the way for the lie even as each preposterous permutation is only paraded as yet another undemonstrated solution… because there is only one solution, and because they who deny it to us confess at least by their ever orchestrated evasion that they knowingly stand so wrongly for another thing. No, the real shame of the conundrum emerges from the deeper question not just of who, but why — for what price? For regardless of their impossible delusions of sustainability, separate betterment, or purported justice, only by their price can we understand how everyone who is not fighting for the singular facts of mathematically perfected economy™ and absolute consensual representation is the road to our destruction.

In the end nonetheless, two alternatives determine our lot: Do we stand for just reward, perpetually sustained for all? Or do we only think we can stand for unjust reward, at the inevitably terminal dispossession of practically all — which in fact is to stand for nothing?

What then decides the fate of humanity?

Yielding to their own mindless proposition that reparation must be negotiated with perpetrators whose very purpose is to deny us representation, the hapless abandon our potential, saying never in a million years… that for their own inaction and desertion of principle they can pretend the equally hideous observation that what we need to do will never happen.

Nothing of the like ever “happens”… but by waking to the plain, simple and eternal fact we only damn ourselves by indifference. Our task is simple; we are by far the prevailing number; we are right; we are even absolutely and undefiably right; and no person in their right mind therefore can believe, defend, or side even with their own servitude to the perpetrators, who themselves dare not even attempt to defend their crime openly and conclusively before purported representative process.

However we abuse them, ideals, like real principles, never die. Hope and the very aptitude which can distinguish humanity therefore are eternal, because across our own mortal part of forever, at any given day,one of us will desire rectitude. Thus so long as eventually just one of us will be sufficiently compelled to do what is only right, all oppression, every case of it, is ultimately and one day even permanently repulsed, at least when inevitably there is no alternative but that the dared and proper object of the one is finally taken up by an ascendant union.

The progress of humanity is inevitable then, because even at its worst, it finally fruits from no more than the self condemned deaf, the self condemned dumb, the self condemned blind, and even the once wicked, finally hearing, finally seeing, and finally of necessity and its sheer inevitable fact, recognizing and even routinely speaking proof of the only way. Why then ever resist actual refinement; and thus what noble, truly self determined person ever delays veritable solution for a single moment?