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Q : Is savings a promissory obligation that issues new money into circulation ?

A : No its not , savings or earned profit is the evidence of a unexploited  promissory obligation someone issues before publication , savings or earned profit in MPE™ is a further representation that always always always equals the issuance or representation of one of our very own UNEXPLOITED promissory  obligations   , OUR promissory obligations are the creation of money.

Savings however is the resulting evidence from the outset of an unexploited  promissory obligation.  You can give your savings away in MPE™ but you can’t issue a promissory obligation representing nothing in doing so , if you want to pay above consumption or above the remaining value of an item it has to come out of your own savings .

EXAMPLE : In the unlikely case you Issue a promissory obligation for a million dollars to buy a 100 thousand dollar house your stuck paying down a million dollars for receiving a 100 thousand dollar house aren’t you ? so it serves no purpose paying over & above what something is worth just like today? However if you skip town or die for example failing to fulfill the million dollar obligation we are left with a 100 thousand dollar house needing to retire a million dollars from circulation?, So how we insulate against these occurrences in MPE™, unfortunate or otherwise , is where all promissory obligations that issue new money into circulation are represented by remaining property value or remaining consumption left on property thus the remaining property value is fully redeemable if someone dies or skips town  , in other words the remaining property value can be sold & likewise the circulation that represents the remaining value of the property can be rightfully retired  by the new purchaser.

Q .What’s the difference between the money banks steal today  & our savings in a Mathematically Perfected Economy™?.

A . Our savings is spent directly into the economy & rightfully retired on someone else’s promissory obligation , savings is always a part of circulation & when its spent its circulates further until such time all property that was originally purchased that issued new money into circulation upon a promissory obligation looses value upon ones consumption thus the money representing what is consumed is paid down & rightfully retired from circulation at the rate of one’s consumption .

1) THE RATE OF DECREASING CIRCULATION IN MPE™? : A house may take 100 years or more to retire the circulation that represents that house . (note: In MPE™ you can pay down your house faster above consumption if you wish BUT the money you pay in advance is not retired straight away, it remains in your own account & it’s still retired as you consume the remainder of the house)

2) THE RATE INCREASING CIRCULATION  IN MPE™? : Building a new house however may take months to build so any NEW circulation that represents that NEW house or any NEW property on a whole perpetually increases circulation equal to the remaining property value & equal to remaining obligation .

So as long as people are issuing NEW promissory obligations we will always have a perpetual increase in circulation per NEW represented property value as opposed to our consumption that retires money generally at a slower rate ( not at a  lower rate ) ,consumption WE the people choose which at any rate is retiring principal equal to remaining obligation & equal to the remaining property value regardless .  So there simply is no circulatory deflation, likewise there is no deficiency in the remaining volume of circulation available to service remaining principal debt over the life time of any obligation.

Now If we use logic here folks, Saving vast sums of money cant short a circulation that’s perpetually increasing upon new representation , likewise spending vast sums of savings all at once will only result in someone else earning that money & likewise retiring that money, either now or in 100 years .

In actual fact not only we all would have the ability to own our own home in MPE™ ,we would have that much money we could also put away or save 40% or 50 % of our earned income to retire from working  , all of us will be self-funded retirees, the more you save the earlier you can retire from working if you want even at the age of 35 or 45 if you really want, its up to the individual really, you might want to work 3 days a week & retire at 55, the opportunities & freedom of choice is endless? Now if we look at this in another perspective if we pay down circulation at the rate of consumption or depreciation industry &  commerce in MPE™ would also have this extra money to expand business , employ more people , pay more to people , unemployment will be by choice NOT IMPOSED ,employment will flourish , likewise we won’t be wasting vast amounts of natural resources because business will be paying their principal debt down at the rate of depreciation or consumption so naturally things will be built to last longer resulting in lower rates of payment over the lifetime of what is purchased to retire money thus leaving more capital or earned profit to expand business , pay more money to employees , employ more employees, likewise competition  will also flourish keeping the price or cost of production competitive in what will be a true free enterprise market based on innovation rather than built in obsolescence & a throw away society   . Price inflation on a whole will be a thing of the past. Price inflation today is caused by interest that’s imposed on all our industry & commerce which is passed on to the consumer  , there is no interest imposed in MPE™.     Having written this folks ,anyone who denies MPE™ must have rocks in their head?

Whereas what the difference  between savings in MPE™ to what banks do today is the banks first steal the principal we create ,as a result or consequence of this theft often 2X OR 3X the principal in interest over the lifetime of an “ alleged loan “  is also stolen perpetually shorting circulation until such time the same money stolen & laundered out of circulation on all our own falsified debt to local banks is loaned back as irreversible sums of national debt , only then its spent back into circulation to re-inflate circulation by criminal politicians or government representatives merely attempting then to re-inflate a circulation that’s always perpetually depleting or being stolen at a greater rate than any prior rate of perpetual re-inflation that’s necessary so at least some of us ( not all of us mathematically impossible ) can physically earn that money to service the former debt or our falsified debts to banks thus keeping the banking cycles of dispossession or theft going . See Banks vs MPE Illustrations .

Q : What’s the difference between the interest I charge to a friend than a bank charging interest?

A : You will spend that interest further into circulation eventually so your NOT shorting circulation  & it’s more than likely earned profit your charging NOT INTEREST, realistically we don’t charge interest if we loan money to friends, You’re not a bank or publisher who steals & launders principal & interest out of circulation, shorting circulation so other people can’t spend that money further into the economy , the only way people can spend that money again today is if  a criminal government who works for the banks  ( NOT US ) periodically borrows that same money back again irreversibly multiplying debt then spends that money into the economy so you can then earn it ,then spend it or pay your falsified debt to a local bank which actually continues the cycles of dispossession public & private.

If you practice banking in MPE™ you will be charged with treason it’s that simple folks.

Further Notes:
The meaning of  ” inflation ” is to increase but its an abnormal or distorted increase,  so there is no such thing as inflation & deflation in MPE™ because there is no distortion or abnormality ,even circulatory in nature neither a increase or decrease of circulation is abnormal or distorts the availability of the remaining volume of circulation that it was intended to represent in relation to remaining property value & remaining principal debt /obligation which are balanced or always equal at all times .

With the total eradication of interest In MPE™ we have no price inflation on whole because the interest imposed on all our business & commerce today that’s likewise passed onto the consumer is non existent in MPE™  .

Circulatory Inflation & deflation therefore just doesn’t happen from the get go in MPE™ even when an obligor issues a promissory obligation for new represented property that  issues new money into circulation simply because this increase of circulation is immediately equal to the remaining principal debt & remaining value of the property that the obligor purchased so long as the obligor retires principal at the rate of their consumption there is no inflation or deflation.

Deflation is  to reduce or a reduction in the availability of circulation resulting in a deficient circulation . so in MPE™ we don’t even have deflation or an insufficient volume of circulation simply because we will always have exactly the required amount of money per representation available  left in circulation to pay down & retire the remaining  principal  from circulation in servicing any outstanding obligation , balancing then circulation equal to the remaining obligation & equal to the remaining property value .

Circulatory Inflation & Circulatory deflation therefore means there is a volumetric impropriety that exists in the remaining availability or volume of circulation  for what it was intended to represent  which is a volume of circulation  that’s abnormally  above or  below its intended representation, therefore the remaining  volume of circulation is not balanced or  not equal to the remaining property value & not equal to the remaining obligation or debt.

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