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The following  is a reply I left on a blog ” thereisnodebt ” who is not only advocating MPE, but the administrator of that blog appears to be that impressed with my words in relation to the very title of his blog ( which is the very reason why I wrote what I did )  he made a separate post relaying my reply to his readers , nevertheless I think its worth re-posting here once again on my blog & I thank the admin for his due diligence.


It is true there is no debt owed to any bank, however this is not to infer there is no debt we have between ourselves for this otherwise unexploited debt is merely an exchange of our labour & production, redeeming money for property, where there are no loans or borrowing.

The key to comprehending true debt is to know what money actually is, what it truly represents & how its truly created. Money is therefore a debt instrument, not a debt itself, simply because the exchange or the act of redeeming money for property & or services is the only true debt, money is therefore a record of entitlement that one may receive on the exchange or trans/action that merely evidences what value we have given up to each other, thereafter upon fulfillment of a debt or trans/action money is most certainly not a debt but a record of earned entitlement that can be spent elsewhere in the course of redeeming another’s production & finally money is created by our promissory obligations we have to each other, which is only a promise to pay an otherwise *unexploited obligation*, with one’s own *labour and production*, for what one consumes of another’s *labour and production*… where again, there are no loans, no borrowing, & only as a result, likewise is there no interest.

It is true there has never been any lending or borrowing since the conception of banking so why would you or I propose anything else but to rectify today’s falsified debt ( falsified debt = theft ) that merely pretends to loan money, into what a debt aught to rightly be?

Most people fail to even comprehend the only real intrinsic value is what money actually represents, evidences & records upon the exchange, promissory obligation ( money creation ) inclusive, that’s in short the value of the labour & production we give up to each other, which is logically a principal debt where there are no loans or borrowing.

However I must stress, ever since the conception of banking, all banks, no exceptions, have falsified this otherwise unexploited debt to themselves by unjust intervention on the exchange, contract / promissory obligation, pretending ,then, to risk or give up value of their own in the exchange, contract / promissory obligation. either in banks publication, purported creation of money, or any purported loan the bank may impose on one of us as a result.

So to conclude what I have written here is to not infer there is no debt because there actually is a debt between ourselves, & to deny this debt is to deny a theft due to the banks unjust intervention or purposed obfuscation of our promissory obligations we have to each other, which in turn allows banks / money changers to steal the true value of what is given up in the otherwise unexploited debt ” X2 ” because of unwarranted interest only as if the bank risked or gave up consideration of value of their own in the exchange, so it would be even incorrect to assume one is not paying interest if they haven’t a falsified debt or purported loan from a bank simply because all the principal & interest all industry & commerce pays to banks is logically passed on to the consumer in the resulting price of goods & services, thus the added cost of interest above the initial cost of principal is the very cause of most if not all price inflation today, artificial in nature, since the very conception of banking, giving one only the illusion rising prices means rising value when the true value of all money & property or the value of our labour & production we give up to each other in any exchange or trans/action is being stolen by banking only to be borrowed back as perpetual re-inflation or irreversible multiplications of artificial debt, federal /state debt, so its physically possible for at least some of us to earn principal & interest out of a circulation consisting of some remaining principal at most to actually service the former sum of artificial debt, until such time, upon terminal cycles of dispossession everyone will be dispossessed of all their property & wealth one by one in the very end, & believe it or not all this is simply done by a bank pretending to loan value it neither risks or gives up in any exchange or in an otherwise unexploited debt.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™

I hope after reading this some of you might want to read my other blog post ” Refuting , Paul Grignon author of Money as Debt ” where its clear Paul wants preserve the LIE we not only borrow money from ” faux creditors” EG: BANKS , but likewise proposing the same crime of theft or further obfuscation of our promissory obligations ( the banks first crime ) in his purported solution, which is nothing but a plagiarism & distortion of MPE in an attempt to preserve exploitation , or the LIE we borrow money from a purported creditor, apposed to any true creditor who most certainly does not lend money , but rather paid in full for giving up commensurable value resulting from the outset of an obligor’s promissory obligation ( money creation )

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