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Lets be very clear all government expenditure is financed by the people in private debt, simply because it is the people who give up the only commensurable consideration of value.

Government expenditure has been always financed by the people, NOT BY TAXATION, but instead  by a process of reflation where purported representatives of the people whether its on federal, state or council levels are perpetually re-borrowing (alleged borrowing [LAUNDERING]) what has formerly been stolen & paid out of circulation in purported loans within the private sectors, only to have that same money come back again & again, over & over as an ever greater escalation in government debt, which is the very thing that finances government expenditure, apposed to the long time fallacy or barefaced lie that just keeps on telling everybody taxation otherwise does.

Taxation under banking is therefore not funding government expenditure. It never has but instead either directly or indirectly paid into the banks coffers via political extortion. Contrary AGAIN to the age old LIE that otherwise suggests taxation finances federal or government expenditure. We categorically know this is a LIE, simply because firstly logic alone should rightly tell any dummy government spending always comes before taxation, & secondly no one on the face of this planet can prove or demonstrate how the sum of interest is created or issued into circulation above the sum of principal.

Moreover & just as important nor can anyone prove or demonstrate what consideration of value the bank or mere publisher is risking or giving up to even justify their purported creation of principal, nor for that matter & just as equally important can anyone prove or demonstrate what consideration these thieves are risking or giving up in any purported loan to one of us in the private sector.

Therefore the primary school mathematics & rudimentary logic is telling anyone of sound mind that taxation has never ever funded federal expenditure under banking, when its instead entirely dedicated to service but never pay down government debt.

Its even debatable if taxation has ever worked at all financing government expenditure, other than working as a further crime of theft under the pretense of taxation funding government, which to be frank is a debate I could win with absolute certainty in the first round.

The fact alone taxation is not ever retired is the smoking gun that actually proves taxation is purposely misappropriated by political betrayers — as a means to steal & or extort even further money from the people to service a falsified debt that is mathematically impossible to pay down.

It comes as no surprise then that not one politician on the face of this planet has ever worked for or represented the people under the ruse of banking, simply because facts alone prove politicians work for & represent the very thieves who rob the people — via purported loans in all private sectors that politicians facilitate with criminal legislation, which are so called loans that neither ethically or rationally transpire in the first place. Subsequently imposing not only unjustified interest but unwarranted taxation as a further crime of theft yet again. Primarily due to the volumetric impropriety of interest (perpetual deflation) imposed an all private falsified debt.

Contrary to what you have all been led to believe since birth we the people have been the only true fiduciary issuers & creators of all new money which is only the sum of principal. Telling anyone using nothing more than primary school mathematics, logic & rudimentary deduction that taxation has never ever funded government expenditure, not ever & never will as a matter of fact.

Banks on the other hand or mere publishers of money cant even prove nor demonstrate they create the principal, much less the interest that unfortunately sets off these cycles of perpetual deflation & subsequent cycles of reflation, which is the very process that irreversibly multiplies all this falsified debt into terminal debt. Lets not forget all the other resulting crimes of injustice & theft that follow as a consequence & the very reason why I’m writing this post, such as unwarranted taxation that can only at best service but never ever pay down government debt.

At the end of the day banking is an inherent terminal process that no amount of regulation or taxation/extortion can ever solve. Without exception any or all regulation under banking can only at best temper or prolong ultimate monetary destruction so we all fall that much harder in the end.

The statement below further proves the Australian taxation department is purposely misleading the Australian tax payers. At the very top it tells you the government is allegedly spending income tax by presenting you with a graph outlining where its all spent, but just under that in all contradiction it likewise tells you the government debt has increased, only AS IF taxation for some unknown reason is not servicing that government debt.

Ask yourselves if it is true your taxation is spent on what is outlined in the graph below. The first logical question one might ask is where else is the government spending every increase in government debt if its not on what is outlined in the graph?

Secondly what is actually servicing the total government debt if income tax is otherwise spent on what is outlined in the graph. Is it just consumption/sales tax & all other public revenue servicing government debt or is income tax inclusive?

Thirdly how can the government logically spend what has not yet been collected in taxation?  Because blind Freddy can even see government spending always comes before taxation. This fact alone tells anyone of sound mind taxation can’t possibly be funding government expenditure.

In fact we have already proven so long as we are all paying *principal + interest* out of a forever deficient circulation comprised of only some remaining *principal* the funding of government by taxation is mathematically impossible.  Whereby as a matter of consequence dedicates all public revenue, including any or all taxation to service the former sum of government debt — but never actually pay down every new sum of government debt on each & every cycle of reflation in government expenditure. Evidencing a further fact politicians are instead spending every increase in government debt that is formerly stolen in private debt, apposed to just spending the resulting taxation, public revenues such as rates, vehicle registrations, license’s, traffic fines etc, which AGAIN can only at best service government debt but never ever pay it down due to interest.

In relation to the misleading document below the total government debt, including federal, state & local government (council) debt is currently at 739 billion & rising, apposed to this gross 427 figure.

Make no mistake my sorely divided countrymen the second biggest LIE next to the biggest LIE that suggests BANKS LOAN US MONEY is the further LIE that suggests TAXATION FUNDS GOVERNMENT EXPENDITURE.

In short anything or anyone that preserves this monumental crime of theft & not just the lie that suggests taxation funds government expenditure, but likewise the biggest lie — that suggest we borrow or loan money from banks — is making it much, much, much worse for each & everyone of us.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : June 30, 2017, last edit January 13, 2018)