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It’s quite simple really, because what peripheral banks (eg: ANZ Bank) steal from you in phony loans & every time you spend money today is laundered into the hands of a central bank via what we are led to believe is inter-bank lending, where the central banks subsequently use this stolen money to purchase treasury bonds not only in your nation, but in other nations abroad that perpetually reflates any given nations deficient circulation with already stolen money.

One could say the practice of banking is a monumental crime of theft & with the help of treasonous political betrayers its one big money laundering racket, essentially moving stolen money all over the world generally through central banks to reflate a nations circulation with irreversible multiplications of national debt.

Of course central banks are not the only purchasers of national debt. Peripheral banks, banking corporations such as insurance & investment companies also purchase treasury bonds, & a small percentage of pension funds also that banks pilfer anyway when markets periodically drop or crash due to the volumetric impropriety of interest anyhow.

So what is a “Bank Bill Swap Rate” (BBSR)?

Simply putting it its the rate of interest on what we are led to believe is inter-bank lending, which is of course a process that launders stolen money, formerly stolen in all private debt to subsequently reflate any given nations circulation as irreversible multiplications of falsified debt.

Often when you hear other nations purchasing your nations national debt it means the banks in those other nations are stealing money from the people in that other nation via their private debt to perpetually reflate your nations circulation via your national debt & visa versa.

As a result a portion of your taxation is paid to the banks in those other nations & visa versa, only to service but never pay down any given nations falsified debt. Concluding all banking or the practice of purported banking in itself is an inherent international money laundering racket, even your little ole bank down the corner plays its part robbing you with a smile.

Of course some of you might question if BBSR is referring to the inter-banking interest rates how can we be paying the banks interest?

Well, Its all quite simple really because we are all servicing or paying the banks inter-banking debts via our own personal falsified debts, which are purported loans that do not ethically or rationally even transpire in the first place, simply because the banks (all banks including central banks) are neither risking or giving up commensurable consideration of value themselves.

Furthermore we can deduce now the difference in interest rates we pay any peripheral bank in all private debt which is at a higher rate of interest — comparative to what banks pay each other in interest or ultimately to a central bank which is at a lower rate of interest — is the peripheral banks unearned gain or unjust reward for stealing & laundering the principal & the remainder of interest out of circulation & into the possession of central banks (after the peripheral bank takes its cut out of the interest you pay them), only to have political betrayers play their part in laundering this already stolen money (principal & interest) back into circulation, again & again, over & over as ever greater escalations of falsified debt in government expenditure, which is of course mathematically impossible to pay down due to the volumetric impropriety of interest (perpetual deflation) we all formerly pay out of a forever deficient circulation in artificial price inflation in our private falsified debts, that subsequently steals all that much further from us just spending money today.

This tells anyone of sound mind banks have no reserves, not even a central bank has reserves, not even deposits in the bank are the banks reserves when the principal & the remainder of the interest is entirely dedicated to perpetually reflate any given nations circulation.

To even remotely suggest banks are spending or paying what they formerly steal back into circulation is ignoring the cycles of perpetual reflation by every increase in government debt, which we have already proven is the sum of principal & interest the people formerly pay out of circulation in private debt.

If anything what banks spend & or pay in interest on bank deposits amounts to a mere fraction of 1% out of the principal & interest they formerly steal in private debt, where logic tells anyone of sound mind the remaining 99.99% in principal & interest is perpetually laundered out of circulation just servicing our private falsified debts, which is perpetually, then, laundered  back into circulation again as every increase in government debt.

The pseudoscience of today’s false economy is telling everyone the higher the interest rate the less people purport to borrow or spend on a whole, & the lower the interest rate the more people purport to borrow or spend on a whole.

This of course is a false assumption once it dawns on the individual — that any sum of interest we pay out of circulation in all private debt is neither created or issued into circulation above the sum of principal — which sets off these terminal cycles of perpetual deflation & reflation, irreversibly multiplying the overall sum of falsified debt on each & every subsequent cycle of reflation as every new sum of debt, which can only at best service the former sum of falsified debt but never ever pay down any new sum of debt — stealing all that much further from each & everyone of us by however much, or any rate of interest you pay above the sum of principal when we simply spend money.

What this simply means — regardless of the rate of interest — we have to collectively borrow (allegedly borrow) more & more, thus spending more & more just to service the old debt but never the new.

Pure observation & logic alone tells us the reduction of interest rates after a former increase does not reduce the overall price of goods & services already inflated by interest, so its utter folly to ever suggest reducing the rate of interest reduces the overall cost or price of anything when any rate of interest  that  inflates prices is compound regardless, much less does reducing interest rates reduce the overall spending to service the ever greater escalations of falsified debt caused by interest. This in effect refutes the mere unsubstantiated assumption that suggests different rates of interest  determines why people borrow more or less, when the determining factor is instead any rate of interest requires us to borrow (allegedly) even more regardless.

Of course under the present but final terminal cycles of reflation — irreversibly multiplied by interest — most of us can no longer afford higher rates of interest, so interest rates are kept low to temporally sustain purported borrowing for a brief period of time, only as a means to artificially sustain today’s lie of economy for that brief period of time, which can only at best prolong or temper ultimate monetary destruction that little bit longer.

Logically we can further determine higher rates of interest, such as double digits seen in the 80’s can only bring about monetary destruction all that much faster. This is exactly why you will see no substantial increase in interest rates between now & the coming second greater depression, simply due to the sheer enormity of today’s falsified indebtedness irreversibly multiplied by any rate of interest.

In all seriousness you would have to have a brain the size of a pea to ever believe inflation (circulatory), much less growth is even remotely possible so long as we are all paying principal & interest out of a volume of circulation only ever comprised of some remaining principal. The primary school mathematics & rudimentary logic of a kindergarten child essentially tells anyone of sound mind all present & future production, which even includes any increase in our production, whether its any increase in sales, salaries, taxation or phony loans is entirely dedicated to service, but never ever pay down an ever greater escalation of falsified debt, due to any rate of interest purportedly owed to these thieving banks.

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous we cannot believe it exists.”
~J. Edgar Hoover

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : July 02, 2017, last edit July 27, 2017)