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This home more than likely cost around 20K when it was built brand new sometime in the 1960s.

Contrary to what we are irrationally led to believe that suggest homes can only ever go up in value – homes are in fact depreciating in value. Logic tells anyone a home will fall down in 100 years if left neglected.

Furthermore due to the added cost of interest a home is artificially inflated in price by however much interest you pay above the sum of principal, which is in effect devaluing the home far beyond its otherwise remaining consumption or deprecation value by simply a theft of value, because banks who purport to loan all new money into circulation in the first place neither risk or give up consideration of commensurable value from the banks otherwise prior legitimate possession, making the purported loan a monumental crime of theft &  the unwarranted imposition of interest a further crime of theft yet again, which is artificially sustained by further falsified debts that perpetually reflates a forever deficient circulation with irreversible sums of falsified indebtedness.

In this example you are paying the value of 37.5 homes to a thieving bank for only receiving one home with a true value of 20K minus consumption, & if you purportedly borrowed the 750K to purchase this home today you are basically paying another 37.5 homes again to a thieving bank in unwarranted interest tomorrow. Totaling 75 homes (750%) or 1.5 million for a home worth less than 20K ($20,000 X 75 = 1.5 million).

Essentially the true value of this home has depreciated 750% below or beyond  its otherwise remaining consumption value due to banks robbing everyone blind when they purchase homes, because any price inflation caused by the added cost of  interest — irreversibly multiplied by however much interest you pay out of circulation above the sum of principal — can only ever be stealing all that much further from us when we just spend money today.

Of course this artificial increase in price caused by the added cost of interest is giving most if not all people the illusion of increasing value when its instead the complete polar opposite due to a monumental crime of theft of that value (eg: $20,000 X 75) — that can only be irreversibly multiplied by unwarranted interest yet again — stealing all that much further from us again & again & again.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : July 04, 2017, last edit July 09, 2017)