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Regardlesslocal buisnessss where you spend money the value of our production we give up to each other, that all money records, evidences & represents is stolen by banks in  private debt, predominantly in the form of  purported loans that dont ethically or even rationally transpire in the first place, simply because banks neither risk or give up consideration of commensurable value from the banks otherwise prior legitimate possession.

If anyone wants further evidence of this monumental crime of theft  look no further than the added cost of interest passed onto the consumer in the resulting price of goods & services, which steals all that much further from each & everyone of us in artificial price inflation just spending money today, whether its purchasing from a small business, big business, foreign or local. Either way industry & commerce is passing the added cost of interest above the cost of principal inclusive onto you the consumer.

Logically earned Profit for any business is what you the consumer pays above the principal & interest purchasing whatever which is servicing someone else’s purported loan. Therefore you the consumer are subsequently paying principal + interest out of circulation spending money, plus the earned profit of course when the business purchases whatever with that earned profit, only to service someone else’s purported loan once again.

So regardless who you are or where you spend money, whether its expanding business, purchasing a third holiday home or just putting food on the table & buying clothes for your children — its ALWAYS YOU the consumer who is servicing that falsified debt to a thieving bank just spending money today.

Of course the small business proprietor who wrote that message on the blackboard above is blinded by greed & desire to a point he cant even see he is passing  the added cost of a monumental crime of theft onto his customers, making him no different to the CEO thats buying his third holiday home.

If anything the CEO is paying more out of circulation, but this does not change the fact that all small business is doing the exact same thing, only to have any or all profit stolen when its further spent into circulation.

So the question remains is buying local beneficial for anyone?

Well,,, if you have read & understood what I have already written above you would have to be a village idiot to believe buying local ever could under the ruse of banking.

David Ardron.
Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

(Published : July 03, 2017, last edit July 09, 2017)