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In a Mathematically Perfected Economy™  we would :
Not have to worry about money?
Not have to work so much that you don’t get to spend time with those you love?
Have 60% of your income to spend on whatever you liked?
Buy a house with no interest and pay it down only at the rate it depreciates e.g. a $100,000 home would cost $83.33 per month for a hundred years? (you can pay it down sooner if you wish)
Be able to get the money for a business and pay it down under the same system as above?
Never need to borrow money on credit cards again?
Pay hardly any taxation? (most of the tax we pay now goes to a central bank where government has to not only borrow back the principal but the interest also that was stolen & laundered out of circulation on our falsified debts to local banks)
Be able to get a job easily? (with capital available at no interest industry and businesses would thrive)
Be able to save for your retirement
Not have ANY inflation, yes, that’s right, NO INFLATION — so the value of $1 today will be the same as it’s value in one hundred years…INCREDIBLE eh?
Be able to earn a decent wage, save for the future, for holidays, for time off or for whatever you liked? (with low tax and no interest on any debt, there will be much more money available in businesses & industry to pay staff well)
Live in a political system without corruption, where you get to choose representatives who are not funded by corporations & interest groups and who are there to represent you and your community?
Live in a world without wars? (without control of money, governments, corporations and the military industrial complex would not have the funds to fight wars)
Live in a world without poverty? (poverty is created by lack of money due to the concentration of wealth & government in the hands of a few)
Live in a world where education, technology, research, medicine, health and everything which advances the progress of humanity was able to evolve? (without interest payments and no spending on wars, the small amount of tax we would pay would easily cover funding for these things, plus, everyone would have plenty of disposable income to contribute too)
Convert any ‘investments’ or savings which you currently have into credit in your account so you will have plenty to live off in your retirement , as a part of re-inflation upon implementation on top of counting all prior payments of interest back toward principal eliminating then most of our private debt , according to your age & current savings the appropriate  money will  be  likewise deposited in your account so you can retire comfortably as if you had been living in this new economy all your life . (don’t forget there will be no inflation so your money will always be worth the same as now)

” To deny a Mathematically Perfected Economy™ is not only to deny your own freedom but your children’s freedom   “


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