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Comprehending the MPE™ Solution:

A National NON PROFIT Accounting Common monetary Infrastructure (CMI) that proves & demonstrates it commits no crimes against us will be established by UNITED PEOPLES MANDATE  by the people for the people to handle all  obligations / deposits  (NO BANKS),  credit / money will be created & issued at NO INTEREST   by  the  people   themselves via    * unexploited promissory obligations * based on a simple 1.1.1 Second grade * EQUAL * math ratio where (1) All OBLIGATIONS are equal or no more than all remaining money in (1) CIRCULATION & equal to no more than all remaining depreciating (1) REPRESENTED PROPERTY VALUE.

* Principal only for what its intended to represent  * is paid down out of circulation at the rate of depreciation or consumption of the related property, its rightfully retired/deleted along with the remaining obligation until its fulfilled.

The Non Profit CMI accounting which is * NOT A BANK * will be  administered by public servants on the peoples behalf, however I must stress politicians have absolutely NO ability or power whatsoever to intervene or regulate the CMI outlined in the mandate, to do so in a manner without transparency or without the approval of the people first by a transparent referendum for example would be considered political betrayal by an act of treason & treated as such by law outlined in the united peoples  mandate  which is to secure Absolute Consensual Representation ACR™  of the sovereign rights of just individuals within any nation who actually choose to adopt MPE.


Remember MPE™ is a sovereign economy where No one is borrowing or loaning money from anyone because we create money (principal only) so its only a obligation then to pay & rightfully retire (principal only) that you created on conception to pay for the property you purchased in the beginning, it has to be rightfully retired at the rate you choose to consume property simply to solve circulatory inflation OR to prevent too much money in circulation.

There’s no free lunch or unearned profits in MPE™, It is true one owes a true creditor ( someone who actually gives up property ) a like equal measure of ones own production over time for what production the true creditor gave up (EG: A house ) , however one is merely paying down out of circulation what one has paid in full to the true creditor from the outset of ones very own promissory obligation ( money creation ). No one is paying back as such because one merely pays with a like equal measure of ones own production  for what one consumes of another’s production,   which is rightfully retired, deleted, extinguished  that guarantees the very integrity of the money circulating for its intended representation, which is most certainly not anyone’s to keep in fulfilling a promissory obligation, we give up & receive an equal representation of wealth to each other upon money creation, which also  consists of the earned profit or entitlement from our labour & production we give up & receive from each other, without banks or government representatives intervening on our business & commerce stealing from us in the process.

Once one removes from their psyche the *illusion of a loan* associated with the word *debt*, one can then remove the *illusion of a bank* associated with the word *money*. Only then do the people restore their rightful ability to  promise to pay an *unexploited obligation*, with one’s own *labour and production*, for what  one  consumes  of  another’s  *labour and production*… where there are no loans, no borrowing, and only as a result, likewise is there no interest..  

Quote : David Ardron                                                               

Mathematically Perfected Economy for the layman

WHAT MONEY REPRESENTS IN Mathematically perfected economy™

MPE™ is really a monetised barter system where we give up & receive an equal representation of wealth to each other (respectively equal to any increase of circulation) where no one is borrowing or loaning money, unlike today’s purposefully  obfuscated debt which is NOT created as a debt at all, rather its * falsified debt * subject to banking exploitation or a purposed obfuscation. which equates to a * MONUMENTAL THEFT * & * MONEY LAUNDERING RACKET * nothing more ,

Likewise  money is NOT created as a debt in MPE™ either, simply because we as the obligor ( NOT BORROWER ) creates money ( principal only ) free of exploitation or purposed obfuscation   to first pay the true creditor in full who gives up property & then the obligor  likewise earns, & rightfully retires money, ( principal only ), with their future production at the rate of depreciation or their choice of consumption of the related property they purchased  in fulfilling a obligation, money in MPE™ therefore only becomes a * principal debt * when we use it in the exchange of property or services, unlike today where money only becomes a  * principal debt subject to interest * when we use it in the exchange of property or services, however unlike MPE,  today’s money is stolen on conception creation by thieving banks who are purposely falsifying a debt to themselves by intervention upon our contracts with each other which is the core obfuscation & first crime a bank commits where the bank is neither risking or  giving up consideration of its own commensurable or equal  to the falsified debt it imposes, essentially stealing principal representation on conception creation of money , so in effect we are really exchanging our labour & production that the banks have already falsely claimed as their very own today  by merely pretending to loan a sum of principal to the ” alleged borrower “ which is a sum of principal the ” alleged borrower “ actually created upon signing & issuing a promissory obligation * before any banking book entry *, thereafter the 2nd crime of unwarranted   interest  is imposed ONLY AS IF the bank risked or gave up commensurable consideration of  its own.

NOTE : Its preposterous even to entertain the idea of debt free currency because logically even barter itself or the act of exchanging property or goods ( which otherwise money represents ) is the very act of fulfilling a debt or obligation. See the origin of money.

Even under today’s purposed  obfuscation  when one transfers property / collateral to an ” alleged creditor ” or bank, one can even discharge a falsified debt on already received property without one penny paid to the bank ? 

Money or the further representation in MPE will take the form of a debit card or cash or both, which is not only a debt instrument its a record of exchange that can also represent entitlement representing  what one has given up .

Any further representation in MPE™ will always equal the former representation of one of our very own promissory obligations , money therefore, will be then our very protection that represents a true record of our exchange, so we categorically know we are giving up an equal representation of wealth to each other, that’s unexploited evidence, of our promissory obligations we have to each other, ( money creation ) , however if you want to give away your money, or labour & production, you cant issue a promissory obligation representing nothing of value in doing so, rather if you want to give away money,  it has to come out of your earned savings or your own pocket thus it will be your loss & your loss alone.

Remember the promissory obligation  & likewise any further representation or publication of money in MPE™ only becomes a * principal debt * when we redeem money in an exchange for property & or services, or the exchange of our labour & production to one another.

If your not using the representation / money but in possession of it such as earned profit or savings in MPE™, its then merely a record of a prior exchange or former * principal debt * paid into circulation that evidences what someone has given up & likewise received giving up their own labour & production to another which is a true representation of wealth, ultimately backed by the liquidity of the property, or property value given up in the creation of money ( promissory obligation ) , but this does not necessarily mean ones earned profit or savings can represent ones own principal debt, rather it can also represent & record ones own wealth or entitlement if they have given up their labour & production in an exchange earning that entitlement or money , consequently earned entitlement or money in MPE™ only becomes a * principal debt * again when its used in an exchange & only then it can circulate further unimpeded to be earned & likewise retired on someone else’s unfulfilled promissory obligation.


If I built a brand new house from the ground up at a cost of $70,000 in a Mathematically Perfected Economy™ with an estimated lifespan of 100 years ( which is no different to what current insurance companies do today estimating the price of anything really, only exception  is when we actually look at  MPEs  obligatory schedule of payment  we clearly see all property we consume, even a house depreciates at a rate  we consume it much like everything else we consume just like today ) & I then decide to sell that brand new house  for $100,000 consequently then that $30,000 excess on top of my cost  is my * Earned Profit * which is * GREATER VALUE *  that is most certainly NOT INTEREST but * Earned Profit * as a result where I gave up my labour /work  & time to produce that house & what some one pays me for that house ( principal only ) by issuing a $100,000 promissory obligation ( money creation ) thus issuing 100,000 UNEXPLOITED DOLLARS  into circulation upon the sale indirectly or directly is always an EQUAL representation of wealth we give up to each other, not that we give up to any publisher of money OR thieving  bank who merely pretends to loan us money risking nothing of their own . Now on the other hand If I live in that house & neglect that house over a 20 year period of consumption then deciding to sell that house a respective buyer can then negotiate a price with me,  if that buyer  is smart they will see the neglect & offer me $70.000 instead of $80,000, & if I agree the house is refinanced by the CMI at $70,000 . Another likely scenario therefore if I add a NEW room on that house after 20 years of consumption, I may negotiate a value of $90,000 with a respective buyer & if the buyer agrees the house is refinanced by the CMI at $90,000, likewise if I add a second floor to my house I can even negotiate a value of $180,000 that’s indeed above any prior value, where its clearly  ALWAYS WE THE PEOPLE WHO DECIDE THE VALUE OR THE RATE OF DEPRECIATION  OR   CONSUMPTION  from the ground floor up when we produce anything  in MPE™ really, in what  will  be a TRUE free enterprise market free of exploitation.

Please let me be clear once again folks the obligatory schedule is a mathematical formula that proves it  commits no crimes against us nothing more, where in fact the obligatory schedule, if one cares to even look at it  proves to us all with logic & elementary 2nd grade math alone  No one decides the value of property or our * labour & production * except WE THE PEOPLE  because its we the people who takes all the risk & creates all wealth from the ground floor up , NOT the CMI , NOT any bureaucrat or government regulation & most certainly NOT any thieving bank who merely pretends to loan us money , the CMI again does not determine original or subsequent value of the related property, the builder , producer determines value; “buyer + seller”, based upon materials, quality, workmanship etc, which may include any subsequent additional value attributed to the related property, before a proprietary determinate life span can be applied or reapplied.


For example If you bought a * NEW * house in a Mathematically Perfected Economy™ for $100,000, with a projected lifespan of a 100 years consumption & you paid down $100,000 sooner over 50 years rather than the projected 100 years the CMI will still retire the $50,000 you already paid in advance ( still in your account otherwise as savings ), retired therefore, at a rate you consume the remaining  lifespan of the house you purchased, still adhering to MPEs 1.1.1 ratio.

So If one Pays down $2,000 instead of $1,000 a year on a $100,000 home with a lifespan of 100 years you consequently then own that house in 50 years instead of 100 years , likewise if you pay down $5,000 a year you own that home out right in 20 years , again if you pay down $10,000 a year you will own that home outright in 10 years, keeping in mind whatever you pay above your consumption stays in your own savings account ( ITS NOT STOLEN BY A THIEVING BANK ) & you see it being rightfully retired as you consume the remainder of the house & at any stage for any unforeseen circumstance you need do draw on that money  you paid in advance sitting in your own account  you can.

However If one did choose to pay down their obligation faster not touching the money in their account, one wouldn’t be spending that money one could otherwise spend on other things such as family, holidays or * EVEN A BUSINESS ? * & as a result  expanding business, employing more people or even paying more to employees etc , the list is endless ,  we won’t be wasting vast amounts of natural resources because business will be paying their principal debt down at the rate of depreciation or consumption so naturally things will be built to last longer resulting in lower rates of payment over the lifetime of what is purchased to retire money, likewise unemployment will be by choice, NOT imposed ,competition  will also flourish keeping the price or cost of production competitive in what will be a true free enterprise market based on innovation rather than built in obsolescence & a throw away society.

If you decided to sell your house that you paid in full after 50 years you keep the remaining value of the house which is $50,000 free of taxation or exploitation & it’s yours to spend if you wish because you have already paid for a house in full your no longer consuming , however whoever buys your house ( second hand ) after 50 years issuing their own promissory obligation likewise takes on the remaining $50,000 obligation & pays down the remaining consumption left on the house as they consume of it in the same manner you would  , even if one pays for a house directly from savings or earned profit without issuing a promissory obligation that money paid stays in their own account & its retired as they consume the remainder of the property.

Now if one pays for a house directly from savings or earned profit ( without issuing a promissory obligation ) on purchasing unrepresented property produced from another’s earned profit or savings one owns their house outright on the purchase  where one is merely  circulating the money   further so it can be earned & rightfully retired on someone else’s obligation, which is much the same or the exact same manner as buying your groceries at a shop circulating the money further so it can be earned & rightfully retired on someone else’s obligation, either way money is created by the obligor for representation regardless when its needed without any intervention or regulation whatsoever , no matter how fast one pays, the CMI always  proves & demonstrates to you its rightfully retiring ( NOT STEALING & LAUNDERING ) the principal from your account at the rate you choose  to consume the remainder of the property you purchased.

Most if not all employees wages or salaries in MPE will be paid out of the employers profit line ( earned profit ) , if we ignorantly  did choose  to represent all our production a employer would have to issue a promissory obligation to pay his employees wages so as to circulate money further?, not to mention having the hassle or inconvenience of putting up something he owns as collateral in doing so when it could  cost him less using the services of the CMI if he just paid his employees wages  out of his earned profit margin to likewise circulate money further,  in what would be a true free enterprise market , likewise unrepresented labour (also earned profit ) in production can be represented on the finished product if someone issues a promissory obligation to purchase the finished product, when money is needed, that one otherwise does not have ,without the need for any regulation whatsoever .

Now In the case where an employer is just starting a new business he can collateralize something he already owns ( which can be money sitting in his account or unrepresented  property )  so as to issue a promissory obligation to pay employees wages until his profit margin is sufficient enough  to sustain any paid wages & of course  pay down his promissory obligation .


The only taxation we pay in a mathematically perfected economy™ is in the cost of what we pay to use public infrastructure where we pay down ( not back ) & retire the principal  that builds public infrastructure at the rate we consume or use that public infrastructure, much the same as we pay down our own private obligations, there is NO NATIONAL DEBT  in MPE™ because  government representatives who work for the people ( not banks ) issue a promissory obligation  on the peoples behalf which is subject to the peoples recommendation first & consequent affirmation & re-affirmation thereafter  that actually allows government representatives to build public infrastructure on the peoples behalf  free of terminal  exploitation, so naturally then its we the people who likewise pay the principal down from circulation at the rate of our consumption or use of that public infrastructure so it can be rightfully retired ( NOT PAID TO A THIEVING BANK ) that is absolutely  no ones to keep, paid down in the same manner &  process as we would pay down circulation ( principal  only ) on our very own * private * obligations at the rate of our own consumption to be  rightfully retired also.


Public bus’s may have a percentage of the ticket sales that pays down & retires the circulation that built those buses, roads may likewise be paid down at the rate of our consumption in the cost of fuel which I may add will be much less than what we pay for fuel today, the cost of fuel today is high simply because its cost at the pump is mostly comprised of tax that’s paid to a thieving bank for unnecessary national debt which is mathematically impossible to pay down. Once again we only pay for what we consume in a Mathematically Perfected Economy™ , if you don’t use or consume public infrastructure your consequently not taxed, therefore taxation in MPE™ is fair across the board & absolutely discriminates no one.


The proof of one & one only Mathematically Perfected Economy™ is a singular integral solution for 3 categoric faults.
1) Inflation & deflation.
2) Systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money & property.
3) Inherent irreversible & therefore terminal manipulation by a irreversible multiplication of falsified indebtedness by unwarranted interest.

The solution is therefore an obligatory schedule of payment retiring principal at the rate of consumption or depreciation of the related property & a complete eradication of interest.


The meaning of  ” inflation ” is to increase but its an abnormal or distorted increase,  so there is NO such thing as inflation & deflation in MPE because there is no distortion or abnormality ,even circulatory in nature neither a increase or decrease of circulation is abnormal or distorts the availability of the remaining volume of circulation that it was intended to represent in relation to remaining property value & remaining principal debt /obligation which are balanced or always equal at all times .

With the total eradication of interest In MPE we have no price inflation on a whole because the interest imposed on all our business & commerce today that’s likewise passed onto the consumer is non existent in MPE  .

Circulatory Inflation & deflation therefore just doesn’t happen from the get go in MPE even when an obligor issues a promissory obligation for new represented property that  issues new money into circulation simply because this increase of circulation is immediately equal to the remaining principal debt & remaining value of the property that the obligor purchased so long as the obligor retires principal at the rate of their consumption there is NO inflation or deflation.

Deflation is  to reduce or a reduction in the availability of circulation resulting in a deficient circulation . so in MPE we don’t even have deflation or an insufficient volume of circulation simply because we will always have exactly the required amount of money per representation available  left in circulation to pay down & retire the remaining  principal  from circulation in servicing any outstanding obligation , balancing then circulation equal to the remaining obligation & equal to the remaining property value .

Circulatory Inflation & Circulatory deflation therefore means there is an adverse  volumetric impropriety that exists in the remaining availability or volume of circulation  for what it was intended to represent  which is a volume of circulation  that’s abnormally  above  or  below its intended representation, therefore the remaining  volume of circulation is not balanced or  not equal to the remaining property value & not equal to the remaining obligation or principal debt.

Please see the video below . Thank you .

Mathematically Perfected Economy ( What is the root of all money )

The mind boggles to think of the benefits to everyone in any country that adopts this economy and we can then begin to imagine an end to poverty, deprivation, wars, monopolies, pollution and, in fact, most of the ills that plague our present world. There would be no need for constant ‘growth’ fuelling the creation of false needs and rampant materialism, built-in obsolescence of goods or our purposefully designed ‘throw-away’ society.  We can close our eyes and dream the rest.

Mathematically Perfected Economy ( OBSOLESCENCE ? )

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