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The question we have to ask ourselves is how old is the land we were born on likewise how can we then put a depreciating price on land ?

The only way land can fit in with MPEs 1.1.1 ratio equation is if it comes for free or if we so decide to put a price on land it doesn’t appreciate or go up in price as such.

Upon implementation of  MPE if we do decide to pay for land we are not being cheated when we sell our land and house, we are being paid for the land we financed in the price of the house to  begin with minus our consumption, however a further question we may ask ourselves,  do we carry on the prior imposition or banking crime forever that artificially inflated prices due to the unwarranted interest imposed on a falsified debt to begin with  ” or ” do we grow up ?

We also all have to consider if we were to deny ourselves land possession it would not be fair for those who have already worked hard for the land they already possess and likewise those who have legitimately paid for land such as farmers who have had their livelihood passed down through generations, including the original sovereign indigenous people who have been the care takers or guardians of the land for generations for hundreds if not thousands of years so land rights are everyone’s sovereign right.

However Land prices today are over inflated simply due to a purposed banking obfuscation of our very own promissory obligations we have to one another , where the imposed interest we all pay on our own falsified debts to the bank artificially inflates all property including the land and housing thus we are always chasing not only the principal we originally paid but the interest also ,which is often in total  2x the principal which multiplies falsified debt into terminal sums of falsified debt where we will be dispossessed of all our property and wealth in the end regardless .

Land *changes*. It is not consumed. It is not rightly claimed to be owned — even if we “paid” someone “for it” — for the original creditor paid nothing and the creator never took a penny or meant to deny us full/free usage.

It is as if I declared today (being “a smart guy” [exploiter]) that I own the air; and I mean to charge all of you for it.

If I later sell that right (short), so what?

Does the person I “sell” it to have the right to charge you for it?

Absolutely not.

So let me own the water; and the space around the earth; and the cosmos; and I am only an exploiter; and whoever “buys” from me is a damn fool.

Until mankind can physically produce a planet in the solar system mankind can not rightfully claim ownership of the land they presently walk upon. Land rights is therefore not about ownership of land, its about rightful possession of land free from exploitation.

Alright. So perhaps we have all been fools. Now, how do we get our affairs back in order?

I paid $30,000 for this ” lot.” And it would cost say (just by chance) about $30,000 to clean the lot up to a pristine state, or to a state prior to subsequent construction. This is what we have to work out.

We’re going to consider the value of the construction on the property, something like what it would cost to build today, less consumption; or alternatively, we are going to allow the present owner to revise the obligation to the original principal — in which or with which they paid for the land. Thus they’re getting paid for what they financed or by their original issuance of a promissory obligation to begin with, which did not create or issue interest into circulation?

If the society elects to do so, the subsequent owner may be required to put up a * deposit *, sufficient to restore the land to a state in which it may be used in a subsequent cycle of construction.

So, they are paying for their *use* of the land; but *not* its “ownership.”

They are providing for it to be returned to a desirable state, or the state in which it was originally found.

Note: This is not leasing or renting land off anyone, simply because any subsequent land holder pays this agreed * deposit * upon the sale, therefore the former land holder keeps the *deposit * they may have paid, unless of course you decide to pollute the  land right you hold thus you may well have to forfeit all or some of your deposit upon a subsequent sale price with a respective buyer , who may well have to bare this added cost of neglect to actually clean up the land on top of their own deposit .

Please remember among the many beneficial contributing factors in a mathematically perfected economy™ . There are no banks and consequently MPE™ will refinance all debt where those who are still currently in debt who have unjustly paid unwarranted interest over the years will have all prior payments of interest contributed back toward their principal,  which will pay off most of everyone’s private debt.

Moreover the only tax we pay is what we pay to use or consume public infrastructure, likewise as a part of re-inflation upon implementation on top of counting all prior payments of interest back toward principal  , according to your age and current savings the appropriate money will  be  deposited in your account so you can retire comfortably as if you had been living in this new economy all your life . (don’t forget there will be no inflation so your money will always be worth the same as now)

Please listen to the video below.

Mathematically Perfected Economy ( What about land ? )

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