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Reality Check: Is QE-3 Really About Forcing You to Invest In Risky Stocks.


The question we all should be asking here in this video folks is what is the reality of the process that allows the central bank to flood money to local bank A & B to Z, or where does the central bank really get their money from & where it actually goes ?

Well well the local banks A to Z uses the alleged borrowers credit worthiness or the only lawful consideration given up by the obligor which is the alleged borrowers promissory note to then borrow money from a central bank who in turn then publishes a secondary issuance , or for a better term, publishes a further representation, which is a purposed  misrepresentation of the former contractual obligation , or promissory note, so as to, then, allegedly loan a purposed misinterpretation, or  (bank money, credit ) to the alleged borrower.

Interest paid out of circulation on all our private but falsified debt to local banks not only perpetually depletes a general circulation that only ever consists of some remaining principal at most, but the interest the central bank actually charges to the local bank using the obligor’s consideration to publish the bank money is always lower than what the local bank charges on an alleged loan to the alleged borrower or obligor ,thus the difference in interest is the local banks unearned profit or unjust reward for stealing & laundering circulation (principal & interest) into the hands of the central banking system.

Both the central bank & the local banks risk nothing of their own really except the mere cost of publication that would amount to about $2 to publish $200,000 the obligor or alleged borrower actually creates thus the $2 the bank gives up is recovered in a fraction of the alleged borrower’s first payment?   , the local banks always use ” our consideration or our promissory note / promissory obligation ”  ( not the banks own consideration) to borrow money from a central bank that we the people always create upon conception , before any banking book entry .

No new money ever comes into existence, not until one of us issues a promissory obligation first, thus the bank money or further representation / misrepresentation today did not even exist until an alleged borrower walks into a local bank (money laundering office A to Z) & signs a promissory obligation, contrary to the LIE that merely assumes a central bank creates new money NOT even via the Quantitative Easing process .

There are no safe bets even in a share market that consequently takes further unearned profits from the pool of wealth particularly in the terminal cycles of dispossession public & private when the people totally loose their credit worthiness preventing them from issuing further promissory obligations ( money creation ) where our own falsified debt has multiplied into unsustainable but irreversible terminal sums of debt that simply can’t be serviced any further which then in turn prevents the local banks from stealing & laundering circulation servicing their own debts resulting in bailouts , likewise preventing or restricting our criminal government representatives servicing any further national debt by selling bonds as a consequence only attempting to re inflate circulation ( as they always have in the past ) by re-borrowing the principal & interest .( we the people paid out of circulation on our own falsified debts to all local banks A to Z over the years ), borrowing  back into circulation, all along multiplying falsified debt into terminal sums of irreversible falsified debt, attempting ,then, to flood STOLEN money ( NOT MONEY PRINTED OR  CREATED OUT OF THIN AIR OR NOTHING ), but borrowing it back into circulation therefore, either directly to the local banks as bailouts, or by spending all this dirty money,  back into the economy as perpetual re-inflation, on projects a nation doesn’t necessarily need nor can otherwise sustain regardless so long as the little Ole bank down the corner are purposefully obfuscating our very own promissory obligations along with all the other ground floor banks ( no exceptions ) who are all stealing & laundering circulation at a greater rate than any former rate of reflation which is clearly evident by increasing national debt upon further cycles of reflation that’s necessary today to maintain a circulation or pay any prior falsified debt paid stolen  out of circulation  which always leaves us with an adverse volumetric disposition or a lack of vital circulation to sustain industry & commerce thus only as a consequence  failing to sustain any share market / casino .

Unlike bailouts that irreversibly multiplies artificial debt paid to local banks to service their own debt   , Quantitative Easing therefore, bypass’s a multiplication of national debt where parcels of mortgage securities  or rather parcels of  ” alleged borrowers ” promissory obligations that have the only consideration of value ( consideration of commensurable value not given up by any bank)  are  not only used as collateral value to publish money, but fraudulently on sold  by local banks directly to the central banks & associates who actually purchase these mortgage securities / promissory obligations using the already stolen money received over the years ( stolen originally via the banks purposed obfuscation of the peoples promissory obligations & resulting taxes/ revenue scams etc,   ) only to then settle or rather offset inter-banking banking  debt much like a bailout would only with out multiplying national debt   , both of which ” bailouts & ( QE ) ” merely keeps the banks doors open by settling inter-banking debt which in most if not in all cases ends up back into the hands of the central banking system as apposed to being spent or even allegedly loaned back into circulation via the peoples very own personal but private falsified debts, which is purely as a result or a direct consequence where industry & commerce are losing an ever greater volume of credit worthiness or when increasing amounts of people ( people who create principal ) no longer have the ability to first earn ” principal & interest ” out of a circulation that’s only ever comprised of some remaining principal at the very most ,  however increasing sums of national debt, bailouts, ( QE ), even unnecessary  taxes, revenue scams, sales  of public infrastructure, sales of  land & natural resources is a further imposition not only imposed by banks but by the criminal politicians who work for banks ( not the people ) that’s all necessary today to keep  the banking cycles of dispossession going so its physically possible for those who are still credit worthy to actually continue servicing their falsified debts to local banks & likewise as a result its only then temporarily possible to sustain any share market / casino. see banks vs MPE  illustrations

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