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Ancient history written in the bible tells us long ago, around 33AD there was a prophet called Jesus who turned over the tables of the money changers, accusing them of transforming the Temple of God, or a house of prayer into a market place, described by Jesus at the time as a Den of Thieves who imposed a prevention of trade within the market, unless one exchanges money first. Nevertheless as a result  30 pieces of silver was raised to place a reward for the arrest of Jesus, now the bible doesn’t stipulate who put up the 30 pieces of silver, but its no doubt in  my mind  the 30 pieces of silver came from the money changers themselves, consequently Jesus was identified by Judas 3 days after, silver was paid, & Jesus was put to death on the cross soon after.

The ancient ruse of the money changer from early records was & still is very much alive today in the form of modern day banks who intervene in just about every market place on the earth.

The origin of money tells us For millennia, we have lived in an purposed obfuscation of the nature of our currency and money creation. The imposition of currencies linked to commodities, such as gold and silver, was born out of an exploitation of our universal right to issue promissory obligations to actual creditors who give up property. Banks came into existence to impose a currency that would overshadow the intrinsic characteristic of any preexisting form of money, allowing bankers, ‘money changers’, to intervene on our industry and commerce, seizing for itself all the money ever created into circulation.


Banks have never given up property or anything of value of their own commensurable to the debts they falsify to themselves and impose on us. Unwarranted interest is likewise imposed, only as if the bank risked something of their own, thus stealing & laundering circulation which irreversibly multiplies falsified debt into terminal sums of falsified debt .

Sadly today, since the conception of the internet, we now have a plethora of 11th hour pretenders advocating various interest free monetary solutions, which purported solutions fail to articulate why interest is the inherent fault in any monetary system, as a result, these pretenders all fail to identify why interest is imposed in the first place & therefore advocate the banks very first crime in their purported solutions.

It is therefore the ancient ruse of the money changer that these pretenders completely overlook, which MPE identifies as the very first crime a bank commits by a purposed obfuscation or purposed misrepresentation of our promissory obligations we really have to each other, before any banking book entry , when we only purport to borrow a sum of principal at any bank.

What most, if not all people evade today is the banks 1st crime, where a bank merely pretends to loan a sum of principal purporting to be the real creditor , however the real creditor in any transaction is one who actually gives up property such as a house for example.

The purported borrower or obligor actually creates a sum of principal by issuing a promissory note, before any banking book entry, disguised then in the form of a purported loan contract by the banks unjust intervention, imposing a purposed obfuscation upon the promissory obligation, which is a misrepresentation of a contract between a real creditor & the obligor, where both the real creditor & the obligor give up lawful consideration of value, however the bank who merely publishes a further representation ( bank money ), that evidences our promissory obligations, intervenes on the contract, which is essentially changing money, however this exchange of money is really loaning your own labour & production back to you, where the bank really gives up nothing of value except the mere cost of publishing a further representation of what both the alleged borrower & the real creditor gives up to each other.

The bank neither risks or gives up consideration of value of its own that’s commensurable or equivalent to the obligors Principal creation or equal in value to the debt it clearly falsifies to its self , imposing then, a falsified debt as a purported loan to the unsuspecting obligor or borrower , who is not even borrowing at all, rather the purported borrower has been tricked into giving up the value of two houses to a thief for only receiving the value of one house from the real creditor who actually gives up property ,  the bank on the other hand , or slight of hand of a thief has not only stolen the value of the house but as a result the bank commits its 2nd crime thereafter by imposing unwarranted interest on what is a falsified debt , stealing a further sum of principal again, only as if the bank gave up consideration of value of its own equivalent to the principal created for the intended representation in the first place, which is really given up by the obligor promising their future production * before any banking book entry.*

So to put it as simply as I can, the higher the interest rate,  the faster money is stolen out of circulation & the lower the interest rate, the theft slows down, either way interest at any rate always shorts the circulation that’s only ever comprised of some remaining principal at most & keeps it short so the banks are always guaranteed someone or one of us will default on an alleged loan  regardless.

To therefore keep these cycles of  dispossession going,  criminal politicians perpetually borrow back & likewise spend not only the interest but the principal also. Or rather 2 times the principal for example , that we the people originally created & paid out of circulation on all our falsified debts. Borrowed back, then, by criminal politicians ( who work for banks not the people  ) as irreversible sums of national debt, over & over, again & again to perpetually re-inflate circulation as its being perpetually paid out of circulation, including further principal created by the alleged borrower upon any NEW alleged loans, which is concurrently paid out of circulation  on top of any former sum of artificial debt  or any former reflation ,  paid out again & again, over & over,  on all our very own, personal,  but falsified debts  to all the local banks, only to have it always come back again & again, over & over as a irreversible multiplication of artificial indebtedness, which is indeed, at the end of the day, nothing more than a * monumental theft & one big money laundering racket. * , See > Banks vs MPE illustrations

To be further informed see  The Parable of the Talents

No man [ woman ] can serve two masters: for either he [ she ] will hate the one, and love the other; or else he [ she ] will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.
Matthew 6:24

” Ignorance is the egos defense against pure fear of reality. Reality is not to be looked upon with fear rather looked upon as just information. Remember Believing Is Not Necessarily Knowing and knowing only comes from conscious observation of all information new & old.”

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