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The core obfuscation starts with the banks first two crimes, ( in numerical order ) which IS essentially the root cause of most if not all the worlds injustices past & present for well over a millennia now.

1) The local bank steals a sum of principal an alleged borrower creates by purposefully obfuscating or misrepresenting the alleged borrowers promissory obligation, before the banking  book entry, pretending, then, to loan principal value to the alleged borrower, only as if it was the banks principal value to loan out in the beginning, which is indeed a falsified debt .

2) As a result of the banks first crime the bank, then, steals a further sum of principal, which is often a sum of  2X the principal in total by charging unwarranted interest on what is a falsified debt ( falsified debt = THEFT ) only as if the bank gave up or risked consideration of value of its own commensurable or equal to the alleged loan or debt it clearly falsifies to itself.

By simply taking into account all rights are derived from property rights the following question begs to be answered by all whom are reading..

 ” Do you really have any rights if the true value of all money & property is stolen on conception when a bank merely pretends to loan money, not just to you, but to anyone for that matter? “

Believe it or not there is more than enough evidence that proves there hasn’t been any lending or borrowing since the conception of banking folks, so why would you or I propose anything else but to rectify today’s falsified debt, which is nothing but a theft pretending to loan money,  into what a debt aught to rightly be? ( see MPE for Dummies)

Now what most people fail to even comprehend today including PHD academics who are often trained to justify exploitation with unqualified assumptions & outright lies is the only real intrinsic value is what money actually represents, evidences & records upon the exchange, promissory obligation ( money creation ) inclusive  that’s in short the value of the labour & production we give up to each other in an exchange , redeeming money for goods & services , which is logically a principal debt where there are no loans or borrowing.

However, ever since the conception of banking, all banks, no exceptions, have falsified this otherwise unexploited debt to themselves by unjust intervention on the exchange, contract / promissory obligation, in turn stealing represented value given up in this otherwise unexploited debt  by pretending to risk or give up value of their own in the exchange, contract / promissory obligation, either in the banks alleged creation or mere publication of money, or in any alleged loan the bank may impose on one of us as a result.

Although any banking credit is a purposed misrepresentation of true credit today, which is not the money itself the bank pretends to loan or create, rather, true credit is the property value given up in any exchange, or the intended representation / collateral value, apposed to the common misconception of today’s credit, wrongly assuming bank credit is the bank money. For example, where if you foreclose on a purported mortgage a bank pretends to be the true creditor, don’t they now folks, repossessing property or the house they clearly didn’t even possess in the first place, nor does the bank risk the equivalent value of that house when they allegedly create or allegedly loan money to purchase that house, only the alleged borrower or obligor does who actually creates & gives value to the money, actually its both the true creditor & the obligor who give value to all property & money, however its the obligor’s signature that actually creates & issues money, monetizing then not only the liquid equity or represented value of the house, but in turn promising the earn ability of the obligors future production that’s indeed lawful consideration of value , then,  through the banks purposed obfuscation or purposed misrepresentation of our promissory obligations we really have to each other the bank steals the obligor’s  production X2, essentially stealing the value of not only 1 home but often 2 homes in total because of unwarranted interest but likewise stealing the value of the true creditors production who actually gives up property by debasing or devaluing the currency by the adverse volumetric impropriety of unwarranted interest imposed on the remaining circulation  ( circulatory deflation ) in turn only artificially inflating prices by charging unwarranted interest , that’s a sum of interest paid out of circulation above the sum of principal,  paid out of a circulation that’s only ever comprised of some remaining principal at the very most, thus giving one only the illusion increasing prices means increasing value, only to launder all this stolen money ( including any further resulting taxation via political extortion ) out of circulation & loan it back into circulation, perpetually devaluing circulation by not only initially stealing money on our personal falsified debts in the first place but upon further cycles of re-inflation or irreversible multiplications of artificial debt, federal / state debt, which is merely artificially sustaining a however deficient circulation to always service the former sum of falsified debt so long as our surviving industry can sustain these multiplications of artificial debt, that’s of course mathematically impossible to pay down simply because your all paying interest on your personal but falsified debts to local banks, until such time in the end where everyone will be dispossessed or robbed of all their property & wealth.

And finally don’t think for one second your not all paying principal & interest to a bank even if you haven’t an alleged loan folks, because all the interest industry & commerce pays to thieving banks above the sum of principal  is logically passed on to the consumer as an added cost in the resulting price of all goods & services, hence interest today is not only artificially inflating prices but its the primary cause of most If not all price inflation on a whole today, artificial in nature, while the true value of all money & property is being stolen right under your nose to irreversibly multiply artificial debt that’s designed to dispossess everyone’s property & wealth ,ever since the very conception of banking which is a deception that dates right back to the ancient ruse of the money changers who are the current banks of today, contrary to the common misconception or LIE that irrationally assumes banks are just printing all this money out of nothing or thin air , which is a LIE perpetrated on a monumental scale & sadly repeated endlessly today, so you never ever see the banks first core crime against us, much less its second crime of interest & as a result never ever see the very hand that steals from all of us.

Note; It is important that one never overlooks the banks very first crime, which is a banking obfuscation of our promissory obligations to each other regardless of the terminal interest, & to overlook the banks every first crime is not only to deny or evade a crime of theft has formally taken place here,  but its to deny the root cause of most if not all the injustices that are perpetrated in every nation on this planet.

How do we all unite & implement the MPE solution ?

Lets be very clear here folks, a  public mandate is NOT a petition that’s begging or pleading, rather this MPE mandate upon ones digital signature is a demand or ultimatum by you the people dictating your own constitutional law within this mandate that not only proves these crimes against us but deems the practice of all banking & all the current laws that impose the monumental crime of banking an act of treason in your nation , holding all those who impose & endorse this current crime of banking & all the resulting crimes of injustice, then, accountable without any compromise whatsoever.

Unity is paramount to implementation so please Read & sign the Amendment mandate, likewise you can access the mandate in audio format here on this blog, its not only your choice & right its your children’s right .

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